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									Step into the NHS schools’
   competition 2012/13

    Entry instructions
Did you know…

•   There is much more to working for the NHS than being
    a doctor or nurse.
•   In fact there are over 350 different careers available in
    the NHS.
•   What’s more, it’s the largest employer in Europe and
    the fourth biggest in the world. The NHS employs more
    than 1.35 million people in England!
What’s this competition all about?

•   It’s about thinking how you might let other young
    people know about the many different careers in
    the NHS.
•   They include jobs in areas like speech therapy, art
    therapy, engineering, finance, human resources
    and even gardening!
•   Every employee is part of the NHS team which
    helps to make a difference to people’s lives every
    single day.
Your brief

To promote a specific career in the NHS by creating a
range of recruitment materials, which appeal to
students of your age group.
How to enter

You can enter as an individual or as a group.
You cannot have more than four people in a group.

Take the personality quiz at
to see which career would suit you best.

There are 66 different careers to find out about.

Visit for
more information on the competition and downloadable

Extend your search to find out as much as you can
about other careers that are available too.
Information about the 350 different careers is
available at
Choose a career

Select a career that you find interesting from all the ones
you have researched.

Try to choose a career that is different to the ones
chosen by other members of your class.

You can then discuss the different roles between you and
start to understand how different people in the NHS work
as part of a team.
Extend your research

Conduct further research into the job you have chosen.

You should extend your research as far as possible.
Here are some other useful links to help you:
Preparing your competition entry

For the job you have chosen, you will need to create
two pieces of recruitment materials:

1. A job advertisement


2. A job description
1. A job advertisement for the role

•   In which media would you choose to advertise? For
    example, will your advertisement be a piece of film, a
    poster or a presentation?
•   Who is the target audience?
•   How will you make this role sound interesting to
    young people?
•   Your advert should be creative, fun and lively. Please
    avoid using copyrighted materials e.g. music on
    videos and websites.
2. A job description for the role

•   Think about the role and key responsibilities.
•   What knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications
    are required?
•   What personality would suit the job best?
•   Example job descriptions are included on the enclosed
    CD-ROM and online at
What are the judges looking for?

1. Job advertisement
•   fun, lively and appealing to your age group
•   creative and original
•   understanding of chosen career.

2. Job description
•   creative understanding of role and what it involves
•   understanding of entry routes to chosen career, for
    example knowledge, skills, experience and relevant
    qualifications required
•   clear structure and presentation.
Completing your research

You must send in a completed entry form with your work.
Please make sure you complete all sections fully.
The closing date for the competition is 1 February 2013.
Adding to your entry

You can include images, storyboards, mood boards
and other materials to support your entry.

Please make sure every piece of paper you attach is
clearly marked with your details.
How will the winners be decided?

A panel of experienced judges will meet to decide on
the winners:
•   One winner will be chosen from each of the ten
    regions around the country.
•   One of these will be selected as the overall national
What can you win?

National winner
The winning individual or each member of the winning
group will receive a netbook computer and a certificate.

Ten regional winners
A £50 Amazon voucher and a certificate will be awarded
to the winning individual or each member of the winning

Highly commended
We will select a number of highly commended entries
and each member of the group will receive a certificate.
Good luck!

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