23 May 07

To all action and info addressees

This update captures the points made at the last meeting on 24 Apr
   - Items in italics and underlined denote change or an addition since the last meeting.
   - Items in bold in the text denotes that there is an action to be reported on at the next
   meeting on 5 Jun for all committee members.
   - Items scored out denotes that the action is complete.



1. “The Litterally Fashion Show” will take place on Sat 9 Jun 07 from 7 to 9 pm in the Corn
Exchange, Blandford Forum. The show will be hosted by the Blandford Clean-up Campaign and
supported by TREADS. The NDDC Liveability fund has supported the event and the production
of a new anti-litter video.

2. The “Litterally Fashion Show” follows up the Moo litter video, produced by the Clean-up
Campaign in 2006.


3. The aim of the event is to raise awareness of litter issues within the Blandford area.

4. This will be achieved by:
   a. Promoting the Blandford Clean-up Campaign’s activities.
   b. Engaging the youth of Blandford to be more aware of litter issues.
   c. Recognising those individuals who clear-up litter voluntarily.

Format of Event

5. The evening will comprise of a fashion show. The first part of the show will commence with
the new litter video, followed by TREADS models wearing clothes made out of litter. An interval
will be held. The second part of the show will be a show of fashion items from local retailers
from Blandford using models from TREADS and more mature models.

6. The colour scheme will be green/ black/ white. Seating will be for approximately150. Entry
will be by free ticket, issued prior to the event. There will be an opportunity to make a donation
to be split equally between the Clean-up Campaign and TREADS. Canapés will be served at
the interval and a cash bar will be available, a raffle will be held. Litter will be used as
decoration. All clearing up will be completed by 11 pm.


7. Liaison with:
   a. Shop owners.
       - realtime – TR.
       - Country Casuals – IR.
       - Erica’s – SE.
       - Ragtags – SE.
   b. TREADS – DR.
   c. Corn Exchange – SE.
   d. NCDC Livability – IR.

      e. Press – TR.

   8. Sponsorship, press release – TR.

   9. Event programme – production and printing – DR.

   10. Invitations – Production and issuing TR, with assistance from those designated.

   11. Tickets and Posters
        a. Production – DR.
        b. Tickets – Printing - DR.
        c. Poster - Printing and laminating - SE

   12. Finance and Insurance – AP.

   13. Show:
       a. Show Manager, host, Vote of Thanks – DR.
       b. Assistant Show Manager and Front of House – Lighting, sound, cat-walk, boards for
       decorations, donation-buckets, Raffle Prizes, Door security – KW.
       c. Decoration, video – IR.
       d. Rear of stage – SE, GC, MH.
       e. Models:
               - MH, TREADS.
               - Older models - IR.
       f. Music – Connor TREADS.
       g. Litter clothes – MH.
       h. Retailers clothes – TR, IR, SE, DR.
       i. Food – SE.
       j. Bar – RW.
       k. Show and raffle compère - TH.
       l. Press liaison for the day – IR.
       m. Invitees – DR with AP.

   14. Thank-you letters – TR.

Co-ordinating Instructions.

   15. Updates This instruction will be updated after each meeting.

   16. Timings
       a. Meetings – at the Crown, unless stated:
             - 27 Feb - Committee meeting @ 1800 hrs.
             - 28 Mar – 2nd Meeting with TREADS- MH: SC, IR, DR @ TREADS @ 1830 hrs.
             - 3 Mar – Initial meeting with participating retailers. DR.
             - 3 Apr - Committee meeting @1800 hrs. Update of responsibilities required.
             - 24 Apr Show Meeting @ 1800 hrs. Update on responsibilities.
             - 8 May Show meeting @ 1800 hrs. Update on responsibilities.
             - 22 May - Show meeting @1800 hrs. DR, SE, IR, RW, KW, TR, MH
             - 5 Jun - Final Show meeting @1800 hrs. All.
             - 12 Jun - Post Show meeting @1800 hrs. All.

      b. Other Activities.
           - by 7 Mar press release - IR.
           - 14 Apr - Filming of video.
           - by 7 May – Invitations issued - TR.

         -    14 May - Realtime to confirm if taking part or not - TR.
         -    15 May – Posters distributed.
         -    by 15 May – Tickets distributed - various.
         -    by 17 May - Contact press with full details of the event – TR.
         -   22 May - Photographer details confirmed. DR.
         -   22 May - Canapés confirmed. DR.
         -   22 May – Confirmation of retailers insurance requirements.
         -   26 – 30 May Male Models measured for Ragtags clothes – MH.
         -   30 Mar - Music CD complete by TREADS.
         -   1 Jun - 1600hrs 2 hr walk-through at the Corn Exchange – SE, DR, MH.
         -   1 Jun – last day for programme details to DR, in particular MH.
         -   1 Jun - Models try on Country Casuals clothes – IR.
         -   2 Jun – Programmes for Printing
         -   4 Jun 07 – Final Press Release – TR.
         -   6 Jun Models try on Erica’s clothes – SE & MH.
         -   4-8 Jun - Models try on Realtime (TBC) clothes – TR & MH.
         -   5 Jun - Retailers confirm music choices.
         -   5 Jun – Raffle donations to KW or TR.
         -   8 Jun – Collect Programme - DR
         -   8 Jun – Collect catwalk - DR.
         -   8 Jun - Collect Floor-lights – SE.
         -   11 Jun – Return Floor-lights – TBC.
         -   11Jun – Return catwalk - DR.
         -   by 18 Jun – Thank you letters issued - TR.
         -   by 8 Sep – Video distributed – IR.

   c. Show – Annex A for a detailed timetable.

17. Target Audiences           The target audience age groups are: 6 – 30, 50+.The target
audiences in order of priority are:
    a. Friends and relatives of the TREADS models.
    b. Teenagers attending the Blandford School.
    c. Those individuals who clear-up litter voluntarily.
    d. Press.
    e. District, Town and Parish Councillors.
    f. The population of Blandford and Blandford St Mary’s who will buy the fashion.

18. Venue
    a. The Corn Exchange is booked for 1600 hrs 1 Jun for an initial walk-through. DR, SE, MH
    and TREADS
    b. The Corn Exchange is booked for 9 Jun 0900 to 2300 hrs.
    c. Liquor licence confirmed from Town Council.

19. Insurance
    a. No public liability insurance is required for the hire of the hall.
    b. We have been advised that the retailers should be insured for damage on clothes. If
    there is a requirement for insurance then we will take £150 liability insurance to be arranged
    by AP. TBC by DR. Retailer contacts to confirm with each retailers by 5 Jun – IR, SE. (None

20. Invitations
    a. TR is responsible for invitations. A list of invitees is at Annex B.
    b. Invitations to be issued by 7 May.

21. Tickets.

   a. Entry to the event will be by ticket – total 150 available. See Annex B.
   b. Tickets will be sent to those invitees and those groups nominated.
   c. DR is responsible for the production and printing of the tickets.
   d. TREADS to provide 2 x ticket collectors (same as raffle assistants) – MH, but to work
   with KW.

22. Posters DR has produced posters, SE to laminate. They will be issued for display to the
retailers and other outlets and locations by 16 May 07.

23. Programme DR is responsible for the programme. DR needs asap and no later than 1 Jun:
    a. TR, TH, RW for their shop adverts.
    b. MH – TREADS logo and some words.
    c. SK – Dorset Countryside logo and some words.
    d. TR – CUBC words.
    e. IR – Opportunity Group advert.
    f. IR, TR, SE – retailers adverts.
    g. IR, MH, SE – Models names by 1 Jun.
    h. SE – Community Police advert.
    i. TR – Cooking for You.
    j. DR - Photographer
    k. 2 x TREADS will sell the programmes on the door (same as collecting donations at the
    end) – MH to work with KW.
    l. All profit will be split 50:50 between CUBC and TREADS.
    m. Printing @ TBC Blandford – 200 copies BW 2 x pages A4 at approx £60. send in on

24. Press.
    a. The press will be invited.
       - IR will arrange an initial press release with the Western Gazette by 7 Mar 07.
       - IR will send a further press release to the western Gazette and Blackmore Vale by 15
       - TR will be responsible for subsequent liaison with the press, including TV and radio
       (Western Gazette, Blackmore Vale, BBC and Meridian TV and Radio, Vale FM others?),
       this should be done by 17 May – this should include an element asking for litter award
       - A final press release to be given by 4 Jun.
       - IR will be responsible for hosting any press during the days rehearsals and during the
    b. All press releases should be focused on the target audiences.

25. Sponsorship.
    a. DR has approached Blandford Stour Rotary for a contribution of £150.
    b. It is not intended to approach the usual suspects for sponsorship.
    c. MH approaching John Trueman (TREADS landlord) for the cost of the costumes and
    make-up - £250.
    d. TREADS may come up with some areas where they might be sponsored for hair cuts
    and make-up - MH.

26. May Rehearsal There is a requirement a walk-through to familiarise the models with the
layout and how the show will run. The walkthrough will take place at 1600 hrs on Fri 1 Jun. It
would be good if TREADS music will need to be played at this event. MH, Connor, SE, DR, TH.

27. Setting-up
    a. The hall will required all day Sat 9 Jun 9am to 11 pm. Setting up will be from 0900 to
    1300 hrs.

    b. TREADS to be prepared to provide male bodies to assist with the movement of the
    catwalk under KW from 0900 hrs and from 2100 hrs.
    c. The insurance allows 200 people in the hall and so seating will be for 150 invitees.
    d. A draft plan of the hall showing catwalk, seating, food, bar, music, press area is at
    Annex C.
    e. There will be a invitee seating area and an area for the Press – KW to produce reserved
    signs for seats.

28. Cat-walk
    a. The Cat-walk1 will be supplied by Byanston Drama (Stuart Miles Tel: 484682), items also
    held by Blandford School. Items are 1m x 3 m: BS has 8 x small and 8 large – small best for
    cat walk.
    b. Collection on 8 Jun at 1500 hrs by DR. Put direct into Corn Exchange.
    c. Return on 11 Jun at 0900 hrs by DR. To be left in Corn Exchange until Mon am.
    d. Transport for 8, and 11 Jun by TR Van.

29. Lighting
    a. CPS Musical Supplies, Bournemouth Aviation Industrial Estate (Darrel West, Chris
    Gaton - 01202 572000) will supply 5 x pairs of floor spot-lights for £50., with 100 cash
    deposit and 3 forms of id on collection.
    b. Collection on 8 Jun and return on 11 Jun – SE. AP to provide a cheque for £50 for CPS
    Musical Supplies to SE by 7 Jun.
    c. Control of lighting for the event. SE to control lightings with TREADS.

30. Lighting Control
    a. Someone to control the lighting is to be nominated. Coordination needed between the
    stage lights, floor lights and room lights.
    b. The indication that the modelling will start is that the hall lights go of and the floor lights
    go on.

31. Music
    a. Music Centre To be provided by SE. SE to liaise with Connor (TREADS) to look at
    Music Centre. Connor will run the music for the event.
    b. Music
        - TREADS – MH will provide a CD for their music.
        - Separate music required for:
            -- Arrival – DR to provide – something light.
            -- TREADS - MH
            -- Interval – DR to provide – something light.
            -- realtime – DR to provide.
            -- Country Casuals – “Tom Jones” genre – DR to provide.
            -- Ragtags and Erika’s – DR to provide.
            -- The end – DR to provide – something light.
        - Retailers to confirm their music genre by 22 May.
        - TREADS Music to be ready for 30 May - MH
        - Music to be played on 1 Jun.
    b. Sound System – the speakers need to be powerful enough to be heard over talking and
    clapping in the audience

32. Microphone The Town Hall microphone is booked for TH. The Music Centre ‘s microphone
will also be required fro the vote of thanks by DR - SE.

        Comes in two sizes of hight – 30 cm and 60 cm – go for 30 cm)

33. Video
    a. TY will produce a video to be shown during the evening and then sent around secondary
    schools. Filming commencing 14 Apr.
    b. IR is to persuade TY to produce a back-drop video for the 1st half (if not will use material
    c. TY will produce DVDs in the film cost. SE to produce videos. IR will confirm the numbers
    and distribute them.
    d. IR will liaise with Livability to give them a copy of the video for their events.
    e. IR will be give sufficient to hand out to the press prior to or during the event.
    f. The cost of the video - £1000.
    g. Projection Equipment The film will be projected. TY will provide the projection
    equipment and screen (from Clayesmore School). IR to confirm if the video will be screened
    from the front or rear – rear is preferred.
    h. Video to be screened after the interval as the hall will not be sufficiently dark early on.

34. Slide shows    DR to produce a slide show (ppt) for projection: arrival, each retailer, interval
and departure.

35. Photographer.
    a. Colin (Lewis) Buckle will be the photographer for the event. Day: 011793868808; Ev:
    01963824299; Mob: 07870415614. and St
    Andrew, Hill Cole, Wincanton, Somerset, BA9 9NF through Adrian Oliver Blandford Camera
    Club (01258 455143).
    b. Requirement for CD x 3 (CUBC, Livability, TREADS) for publicity. Prints to be purchase
    for TREADS. Contact sheets to sent to models and TREADS.

36. Retailers
    a. 15 mins each – assuming 25 seconds per model and 35 seconds for Erica’s. Erica’s and
    Ragtags may be on together.
    b. Realtime –
        - Contact – Owner: Janet Stockton. Zoe Gent will coordinate. Tue & Fri all day. Wed
        am. (01258 455008). DR to contact then hand over to TR.
        - No of outfits - 20.
        - Age of models – Young.
        - Ratio females to males – equal.
        - Date of fitting – will send over a selection of clothes after given clothes sizes.
        - Compère – no script.
        - Will there be anyone at the event?
        - Collection and Return of clothes – self move.
        - How will clothes be hung – own rails.
        - Music genre – TBC.
       - Shoes – models.
    c. Country Casuals – IR.
        - Contact - Sandra Caines 01425 459283
        - No of outfits - 16.
        - Age and size of models – 40+. Dresses sizes 8 – 20.
        - Female only. 4 models.
        - Date of fitting – during week before.
        - Compère – TH, a script will be provided.
        - There will be 2 x helpers behind stage.
        - Collection and Return of clothes – Will deliver and take back clothes..
        - How will clothes be hung – On racks they bring.
        - Music genre – “Tom Jones”.
        - Shoes – TBC.
    d. Erica’s – SE.

       - Contact – Erika 01258 456670 and 01565 65122 (after 1200 hrs). Valerie works in the
       Blandford shop.
       - No of outfits 15-20.
       - Models: 7 TREADS and 3 older – MH, Sarah Evans + 1).
       - Range of sizes. Would like all sizes in particular larger sizes.
       - Date of fitting – Best day 4 Jun as Erica will be in Blandford. Need to be staggered
       through the day and bring in the footwear they will be wearing on the night. MH to
       coordinate with Valerie in Erica’s.
       - Compère – Will probably provide a script.
       - Erica will be at the event.
       - Collection and Return of clothes – Collect at 5.30 on the day and assist after event.
       - How will clothes be hung – TBC.
       - Music genre – TBC.
      - Shoes – models to take in the shoes they propose to wear on the evening.
   e. Ragtags – SE
       - Contact – Alison Falconer, 01258 455707
       - Ragtags will go on at the same time as Erica’s.
       - No of male outfits 5 young, including one Asian and one old - GC.
       - Date of fitting – 28 – 31 May. MH to confirm with Alison for TREADS the date. GC to
       go in separately and select a costume.
       - Compère – Will probably provide a script but will need to link with Erica’s – SE to
       - It is to be confirmed if Alison will be at the event.
       - Will need assistance with collection and return of clothes – details TBC.
       - How will clothes be hung – TBC.
       - Music genre – same as Erica’s.
       - Shoes: Black
   f. Shoes. Models are to provide their own shoes that go with their outfits – MH and IR.

37. Clothes Marking There is a requirement to ensure the smooth running of the show, at the
rear of the hall, to mark clothes with models. Each costume should be numbered and linked to
its wearer and a list complied. The list will be held by each individual with day-to-day
responsibility to the retailers and SE as the model co-ordinator behind the stage. Annex D gives
the master list format.

38. Compère
    a. TH will act as the compère for the evening, he will do the introduction, 1st half of the
    show and when required the 2nd half.
    b. TREADS may wish to introduce their collection and models. MH to confirm.
    c. The retailers
        - Realtime – Nil.
        - Country Casuals – script to be provided - IR.
        - Ragtags – Nil.
        - Erica’s, Nil.
    d. Dress. For TREADS – a litter suit (made from crisp packets?) and for the retailers Black
    Tie (with a twist for the tie?).

39. Raffle.
    a. A raffle will be held. The raffle ticket will be the programme bought for £1 each
    programme will have a number on it. Extra tickets can be bought.
    b. TH will act as compère during the interval – max 5 minutes.
    c. Prizes to be handed out by an invitee - Livability Rep?
    d. KW to sort prizes and tickets for draw. One bottle of wine from each committee member
    delivered to KW on 5 Apr. Slab of Beer and soft drinks provided by RW from the bar stock
    on the night. Roberts radio. £20 to bre spent on other items.

   e.   TREADS to provide 2 x Raffle assistant (same as collecting tickets).

40. Decorations
    a. Colour theme – green, white, black.
    b. Wall decorations – DR/ IR.
    c. Backdrop – the backdrop will be either a video produced by TY or some form of
    decorated screen – IR.
    d. Crown can not provide litter items to TREADS. MH
    e. Committee members to collect – plastic milk cartons. Give to DR and IR.

41. TREADS Litter Costumes
    a. TREADS have been given £100 for costumes.
    b. TREADS need bits of litter/ rubbish for costumes. Committee members are asked to
    collect suitable items – wrappers, clean polystyrene tubs, crisp packets, etc and drop them
    into TREADS – TH and RW in particular.
    c. TREADS will provide their own storage racks..

42. Bar
    a. RW will run the bar with assistance of the Community Police.
    b. TREADS may be able to provide assistance – RW to confirm the need.
    c. Drinks: Beer, wine, soft drinks, water. Prices TBC but suggestion: Beer and wine £1.50,
    soft drinks and water - £1.
    d. Some soft drinks and water to be place behind the stage for the models during the
    e. Slab of Beer and soft drinks to raffle as prizes.
    f. RW to get pre-payment from AP for drinks and obtain a float.
    g. Any profits will be split 50:50 between CUBC and TREADS.
    h. TREADS to be nominated for individuals to go around and collect glasses, wash them
    and return to bar.
    i. Glasses – pint and wine.

43. Food
    a. Canapés will be served during the interval.
    b. Lee (Cooking for You) to provide 1000 for £300. To be delivered at 1800 hrs. TR to
    coordinate. (800 sufficient for numbers.)
    c. Advert required by TR.

44. Medical It is deemed the may be requirement for St John’s Ambulance – DR will
investigate. Jackie Vacher’s 01258 455658. Not required.

45. Car Parking 9 Jun DR to seek clearance from NatWest to park in their car park on 9 Jun.
Not available.

46. TREADS Tasks There is a requirement for as many of TREADS to participate as possible
the following tasks have been identified – MH to allocate.
            -- Entry – checking of tickets and raffle assistants – from 1800 – 2000 - KW.
            -- Entry – Selling of Programmes, Exit – donations x 2 - from1800 – 2100 - KW.
            -- Bar assistants – RW to confirm but possibly two over 18s - from1000 – 1100, 1400
            – 1530, 1800 – 2200.
            -- Handing around canapés during the interval – x 4 - KW.
            -- Music – Connor – from 0900 – 2100 SE.
            -- Models – from 1300 to 2100 - MH.
            -- Lighting 1200 – 1230. 1800 – 2100 x2.
            -- Humpers and Dumpers – from 0900 hrs to 1300 and from 2100 – 2300. As many
            as possible. DR, KW

          -- Collecting glasses and washing up.

47. Donations
    a. There will be an opportunity to donate. KW has procured suitable buckets to be placed
    for at the exit and on the bar.
    b. Any profits will be split 50:50 between CUBC and TREADS.

48. Award There will be a CUBC Award to John Pickering - a tankard for thanks for his work.

49. Finance

   a. The outline finance is:
   Note: (brackets) is an estimated amount.
         Bold paid

   Income NDCC       £        Outgoings for Event £
   NDCC Livability 2500       Video               1320
                              Video distribution  (100)
                              Canapés             300 TR
                              Drinks for models   20.56+(?) DR + RW
                              Raffle              20+(?) DR+RW
                              Food for film cast  45.60 IR
                              Hall Hire – 9 Jul   133.07 TR
                              Hall Hire - 1 Jul   0
                              Clothes Insurance   0
                              Film Projector hire 0
                              Printing            (60) DR
                              DJ if required      0
                              Decorations         0
                              Lights hire         57.25 KW
                              TREADS Costumes 200 - 100 advance given AP
                              St John’s Ambulance 0
                              Catwalk              0
                              Award                21 +(engraving 10) TH
                              Photographer         0
                              Photographs         (150)
                              Alcohol licence     21.00 TR
                              Additional props    41.75
   TOTAL         2500                             2059.23
   Income Other Activities    Outgoings
   Sponsorship     (0)        Donations TREADS 69.28 + bar
                              Donation CUBC       69.28 + bar
   Programme + Raffle         Return to NDCC       (0) Return from non-expenditure of 2500
   + Donation     138.56
   Bar             (?)        Drink H&W             (?)
   TOTAL           (?)                            (?)
FINAL TOTAL        (2800)                         (2800)

   b. £1000 advance from NDCC Livability is confirmed.
   c. All receipts for payment to AP asap.

50. Contact Numbers
        Name              Role                      Number
      Trevor    CUBC Chairman               455898 (Roberts Media)
      David     Organiser                   451557 (Home)
                                            01722 437582 (Work)
        Ken         Floor Manager           01258 455507
        Simon       Ragtags Coord           07733000826
                    Erica’s Coord
                    Realtime Coord
        Isabel      Press Liaison on day    451557
                    Country Casuals Coord   07951912277
        Tony        Compare                 WK 452618
        Andrew      Finance                 459672
        Rod         Bar                     WK 480450
        Michelle    TREADS                  455448 (TREADS)
        Louise      TREADS                  07747799314


A. 9 Jun – Detailed Timings.
B. Invitees and Ticket Distribution.
C. Plan of Corn Exchange.
D. Models/ Clothes List .


Action :              AP, DR, IR, JC, KW, RW, SE, TH, TR
                      MH - TREADS, SC, SK
Info:                 KM, SW, SA,


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