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					The spirits that I called…
          Invisible but everywhere. It is behind every panelling, in
          every apparatus, under every hood and in every opera-
          ting element. It heats up, illuminates, calculates, works
machines or transports information incomprehensibly fast. It is the
energy of today and tomorrow. And we take it as a matter of cour-
se that we can use it whenever we need it.

But if something unexpected happens, it gets obvious: It is not
only useful, but can also atomise metals or start a fire. And if it fails,
the work process comes to a halt or the complete infrastructure of
a whole region breaks down.

And like Goethe’s “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” we ask ourselves:
How can we control electrical energy?
        Christian D. Bender

                              We think dynamically
                              More than 70 years ago Walther Bender, the founder of our compa-
                              ny, had a vision: Complete protection of people from the dangers
                              of electricity.

                              Since then the BENDER developments have made electricity safe.
                              But at the same time technology, such as automation, is getting more
                              and more complex and therefore needs new monitoring systems
                              that guarantee electrical safety.

                  We share the vision of our founder.

                              But with the relevant difference that in our fast moving times the
                              customers expect solutions for the problems of tomorrow. Due to
                              our high sensitivity for the needs of the market we manage to meet
                              these demands. Our highly motivated research and development
                              team consists of select specialists who create competent and dyna-
                              mic solutions for the future because we know:
                              Technological leadership must be won from day to day.
Research and development are the basis of success.
More than 15% of the BENDER staff work in this field.
                                      once and today

     To do what you can do best.
For more than 60 years BENDER has
   been the technological leader in
             insulation monitoring.
We think ahead
For modern, highly developed industrial states a safe and reliable
power supply is taken for granted. But this does not only mean the
general supply of electrical energy by power supply companies.
Insulation faults in subsystems - like machines, plants or building
complexes - can endanger the life or health of people. And a power
failure involves considerable costs.

In consequence, there is a huge demand for electrical safety
systems able to identify even the smallest problems before they
appear. Thus a power failure can be prevented in especially sensitive
systems like hospitals, power stations or mines. For many years the
BENDER GROUP has been developing and producing individual and
complex system solutions for electrical safety in various fields of use.

Our know how and the unique quality of our products have contri-
buted to the decision of renowned companies to rely on BENDER
solutions, especially when highest safety standards are concerned.

                           We think solutions
                           The times when customers generally ordered standardised products
                           belong to the past. Today our customers tend to ask for individual
                           solutions meeting their special demands. Contrary to many of our
                           competitors, we accept the challenge and continually try to develop
                           our products to adapt them to the needs of the market.

        In this way we make sure that our product solutions meet our customers` demands.

                           The Eurotunnel, the Bellagio
                           in Las Vegas or the shooting
                           for “Titanic“ – wherever special
                           problems of electrical safety are
                           concerned, BENDER technology
                           is involved.
We think together
The BENDER GROUP consists of numerous companies spe-
cialising on individual tasks, applications or local demands of
countries around the globe.

Nevertheless, a common bond unites all the different companies of
the BENDER GROUP: The BENDER products. No matter which of the
BENDER companies or registered offices is involved, whenever ques-
tions of guarantee, service, support, the obtaining of spare parts or
the development of products occur our customers can fully rely on
a strong international partner.
                   We think connectively
                   We regard it as a perpetual challenge to reflect the latest state of art tech-
                   nology with our devices and system solutions for electrical safety.
                   For more than 60 years our innovative measuring and monitoring systems
                   have supervised power supplies and signalled critical operating conditions
                   in many sectors:

                   Electrical safety for unearthed power supplies (IT systems)
                     • Insulation monitoring devices (A-ISOMETER®)
                     • Insulation fault location systems EDS

                   Electrical safety for earthed power supplies (TN, TT systems)
                     • Residual current monitors RCM, RCMA
                     • Residual current location systems RCMS

                   Power supply in medically used rooms
                     • MEDICS® Switchover and monitoring modules for medically used rooms
                       in accordance with DIN VDE 0100-710, IEC 60364-7-710
                     • Indicator and operator panels
                     • Complete distribution systems, IT system transformer
                     • Monitoring devices according to NFPA99 and other national standards

                   Measuring and monitoring relay
                    • For electrical quantities: voltage, current, frequency, phase sequence,
                      phase loss, etc.

                   Testing and measurement technology
                     • For electrical safety of medical electrical equipment and general
                       electrical equipment

                   Communication solutions for BENDER systems
                    • Connection to standard fieldbus systems
                    • Data transmission per Ethernet (TCP/IP) and WEB Server/OPC


        UMC107E   USC710D4                                                            IRDH275

                                                                                      Reliable insulation monitoring
                                                                                      for hospitals, industry, power
                                                                                      generation & distribution,

                                                                                      mining, building services
                                                                                      systems, public transport, etc.
                                         With the help of our online
                                         monitoring system it is possible
                                         to be permanently on the spot
                                         per Ethernet (TCP/IP). Critical ope-
                                         rational conditions can be located
                                         long before any dangerous
                                         power failure occurs.
RCMS460D               RCMA420                                                  VME420

Continuous universal AC/DC sensitive                                            Measuring and
residual current monitoring for highly                                          monitoring relays
sensitive power supply for industrial
and building applications.
We think integrated
By supporting our clients with the help of creative modular solu-
tions we offer more than just innovative technology. From the com-
pact residual current monitoring device up to highly complex
systems with various measuring, protecting or monitoring tasks our
products cover the complete range of electrical safety.

It is decisive in this context that we are not only concerned with the
development, planning, delivery and installation of our system solu-
tions. Over and above that we offer a complete service covering
everything you might expect from the world market leader in elec-
trical safety: maintenance, technical support and spare parts delivery.

Therefore it is not surprising that, apart from the uncompromising
quality of our products, our integrated service is on duty for espe-
cially in highly sensitive areas like hospitals, power generation &
distribution, public transportation, communication, mining, etc..

We think multilaterally
Whenever perfect electrical safety is demanded,
BENDER system solutions are asked for. Not only do we
offer direct marketing to our customers in mining,
industry, public transportion and communication,
power generation, distribution and supply, medical
engineering and building services. We also closely
work together with the wholesalers, traders, planning
and engineering offices as well as manufacturers of
electrical machines and devices integrating our pro-
ducts as OEM versions into their equipment.

Our service offers:
  • Building and data management systems/visualization
  • Commissioning
  • Check of system quality
  • Function check
  • Fault elimination
  • On-site training
  • Inspection by certified experts
  • Retrofit and maintenance of installations
  • Up grade and modernisation
  • Electrical thermography
  • Periodic testing
  • EMC tests
We think globally
The BENDER GROUP with its main office in
Grünberg/Hesse and 9 daughter companies world-
wide has 56 agencies all over the world,
10 of which are own sales offices in Germany.

With over 500 employees worldwide and a con-
tinuing increase in turnover, we are one of the
most successful German high-tech companies.

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