Nuclear Chemistry Vocabulary Ch by Y33R7e


									              Nuclear Chemistry Vocabulary Review Ch. 25
  …related to the stability, instability and transmutation of the nucleus of atoms.

1. Start by defining each term (use the back of the text, online or other sources)…
2. Create an all inclusive creative expression of all of these vocabulary words…20 pt
    This could be a 1 page poster, graphic organizer, flow chart, a poem, a children’s
    story book, a cartoon, a recorded song or video etc. including all the vocabulary
    words. The graphic organizer can use clippings from magazine or online pasted on to
    represent or be synonymous with your vocabulary terms.

1. Band of stability         2. Fission                   3. Fusion
4. Radioisotopes             5. Radioactive Decay         6. Transmutation
7. Half life                 8. Geiger Counter            9. Alpha particle
10. Beta particle            11. Gamma Ray                12. Positron Emission
12. Particle Accelerators    13. Ionizing Radiation       14. 3 Radioactive Applications?
    (atom smashers)

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