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					                       Reservation - Rental Contract 2006 / 2007

                                             Villa Lucia & Villa Rosa
                                         Vacation Homes Rental by Christa Kornreiter

                          Address in Germany:         D-48163 Muenster, Kerkheideweg 5 a
                                                      Phone: (0049)-251-3992123
                                                      Fax: (0049)-251-3992128                                         Rental
                                                      Bank account name: Christa Kornreiter                           Contract
                                                      Bank: Bank of America / CapeCoral / Florida
                                                      Bank account no. 004434382976
                                                      Routing Transfer Nummer: 063100277
                          Contact Address in USA:     Manatee Properties Inc.
                                                      4418 Del Prado Blvd. Suite B
                                                      Cape Coral, Florida 33904, USA
                                                      Phone: (001)-239 549-6011
                                                      Fax: (001)-239 549-1021

Rental contract between the renter Christa Kornreiter, D-48163 Muenster, Kerkheideweg 5 a, and the costumer
written in this form. Please send this contract per Fax to Fax-number (0049)-251-399-2128 in Germany or directly
to Cape Coral (USA) Fax-number (001)-239-549-1021. The contract is binding upon our confirmation of booking.

Name: ___________________________________First Name: __________________________

Address: _____________________City: _________________State:_________Zip code_______

Phone.: _____________________ Fax: ____________________E-mail_______________________

House Name: ___________________________ SE 5th PL, Cape Coral, FL 33914, USA

Number of person: Adults ______ Children ______ / Age ______                    O extra bed

Names of all person

_________________________________________________________                                 O Children bed

_________________________________________________________                                 O Baby bed

_________________________________________________________                                 O Highchair



Time of stay: from ______________________ to _____________________________

Total Amount: US $_____________________

Arrival day: _______________ Time: ___________ Airline: ___________ by Car ___________

I am familiar with the booking conditioning of Christa Kornreiter on Site 2 in this document.

City______________ Date _________ Signature __________________________
Booking Condition
1. Registration and reservation:
The basis of the contract is exclusively the statements, descriptions and conditions given in the description of the
house, effective for your vacation time on the day of booking. Special requests will be taken in consideration, but
need prior consultation with us. Registration in writing only on the booking form. The registering person signs in
the name of all persons listed on the booking form and take responsibility for their contract obligation as for his
own. The contract is binding upon our confirmation of booking.

2. Down payment / payment of the balance / security deposit:
A down payment of 15% of the rent is due at receipt of the confirmation of booking. You will not receive a special
receipt of your down payment. Please pay the balance 20 days before arrival by personal Check or on the day of
arrival by Traveller Checks, Money order, Cashier check or checks from your Credit Card or cash. Sorry we do
not accept credit cards. On arrival day we collect a security deposit of $ 300. The security deposit goes back to
you on departure day.

3. Changes in Booking or withdrawal:
Any change in booking the same object regarding time or persons needs written confirmation. Withdrawal in writ-
ten statement only. Meeting the deadline depends largely on the receipt of the withdrawal statement. Since we
have to turn down many other interests regularly after contracting a booking, we have to ask for understanding
that we must have the following cancellation fees:

Until 60 days before the beginning of the rental time   15% of the rent
59 to 30 days before the beginning of the rental time   50% of the rent
29 to 15 days before the beginning of the rental time   75% of the rent
14 to 2 days before the beginning of the rental time    90% of the rent

4. Contents of the rental contract:
The rental contract contains the rental object as described in the expose. The occupancy not to exceed the num-
ber of persons outlined in the contract, if occupancy exceed the agreed limit, the renter Christa Kornreiter or
Manatee Properties Inc.) has the right to turn away added people or charge additional rent. Included is: Local
Phone calls, Cable TV, Water, Trash, Pool service, Lawn service, Propane, Guest service. Not included is: Tax,
Final Cleaning, Electricity $ 0.10 per kWh, Long Distance Phone Calls. Additional arrangements need a written

5. Liability:
Should the rental object not be available due Act of God, we reserve the right to offer you equivalent housing. If
you are not accepting the replacement or an equivalent replacement is not available, the contract can be termi-
nated by either side. In that case our liability is limited to reimbursement of the payments. The renter, Christa
Kornreiter is not liable for personal or other damage on rental property.

6. Responsibilities of the tenant:
The tenant is supposed to take good care of the rented house. He is expected to report all damages, encountered
during the tenancy, immediately to Christa Kornreiter or Manatee Properties Inc and pay for it. The home is to re-
turn clean at the end of the Tenancy. The tenant is also expected to inform the renter, Christa Kornreiter or
Manatee Properties Inc. immediately about any fault during his stay, so it can be remedied right away. The tenant
is obligated to do anything reasonable to help remedy the fault and minimize the damage.

7. Arrival and departure:
You will receive the key for the rental house and a brief orientation upon arrival from Manatee Properties Inc.
which will be available for you of course during your stay. The rental home is usually ready by 4:00 PM to latest
10:00 PM. Your departure time is 10:00 am. Please ask us for an arrangement of different times.

8. Complaints:
If you have a complaint please inform us immediately. We can not accept complaints not reported I a timely man-

9. Legal domicile:
Any dispute arising there under will be settled before a complaint Lee County court of law. Inoperativeness of a
single paragraph does not make the whole contract inoperative. The rental contract is under private law. Laws
governing tenancy apply. The owner is not a travel agent, there laws governing travel do not apply. The renter
Christa Kornreiter, work as the owner.

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