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Dear Professor Dyson,

My name is Conrado Salas Cano. I graduated from Caltech with honors and have a M.S. in
Physics: my thesis was on low-energy-nuclear-reactions, i.e., cold fusion.

I read your landmark paper “Time without End: Physics and biology in an open universe”. I
also remember reading your Origins of Life book. I want to read more of your extensive and
imaginative writings but first I want to get this message to you before you pass.

I wish to applaud you for your élan in asserting the possibility of telepathy and the paranormal.
These phenomena, while elusive, have been verified under controlled scientific conditions: they
work by a process akin to quantum entanglement, or maybe via the scalar, longitudinal
components of extended electromagnetism (originally in quaternion formulation), which were
expunged away by Heaviside and Lorentz, according to Tom Bearden.

I think it is urgent for the well-being of all, from Eros to Gaia, that a scientist of your caliber also
spoke up about the physics of extracting virtually unlimited energy from the quantum
vacuum, in a manner which many isolated, underfunded, harassed and, sometimes, terminated
inventors have already demonstrated, with magnet motors, charge clusters, electrolytic
systems, batteries, etc. To solve the global biosphere and poverty problem, we don’t even
need the Biofuels advocated in The Sun, the Genome and the Internet.

You are a member of the JASON Defense advisory group, and the Project for the Exposure of
Hidden Institutions mentions you as a JASON Scholar as well, in fact it says you are the
longest sitting JASON scholar with Sidney D. Drell, so you most certainly know about the full
extent of the UFO cover-up and have been complicit in it. Well, OK, maybe “complicit” is not a
considerate and empathetic term, as betrayal of “Defense” secrets at that cosmic level most
likely entails death. Nevertheless, I urge you to defect as much as possible from the vicious
instituted politics of secrecy and Homo-sapiens-is-not-fit-to-know elitist skullduggery. Isn’t it
better to get mugged than to live a life of fear? You probably know too about the joint human-
alien bases on Mars and the instant teleportation facility that Project Camelot witness Henry
Deacon says he used to commute there. You must certainly know about what happened at the
Philadelphia Experiment and Einstein’s involvement in it with his unified field theory. It is
time to cut the bullshit and fully tell it like it is. You can find more cutting-edge information that
may aid you about this and related topics (like 9/11) on my webpage. Humanity deserves to
know what is really happening on this Earth and how the universe really works.

The reward for being brave to the last and telling the full story is immortality (without having to
hibernate) and aging-reversal, as well as telepathy and, in time, bi-location, levitation and
anything you can dream of. In short, the End of Time. The ball now is in your court.


                                        Conrado Salas Cano

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