259 2 Poultry Producers slogans by Y33R7e


									1) Effective work of veterinary and sanitary inspection unit is a compulsory
condition of poultry farm operations;

2) latex gloves, face mask, protective clothes, goggles, rubber boots, foot dip;

3) Use of special clothes and means of individual safety is compulsory for all staff;

4) Prevention of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza;

5) All poultry should be kept in closed-type facilities, not allowing any contact
with synanthropic and migrating birds;

6) Strictly adhere to rules and procedures of cleaning, sanitary treatment and
disinfection of buildings, where poultry is kept;

7) Do not allow contacts between birds of different age and type, which are kept in
the poultry farm;

8) Do not use water from open waterbeds without special treatment;

9) Facilities and equipment for mixing and storage of feedstuff should be
inaccessible for rodents and wild birds;

10) Regularly monitor health status of poultry. If any deviations are detected –
inform Veterinary Medicine Specialist;

11) High Threat of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza

12) Strictly adhere to the regulations of Special Anti-epizootic Commission!

13) Conduct daily clinical surveillance of all poultry stock;

14) Emergence of the slightest suspicion of disease in birds requires
IMMEDIATE referral to a Veterinary Medicine Specialist.

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