European Postcard Project by 7sRkZQAv


									                                             Latin America Postcard Project
                                                      December 2010
        As we begin to move into more modern history, it is important for you to know about the countries that make
up the different continents. This assignment will ask you to focus on one Latin American country and become an
expert on it. You will demonstrate your expertise by creating a postcard to be shared by you with your classmates.
Let’s get started:
        1. After you have selected your country, begin researching to find information about this country. Use the
            graphic organizer given to you to keep you focused on finding the right information. You must use the
            books in the library and will have limited time on the computer. Record the bibliographic information on
            the graphic organizer.
        2. You will need a 5” x 8” index card. A good postcard should make you want to visit the place from which
            the postcard comes! Practice the design of the front of your postcard on regular paper before you begin
            working on your index card. I do not have extra index cards! Do an excellent job on the front of your
            postcard, and yes, it must be done by hand. The name of your country should also appear on the front.
        3. The “back” of your postcard may be typed or handwritten, but must include certain information:
                     The “stamp” in the upper right corner must be the flag of your country (by hand or a computer-
                       generated graphic) (Color copies in the Media Center are 25 cents.)
                     A greeting (Hello!) in the language of your country to a parent, sibling, friend, teacher, or
                     An interesting and well-written letter that includes information about each of these topics:
                       (remember, you are writing as if you are in the country visiting and you are describing the
                             the weather
                             the geography (capital city, population, rivers, mountains, bodies of water)
                             the language(s) of this country
                             the culture (customs, religion, food, holidays, sports)
                             historical fact(s) or site
                             tourist attraction you are visiting
                             an appropriate closing (Sincerely, Love, Yours Truly)
                     Your name
        4. This project is due on December 8th. Don’t be late!

                                Grading Rubric for “Latin America Postcard Project”
       5 = Excellent effort 4 = Good effort 3 = Fair effort 2 = Not much effort 1 = Poor effort 0 = no effort
             Front of Postcard                           Back of Postcard
       Name of Country _______                           A stamp/flag of your country _______
       Appropriate Graphic _______                       Greeting in a language of your country _______
       Colorful _______                                  Your paragraph includes:
       Neat _______                                             The weather _______
       Total _______ (20 pts possible)                          Capital city _______
                                                                The geography _______
                                                                The language _______
                                                                The culture ______
       FRONT OF POSTCARD _______                                Tourist attraction _______
       BACK OF POSTCARD _______                                 Historical fact _______
       TURNED IN ON DEC 8 _______                               An appropriate closing _______
                      TOTAL _______                             Paragraph is interesting to reader _______
                      100 Points Possible                       Paragraph is free of spelling mistakes ______
                                                         This rubric is turned in w/ postcard _______
                                                         Postcard turned in on time _______
                                                         Total _______ (70 points possible)

 OPTIONAL: You may bring in a food from your country to share with the class on the day of presentations.

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