Sample letters of condolence, letter examples

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					Sample letters of condolence, letter examples
Letters of condolence Sample Condolence letter 1
My dear Mrs. Burroughs, May every consolation be given you in your great loss. Kindly accept my deepest sympathy. Sincerely yours, Jane Everett.

Sample Condolence letter 2
My dear Mrs. Burroughs, It is with the deepest regret that we learn of your bereavement. Please accept our united and heartfelt sympathies. Very sincerely yours, Katherine Gerard Evans.

Sample Condolence letter 3
My dear Eleanor, May I express my sympathy for you in the loss of your dear mother, even though there can be no words to comfort you? She was so wonderful to all of us that we can share in some small part in your grief. With love, I am Affectionately yours, Ruth Evans.

Sample Condolence letter 4
My dear Mrs. Burroughs, I am sorely grieved to learn of the death of your husband, for whom I had the greatest admiration and regard. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy. Yours sincerely, Douglas Spencer. More Free Sample Letters at