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									Recommendation letter samples and examples
Recommendation for a servant Sample letter 1 June 14, 1922. This is to certify that Katrina Hellman has been in my employ as assistant nurse for one year. During that period I have found her honest, capable, and reliable. I can give her an unqualified recommendation. K. G. Evans. (Mrs. John Evans) Sample letter 2 Harbor View, L. I., August 29, 1921. Mrs. Hubert Forbes, Bayshore, L. I. My dear Mrs. Forbes: I have your letter of August twenty-fifth concerning my former cook, Margaret Dickson. She is an extremely good cook. She was with me for two years, and I can vouch for her honesty, but she is not to be depended on—for instance, to return promptly after her days off or to do any work during her frequent quarrels with the butler. But she seems anxious to improve, and if you would care to give her a trial, I think she might be satisfactory in new surroundings. I hope this reply will answer your questions. Very truly yours, Flora B. Scott.

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