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                                4-H News
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           June / July 2007 ISSUE                                                   www.extension.iastate.edu/dallas

                                    Our 2007 Graduates
           July 11 - 15, 2007
                                    Jayme, Courtney, Zachary, Brendan, Amanda, Kelcey, Jennifer, Chris, Katherine,
                                    Robert, Clinton, Jill, Katherine, Michelle, Brittni, and Matthew.

 Inside this issue:
   Announcements             2
   Fair information        3–6
   State Fair & other shows 7
                                         The Dallas County Livestock Judging Team...
   Calendar                  8
                                         competed recently at the ISU Block and Bridle Contest.
                                         The results are as follows:
  Featured 4-H’ers                       Junior Division- (21 individuals/5 total teams)
                                                 Noah– 10th overall
                                                 Hannah– 4th in beef; 8th overall
                                                 Michael – 2nd in beef; 9th overall
                                                 Bryce - 15th overall
                                                 Eric– 11th overall
                                            The team placed 3rd in swine, beef, questions and overall.
                                         Senior Division- (102 individuals)
       Dallas County
                                                 Luke - 5th swine, 5th beef, 6th overall
  Livestock Judging Team                         Kate - 11th sheep, 32nd overall
                                         Congratulations to all the participants! And Thanks to their coach, Emily
Front row (from left to right)           Brewer.
Michael, Bryce, and Hannah.         2007 Horse Jamboree

Back row (from left to right)       Congratulations to the following Dallas County 4-H’ers who placed!
Luke, Kate, Eric and Noah.               Rachel – Drawing senior – Champion
                                         Senior team grooming – 2nd Place
                                         Junior team grooming – 7th Place

                                    Thank you
                                    To the Dallas County 4-H Foundation for purchasing 2 way radios for use at
                                    the horse shows.
                                                                                                                           Page 2

      Dallas County 4-H Open                                                              Senior High Point-
       Horse Show Results                                                                   1st place-Jayme
                                                                                             38 pts., Dallas Co. Saddlelites
  The Dallas County 4-H Open Horse                                                          2 place-Lizzy

  Show was held on May 12. The                                                               30 pts., Dallas Co. Trailblazers
  weather was great and provided               Junior High Point-                           3rd place-Rachel
  for great success. There were                  1st place-Abigail                           27 pts., Dallas Co. Saddlelites
  over 200 entries for the day and                27 pts., Dallas Co. Trailblazers
                                                 2nd place-Jenna
  approximately 40 4-H’ers exhibited
                                                  23 pts., Dallas Co. Trailblazers
  their horses from 5 different                  3rd place-Cooper
  counties.                                                                               A special thank you to all the
                                                  15 pts., Dallas Co. Aggies              sponsors:
                                                 3rd place-Jake
                                                                                          · Crossroads Ag
  Congratulations to everyone who                 15 pts., Webster Co.
                                                                                          · Dallas Co. Farm Bureau
  placed in a class as well as our top               Elkhorn Aggies
                                                                                          · Daniel & Stephanie Fallis
  high point earners for each age                                                         · Heartland Co-op
                                               Intermediate High point-
  division:                                      1st place-Abby                           · Orschlen
                                                  62 pts., Madison Co.                    · Sugar Grove Sunshine Club
                                                    Jefferson Lee Jades                   · TR Portable Welding.
                                                 2nd place-Jennifer                       Without their support this show
                                                  41 pts., Polk Co. Innovators            would not have been possible.
                                                 3rd place-Mackenzie                      Also, thank you to parents and
                                                  22 pts., Dallas Co. Saddlelites         volunteers who donated their time
                                                                                          to work at the show.

                                                                                                    Submitted by Laura Rowe,
       Abby - 1st Place    Jayme - 1st Place                                                        Horse Superintendent
Intermediate High Point   Senior High Point

   Use of the Arena                                                                        Summer Day Camps

   Only 4-H’ers are allowed to use the                                                     Fun Olympics, Gone Fishin’ and
   horse arena on the fairgrounds for                                                      Bug Bonanza, are the day camps
   practice during times when the arena                                                    offered this summer by Iowa
   is not being used for an event. If                                                      State University Extension in
   you use the arena, be ready to                                                          cooperation with Dallas County
                                                 Riding Opportunities                      Conservation. These camps are
   identify your club name and the
   name of your leader if asked by a             The Saddlelites and the                   for youth entering grade 3-6 in the
   fair board representative.                    Trailblazers invite 4-H’ers to join       fall. For information about the
   Remember that the arena is to be left                                                   camps call 515-993-4281 or find
                                                 them as they ride in the arena for        information and application on our
   the way you found it. If the arena is         practice.
   recently raked for an event, do not                                                     website at:
   use.                                                                                    www.extension.iastate.edu/dallas
                                                 Saddlelites:                              /kidsteens
                                                 Mondays - 6:30-8 pm

                                                 Wednesdays - 6:30-8 p.m.

       For questions contact Carolyn Wilson, Dallas County 4-H Youth Coordinator:      cjwilson@iastate.edu or 515-993-4281
Dallas County Fair                                                                                                   Page 3

4-H T-shirts                               Punch Cards
                                                                                     Queen Contest
& Armbands                                 The Youth Committee will offer a
Available                                  food stand punch card. This $10           If you are interested in competition
                                           card is an alternative to cash and        for the 2007 Dallas County Fair
If you will be exhibiting at the           can be used at the 4-H food stand         Queen, call Jackie Zika at
fair or giving a presentation and would    during the fair. These can be             681-0958.
like a 4-H T-shirt, we have them!          purchased at the food stand or
They are white with the 4-H design on      during judging day.
the front, come in a variety of sizes                                                Fair Board Elections…
and cost $8 each. We also have
armbands available for those
                                           New Class -                               will take place at the Gazebo on
exhibiting horses. The cost is $1.75.      4-H’ers in Action!                        Saturday morning, July 14 from
                                                                                     9 – noon.
                                           Requirements: Any 5” x 7” color
County Fair Work                           photograph (vertical or horizontal),      Silent Auction
Assignments                                taken after January 1, 2005, that
                                           shows a 4-H’er or group of 4-H’ers        Plans are underway for the Silent
Each club has assignments during the                                                 Auction to be held during the
fair for set-up or takedown, building      involved in a project, doing              county fair. We are encouraging
ambassadors, and the 4-H food stand.       community service, giving an              each club to make a donation with a
Your leader will be asking 4-H’ers         educational presentation, enjoying a      value of no more than $25-$35 to
and parents to help with these                                                       this event. A portion of last year’s
                                           recreational activity, or anything
responsibilities. The time you spend                                                 auction was used for citizenship
in the food stand helps raise money        else related to the 4-H youth
                                                                                     projects & supporting participation
that is used for camperships,              program. Photos should reflect any
                                                                                     in the CWF trip.
recognition, project materials, etc.       of the many
                                           aspects of 4-H throughout the
Food Stand Volunteers                      year. (Because photos may be              Compete in the Financial
                                           selected for an exhibition at the
Remember to bring your own cap or                                                    Quiz Bowl
                                           Iowa State Fair, negatives or digital
hair cover or you will be required to      copies of the photos should be kept       Teams of three will compete for
wear a hair net while working.             on file.) Include a photo story to tell   great prizes in the Financial Quiz
                                                                                     Bowl at the county fair! It will be
                                           what’s happening in the photo and
                                                                                     Thursday, July 12 at 6:30 p.m.
 Free Breakfast                            explain why it’s the best example of      Each team must have at least one
                                           “4-H’ers in Action!” from your            individual who is 12 years old or
 Come to the fairgrounds on Saturday,      county. Captions are limited to 75        younger.
 July 7 for a breakfast provided by        words or less.
 Farm Bureau. This is for all 4-H’ers                                                Participants are not required to be a
                                           Photography and story writing             4-H member. Teams will earn
 and their families, from 7:30 to 9 a.m.
 Remember to thank them!
                                           are to be done by a 4-H youth             points by answering finance
                                           Teen Dance…
                                           member.                                   related questions in a game
                                                                                     format. Team sign-up will be held
                                           will be sponsored by the 4-H Senior       from 5:30-6:15 p.m. If you have
                                           Council on Sunday, July 15, from          questions about the Financial Quiz
                                           8-11 p.m. This will be open to all        bowl you can contact Tammy
                                           4-H’ers 13 - 19 and their invited         Hickman-Fay at 993-3355(daytime)
                                           guest. The cost will be $2 per            or 992-4105. (evening)

   See us online at: www.extension.iastate.edu/dallas or at the State 4-H Youth site: www.extension.iastate.edu/4H/
Dallas County Fair                                                                                                   Page 4

 Health requirements for                  Fair check in…                             Remember to…
 fair: Dogs & Cats-                                                                  wear hard soled shoes and 4-H or
                                          for swine, poultry, rabbits and
 Certificates of vaccinations must be     horses is Tuesday evening, July 10;        white T-shirts when showing
 provided to the extension office no      beef can check-in Tuesday evening          livestock at the fair.
 later than June 9.                       or Wednesday morning. Other
                                          livestock check-in Wednesday, July
                                          12. Check your fair schedule for           Poultry-
                                          each species. The schedule was in
 Animal Care and                          the April-May newsletter or is             pullorum free certificate required or
                                                                                     will test at check in. If you would
 Disclosure Statements …                  posted at:
                                          www.extension.iastate.edu/dallas/ki        like your poultry certified before
 must be completed, signed, and           dsteens                                    check in, call the extension office.
 given to the superintendent at check
 in by all exhibitors showing market
 beef, sheep, meat goats or swine at
 the fair. These are available from       End of Fair Clean-up
 your leader, the extension office or     All livestock pens and areas
 can be accessed at:                      including rabbits and poultry need          Sheep production prize
 www.extension.iastate.edu/4H/Agri        to be cleaned by the livestock
 culture/livestockhandbook.htm                                                        If you are showing market lambs,
                                          owner. Cleaning in the large animal
 under ethics.                                                                        you will have the opportunity to
                                          building will begin only after the          participate in a class for top
                                          sale is completed.                          production, with a 1st place prize of
                                                                                      $50. You will take a quiz based on
                                                                                      information gathered from the
                                                                                      project materials FSQA and
 4-H’ers showing Bottle                                                               working with the project. If you
                                          Sheep and Goat Scrapies                     don’t have the sheep materials,
                                          Tags                                        contact the extension office by July
 Will be interviewed on Monday,                                                       6 to get them.
 July 9, 1:30-6 p.m. Written              Female sheep or goats coming to
 reports are to be turned in at this      the fair must have a scrapies tag or
 time.                                    they will not be allowed to show.
                                          Call Carolyn at 993-4281 for
                                          information about getting scrapies

 Reserve your pens
 If you have sheep, goats, beef,                                                     Horse show trophies…
 bucket/bottle calves, swine,
 rabbits or poultry coming to the fair,                                           won at the fair will be presented on
 you need to notify your leader the                                               Friday, July 13 at 5 p.m. Donors
 number of pens/stalls you will need
                                           Fair Auction Checks…
                                                                                  will be invited to present trophies to
 by July 1. Your leader will call the      will be in the office ready to pick up the winners.
 appropriate superintendents by            on Monday, July 23.
 July 5 to reserve pens and stalls for
 your club.

   For questions contact Carolyn Wilson, Dallas County 4-H Youth Coordinator:    cjwilson@iastate.edu or 515-993-4281
Dallas County Fair                                                                                                Page 5

        Dallas County 4-H                                                           Mandatory County Fair
          Horse Project                  Barrel Racing /Pole Bending
                                                      &                            Horse Project Registration
   Horsemanship Workshop                Horsemanship Workshop s                     Saturday July 7, 2007
     June 13, 6 pm-8 pm,                                                          Just a reminder that registration for
                                         Both Clinics welcome all skill
      Dallas County Fairgrounds                                                   classes for the county fair is held on
                                         levels. Be sure to bring your horse.
                                                                                  Saturday, July 7 from 9 am- 12 at
                                         Spectators are welcome. The
  Jessie Schafer and Laura Rowe will                                              the south arena. Entries for classes
                                         workshops are free for Dallas
  share suggestions and tips on                                                   will be taken and horse health care
                                         County 4-H’ers. Non-Dallas County
  preparing your horse for show and                                               statements are to be turned in and
                                         4-H’ers will be charged$10 per
  how to complete a horsemanship                                                  any questions will be answered.
                                         individual/not more than $20 per
  pattern.                                                                        This will be the only time available
                                         family. All proceeds collected from
                                                                                  to register for classes. If you have
                                         this clinic will go to support the
                                                                                  questions please contact Laura
   Barrel Racing & Pole                 Dallas County 4-H Horse Project.
                                                                                  Rowe by email
     Bending Workshop                    Pre-registration is required by
                                                                                   laurarowe_165@hotmail.com or
     June 26, 6 pm-8 pm,                 Monday, June 11. Please contact
                                                                                  by telephone 515-992-3089.
     Dallas County Fairgrounds           Laura Rowe by email
  This clinic will be instructed by      or by telephone 515-992-3089.
  Jennifer Conrad (Professional
  Barrel Racing card holder) and         In the case of inclement weather
  Laura Rowe who will provide            please call before you haul.
  group instruction on how to reduce
  your times in barrel racing and pole

                                                                                        Award Application
  Livestock Judging Team...              Beef Carcass Evaluation                          Workshop…
  is looking for 2-3 more youth in       Livestock field specialist, Joe
                                                                                 will be held on Thursday,
  grade 4-8 and one or two more in       Sellers will evaluate the carcasses
                                                                                 August 2 at 1:30, and repeated at
  grades 9 – 12 to join the team.        of 4-H calves that have been taken
                                                                                 6:30 p.m. Learn how to complete a
  Practice is on June 3 at 2 p.m.        to the Redfield Locker on Tuesday,
                                                                                 great award application form to
  at Emily’s house. For more             July 24, at 6:30 p.m. All exhibitors
                                                                                 receive recognition for your work in
  information, contact Emily Brewer      are encouraged to come learn about
                                                                                 a project area or for citizenship and
  at 515-669-5390 or at:                 the traits that make a good cut of
                                                                                 leadership activities. Award
  brewerem@yahoo.com.                    meat and see how the Dallas County
                                                                                 information and forms will be in the
                                         carcasses score.
                                                                                 next newsletter. This workshop will
                                         **Members wanting to pick up their
                                                                                 be especially helpful for new 4-
                                         sale checks at the locker should call
                                                                                 H’ers, but all 4-H’ers, parents, and
                                         the extension office by 3 p.m. on
                                                                                 leaders are encouraged to attend.
                                         that day.
Dallas County Fair                                                                                           Page 6

Static Exhibit Judged
Monday, July 9.
Page 30 in your fair book will show                                            Copyright is important!
when your club is scheduled.
                                       Cookies for judges                      The copyright law is enforced in
                                                                               4-H. The copyright law states that a
                                       If you’re bringing cookies or bars to   copyrighted design (art,
                                       be judged on July 9, please consider    photograph, written word, logo,
                                       leaving some for the judges to enjoy    trademark, team insignias, etc.)
                                       later that day.                         cannot be displayed in a public
Entry tags and photo
                                                                               setting without permission of the
labels…                                                                        owner. We have an example letter
                                                                               you may use to request this
are available from your leader and
                                                                               permission. If often takes a long
should be filled out and attached to
                                                                               time to be granted permission, so
your exhibit before you come to the
                                                                               ask now!

                                       How is your exhibit judged?
  Goal Cards                            The way your exhibit looks is                     Remember...
                                        important, but it also is judged on
  You are more likely to do a better                                            to check the dimensions in the fair
                                        what you learn as you make it.
  job if your goal cards are completed                                          book for static exhibits. Oversized
                                        Judges want to know what goals
  before arriving at the fair. Be sure                                          projects will not be considered for
                                        you had and how you made your
  to read the general rules and                                                 the state fair.
                                        exhibit. This is why they talk with
  regulations for static exhibits on
                                        you as they judge. You can practice
  pages 27-29 in your fair book. Pay
                                        what you want to tell the judge
  special attention to Item #9, and be
                                        about your exhibit by answering
  sure that this information is clearly                                        Home Economics Answer
                                        these questions:
  provided for the judge.
                                           What were your goals?              Line…
                                           How did you work toward
                                              your goals?                      is available to 4-H’ers who have
                                           What was the most important        questions about their home
                                              thing you learned as you         economic project (child
                                              worked to reach your goals?      development, clothing, consumer
                                                                               management, food and nutrition,
                                           What would you like to do in
                                                                               home improvement). They can be
                                              this project area next year?
                                                                               reached Monday – Friday,
                                                                               8 -11:50 a.m. and 1- 5 p.m. at
                                                                                                              Page 7

State Fair Entry Forms
                                                                                 Livestock Updates…
To show livestock or horticulture
exhibits at the State Fair you must                                              for Ak-Sar-Ben and State Fair
have completed the 5th grade and                                                 including information and rule
you will need to register by June 30.                                            changes are available on line at:
Premium books and entry forms                                                    www.extension.iastate.edu/4H/Ag
should arrive at the extension office                                            riculture/updates.htm
by the second week in June.               State Fair Volunteer
Exhibitors of livestock or                If you are interested in
horticulture need not exhibit at the      volunteering at the Iowa State Fair,
county fair to participate in the state                                          Clay County Fair Entries Due
                                          information and applications can
fair. Entries for the 4-H show must       be found at:                           Entry cards and fair books for the
be made through the county                                                       Clay County Fair will soon be
extension office.                                                                available at the extension office.
                                                                                 Forms must be returned by July 27.

        Market Broilers
      Market broiler division is
open to all 4-H members who are
enrolled in the poultry project and
have completed 5th through 12th                                                  Ak-Sar-Ben Entries Due
grade. Participants purchase 50                                                  August 16 is the deadline for
birds and exhibit five in the broiler      Calling all Actors!
                                                                                 entering livestock exhibits.
division at the state fair. Forms and
                                           Dallas County 4-H’ers have been       Registration materials should arrive
payment are due on June 1 and can                                                at the extension office by mid-June.
                                           asked to return to the Iowa State
be found on the 4-H
                                           Fair to perform the pageant,
Livestock handbook web page at:            150 Years: Iowa State Fair on the
www.extension.iastate.edu/4H/Agr           first day of the fair. No speaking
iculture/Broilerent.pdf. Look under        parts. Admission is free. If
Poultry division for the Iowa State        interested contact Lorna Grow at
Fair Market Broiler Division rules.        992-3003 or
                                           ljbgrow@earthlink.net                 American Royal
                                                                                 in Kansas City
Livestock Quiz Bowl                                                              June 15 is the enrollment
Some of you are very                                                             deadline for market lambs or pigs
knowledgeable livestock members.                                                 that show in the American Royal.
Now is the time to shine by                                                      If you are planning to show at the
preparing to participate in the                                                  American Royal, contact Carolyn
Livestock Quiz Bowl on August 10                                                 at the extension office.
at the Iowa State Fair. Contact
the extension office for more
Dallas County Extension Office
28059 Fairground Road
Adel, IA 50003-4406

                                           Dallas County 4-H Newsletter
                                                Dates to Remember:
  June:                                                                           4     Office closed-Independence Day
                                                                                  7     Breakfast sponsored by Farm Bureau
  12-14 Intermediate Trip - Minneapolis                                                 7:30-9 am at the Food Stand
  15     4-H Leaders: Fair assignment sheets                                      7     Pre-fair meeting 8:30 Comm. Building
          due to EO                                                               7     Set up 9:30 am
  26-28 State 4-H Youth Conference-ISU                                            7     Register for horse classes 9:30-noon
  29     State fair entries due at EO                                             7     Cat show- 1 pm Small Animal Building
  30 Clothing Event-Village of Legacy                                             7     Pet show- 2 pm Small Animal Building
  Point,            Waukee                                                        7     Dog show- 3:30 Entertainment Plaza
       Judging 1- 4 pm                                                           10-15 Dallas County Fair
       Fashion show-7 pm                                                         15    Fair auction 3 pm
                                                                                  31    Post fair meeting 7 pm

                                                                                  2           Award application workshop 1:30 and 6:30 p.m.
                                                                                  9-19        Iowa State Fair “Sounds Like Fun”
                                                                                  15          Ak-Sar-Ben entries due
                                                                                  25          Youth Safety Day - DC Fairgrounds

                                          Iowa State University and U.S. Department of Agriculture cooperating.
                    Extension programs are available to all without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, or disability.

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