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                   Possessive Case Nouns

A possessive noun expresses possession or ownership.
In this sentence, the tomb belonged to a ruler. The word
ruler’s is a possessive noun.
The big pyramid was actually a ruler’s tomb.

To form the singular possessive, add -’s to the singular form
of the noun.
My friend’s report was on ancient Egypt.

To form the possessive of plural nouns that end in s, add an
apostrophe only.
The kings’ tombs held their mummies.

To form the possessive of plural nouns that do not end in s,
add -’s.
Women’s influence on ancient Egyptian government was
sometimes very great.
 Singular     Plural      Singular      Plural
                        Possessive   Possessive
girl        girls       girl’s       girls’
baby        babies      baby’s       babies’
wife        wives       wife’s       wives’
officer     officers    officer’s    officers’
man         men         man’s        men’s

                 More Examples

 Singular   Singular      Plural        Plural
          Possessive                 possessive
   Baby      Baby’s       Babies       Babies’
 Sparrow Sparrow’s       sparrows     Sparrows’
   Wife      Wife’s        wives        wives’
Astronaut Astronaut’s   astronauts   Astronauts’
Classmate Classmate’s   Classmates   Classmates’
 Woman     woman’s        Women       Women’s
 Witness   Witness’s     witnesses    witnesses’
  goose     goose’s        geese       geese’s
 captain   Captain’s     captains     Captains’

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