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									Getting Yourself and Your Child Ready for Preschool
                                                When you start to consider preschool for your
                                                child, it is important that your child is ready for
                                                preschool classes. Preschool curriculum can help
                                                your child develop a good attitude about school
                                                and ensure that your child is set up for success in
                                                his or her future schooling.

                                              While you are trying to determine whether your
                                              student is ready for preschool curriculum, these
                                              tips may help. Although it can be nerve wracking
                                              to send your child to preschool, it is important that
you take time to consider the decision and ensure your child is ready to go.

Getting the Basics

It is important that your child has developed basic skills that allow your child to be somewhat
independent. You should be sure that your child is potty-trained properly and does not have
trouble accomplishing simple and age appropriate tasks on his or her own.

Your child should not have a hard time eating alone or sleeping alone, because if you are not
there it can be very difficult to get your child to go down for nap time. Talk with a preschool
teacher in your area if you feel that your child has special concerns.

As you are talking to the preschool teacher it is important to help them understand what is going
on with your child. That way, they can counsel you as to whether or not your child is going to be
prepared to go to preschool or if you should wait longer until you enroll your child.

Having Time Away

When your child has not spent a lot of time
away from you, it can be very hard for them
to adjust to preschool time. Because you are
not going to be there with them throughout
the day, you want to make sure that they are
prepared for this separation.

Having your child spend time with a relative
or even a babysitter will ensure that they do
not have too difficult of a time being
separated from you. There are some
preschools that will allow for an adjustment
period throughout the time that your child is in preschool.

This way, the first day of preschool is only going to be a few hours and slowly their days will get
longer. When you allow your child to slowly adjust to the feeling of preschool, you can be sure
that they are able to spend time at preschool without struggling with separation anxiety.

Praising Success

When your child is in preschool you can expect that he or she will be participating in a lot of arts
and crafts. More than likely, your child will bring arts and crafts home and affirming them in
their projects can give them a sense of pride and accomplishment in their work.

Sending your child to preschool can be an emotional time, but when you know that your child is
ready for the endeavor it can be much easier. Do not be afraid to start thinking about the
possibility and getting yourself and your child prepared to be able to enjoy preschool.

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