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MB Jung interior decoration


									the most elegant way to switch the lighting

                                                 The extremely flat shape of this innovative
                                                 design range ensures a visually perfect
                                                 appearance on the wall, as the frames almost
                                                 blend into the background.

                                                 This impressive effect is achieved in an unob-
                                                 trusive way: harmoniously and completely
                                                 at ease without appearing exaggerated or
                                                 contrived. This aura is accentuated by the
                                                 wide variety of materials available.

                                                 The spectrum ranges from stainless steel
                                                 to original aluminium in natural tones
                                                 or with an anthracite-coloured finish to a
                                                 plastic version in various colours. With this
                                                 selection, it is easy to find the ideal supple-
                                                 ment to any ambience and interior design
Regardless of the appearance         KNX system can be controlled        with the application, the cover
of the surroundings in both          and the Radio Management            is available with a neutral finish,   INNOVATION IN TECHNOLOGY AND APPEARANCE
commercial properties and            system can be operated. Push-       with printed symbols for opera-
private homes:                       button sensors are also available   ting blinds or with a labelling
                                     with a connection for 24 V. This    option for the push-buttons.
The new Flat Design with all its     equipment places the planner in     The label is inserted as a foil
variants meets all stylistic and     the position of meeting all the     between the transparent cover
technical requirements.              requirements for progressive        and original material.
The push-button sensors are          building technology in an opti-
available in 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-gang   mum way. With regard to the         This creates a visually unified
versions in a similar way to         frames, great importance has        effect which fits in perfectly
the KNX system. In connection        been placed on usefulness and       with the look of the switch
with the standard modules, the       practical benefit. In accordance    design.

        Blinds       Light
        south        Floor

        Blinds       Light
        north        Office

As far as the control of complex    Depending on the program-            This versatile device will not only
KNX systems is concerned, the       ming, one, two or three lines of     have you convinced on account
well-known room controller in       full text can be displayed on the    of its advanced technology,
LS design delivers excellent per-   panel, such as alarm messages        however, but also through an
formance. The complex device        or even music titles. In addition,   attractive selection of materials,
has already proved this success-    the display contains various         colours and effects.
fully in many practical applica-    symbols for heating, cooling
tions.                              and further functions, guaran-       The Flat Design device is availa-
                                    teeing fast and clear informa-       ble either in the metal versions
Now, JUNG is launching a new        tion.                                stainless steel, aluminium and
KNX room controller onto the                                             anthracite or as a plastic version
market, which has a few intere-     Operation is straightforward,        in the shades ivory, white and
sting new features in addition      by pressing a switch either          light grey. Installation is possible
to the whole wide range of          up/down or right/left. The           using the special supporting
functions of the existing           respective FD switches are avai-     frame provided either with the
system.                             lable either without lettering,      flat FD frame or with the LS
                                    with arrow symbols or for full-      frame.
First of all, the elegant design    area lettering. The FD room
really catches the eye.             controller is supplied as a 4- or    The graphic display is freely pro-
The new model in the Flat Design    6-gang version, which means          grammable. In addition, symbols
has an extremely small frame        that a maximum of 8 or 12            provide information about the
height which enables it to be       functions can be controlled,         basic functions. The KNX bus
installed almost flush to the       depending on the version.            coupling unit is directly integra-
wall. Another new feature is the    Temperature control with             ted and only requires a flush-
freely programmable graphic         individual room regulation           mounted box for installation.
display.                            is of course also possible.

                                                                                                                Scale 1:1
Discriminating architects want to realise their ideas with consistency. The versatile palette of materials of                Four material variants in total are available for selection, each of which in turn of fers a variety of functional
the Flat Design form the prerequisite for this. Interior design concepts can be implemented perfectly with                   possibilities. These include the FD 990 version in plastic in ivory , white and light grey, the classic variant in
the help of different materials, colours and effects – exactly as the designer intended.                                     stainless steel as well as the series in aluminium with a natural matt finish or an anthracite-coloured finish.

                                                                                                                PRECIOUS MATERIALS OFFER CREATIVE FREEDOM

                                      The benefits of the new KNX switch sensor
                                      module with illuminated labelling field only
                                      become really clear when it grows dark. Even
                                      in poor lighting conditions, the text or the
                                      symbols which are printed on a transparent
                                      foil and inserted in the cover via a lateral slip-
                                      case, can easily be seen. This makes operation
                                      both safe and simple at any time.

                                      The modules with an illuminated labelling field
                                      are available in a 1-gang or 2-gang version and
                                      can be assigned a maximum of 2 or 4 functions.
                                      Thanks to the integrated bus coupler, the
                                      devices can either be installed with frames
                                      from the Flat Design line or from the LS range.
The supplied retaining ring
makes it possible: Using this
intelligent design idea, the new
KNX switch sensor modules
with integrated bus coupler
can also be installed if required
with both FD and LS frames.
The latter variant offers above
all a persuasive solution for
complex electrical installations,
whereby the connection of
LS frames with FD switch sen-
sors sets new standards both
technically and visually.

The option of combining them
with the existing LS products is
of course universally available.
The palette incorporates the
stainless steel, aluminium and
anthracite versions as well as
the plastic version in three
different colours.


     Blinds        Blinds
     south         north

For the organization of complete     modules of the Flat Design is     These elegant frames of high
installations in a uniform appea-    provided due to the raised        quality are available in the LS 990
rance, the frames of the LS Design   frame with its shadow gap. At     range in three colours and the
are ideally suitable. The assem-     the same time the frames take     metal versions Stainless Steel,
bling of conventional switches,      over the elegant FD shape in      Aluminium, Anthracite and
dimmer or sockets in combi -         order to be smoothly integra-     Chrome.
nation with the push-button          ted into the entire appearance.
                                          P-GB-FD   4 011377 022027

P.O. Box 13 20
D-58569 Schalksmühle

Phone: +49.2355.806158
Fax: +49.23 55.80 63 70
E-mail: mail.vka@

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