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					          N I K E N O T ES
                                TEXAS BUSINESS WOMEN OF SAN ANTONIO
                                                    TBW MISSION
                     To be the leading resource to empower women to succeed through
                              leadership, training, networking and advocacy.

Nike Notes, Volume 353, No 4                         Published Monthly                                                            October 2012

                  President’s Message                                                October Spotlight
                                                                                       of the Month
                   The last quarter of the year is upon us. We have
                   National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in
                                                                           Please join us in Spotlighting Jo Ivan. Jo is the
                   October, voting, Veteran’s and Thanksgiving             owner of Bellissima. She sells handbags and
                   Day in November and the holiday season fills            accessories. Jo has been in business for
                   December. For October’s meeting we will have            about 13 years and is the sole proprietor. She
                                                  rd                       mainly does shows at country clubs, fund
                   Judge Renée McElhaney, 73 District Court, to
                                                                           raisers, and community events. Her inventory
                   lead a Political Forum.                                 consists of both trendy and professional
 Many organizations have planned a myriad of events to support             handbags as well as accessories for the
 breast cancer this month ranging from seminars, drink PINK,               business woman and socialite. Jo travels
                                                                           around the state of Texas doing various
 Think PINK, special events all supporting breast cancer
                                                                           vendor events and search internationally for
 awareness / research.                                                     products for her clients.
 In 2012, it is estimated that among U.S. women there will be:           d       Be sure to arrive early and shop.

 • 226,870 new cases of invasive breast cancer (includes new                              Inside This Issue

   cases of primary breast cancer among survivors, but not
   recurrence of original breast cancer among survivors).                  President’s Message ......................................... 1
                                                                           October Spotlight of the Month .......................... 1
 • 63,300 new cases of in situ breast cancer (includes ductal
                                                                           Think PINK ........................................................ 2
   carcinoma in situ (DCIS) and lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS), of
                                                                           Speaker of the Month ........................................ 3
   those, about 85 percent will be DCIS). DCIS is a non-invasive
   breast cancer and LCIS is a condition that increases the risk of        Breast Cancer Awareness................................. 4
   invasive breast cancer. Learn more about DCIS and LCIS.                 31 Days of Awareness ...................................... 5
                                                                           Fall Conference Speakers ................................. 6
 • 39,510 breast cancer deaths.
                                                                           Maria Holmes Inspiration................................... 7
 With these statistics it is more important than ever to assist in the
                                                                           Yoli’s Jewelry ................................................... 8
 research. I challenge each of us to support research, whether it is
 with cancer, alzheimers, MS, ALS – Whatever is close to your              August, September & October Calendars ......... 8

 heart. In support of National Breast Cancer Awareness -- Show             Birthdays ........................................................... 8
 off your Pink Power – Wear Pink on Tuesday!
 Sandra L. Stahl
 Sandra L. Stahl, TBWSA President 2012-2013

   Show Off Your PINK                                                               Think PINK
  Power … wear PINK at                                              By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor,
   our Dinner Meeting!                                              The Succulent Wife.

                                                                    I don’t know if you remember back in
                                                                    1979 when Penne Laingen’s husband,
          Milestone: Women’s Memorial                               who worked at the American Embassy in
              Celebrates 15th Year:                                 Iran, was taken hostage. Inspired by the
Telling the Story – Dedicated on Oct 18, 1997, before               song, Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree,
40,000 cheering military women, women veterans, their               Penne tied yellow ribbons around the trees in her front yard
family and friends and a worldwide television audience,             to symbolize her desire for his return home. I remember
the Women in Military Service For America Memorial                  thinking it was such a powerful image and people were
stands today as a magnificent and visible tribute to the            encouraged to tie their own yellow ribbons to show support.
contributions of women to the nation’s defense, beginning           Yellow ribbons were resurrected again as the symbol for
with the American Revolution. For 15 years, the Memorial            the soldiers to return home safely from fighting in the Gulf
has told the individual and collective stories of women’s           War. In 1991, AIDS activists took the idea and created the
service through the Memorial Register, exhibits, theatrical         looped red ribbon which was worn first by actor Jeremy
and video productions, book talks, art shows, patriotic             Irons at the Tony Awards that year. It officially became the
events, seminars and conferences. It has showcased                  symbol to show support to those who had been personally
servicewomen to the nation’s military leaders, members of           touched by the AIDS epidemic. In 1992, the Susan G.
congress, Supreme Court justices, First Ladies, foreign             Koman took the symbol of the ribbon and created the now
dignitaries and the public. America’s only major memorial           well-known pink ribbon that is worn by breast cancer
to tell the story of women’s service, the Memorial has              survivors and people whose lives have been touched by
secured for women in uniform their rightful place in history.       this disease. I am sure that when Penne Laingen tied that
“The first time I visited the Memorial, I was overwhelmed           yellow ribbon around a tree as a symbol for the safe
by how this place both tells the story of and honors                return of her husband, she had no idea the power that her
women’s service. When I went inside, I really got it – I            symbol came to mean to those wanting to remember the
thought to myself, ‘Oh, our service as women really DOES            people they loved and could not be with.
mean something!’” – LT Susan Hargis, USCG, 1986-1994                We have all been touched by breast cancer one way or
Contributed by: TBWSA Member Susan Youngblood                       another. I am happy to say that I know more women that
PS As a side note, Susan is a charter member of the                 are survivors of the disease than those who have
Memorial and her individual story (in which she highlighted         succumbed to it. I strongly believe in the power of the pink
humorous happenings to being a woman officer in a                   ribbon, which has become far more than the Susan G.
predominantly male environment as well as poignant                  Koman foundation. It shows strength, resilience and
events that made her glad she is an American and free) is           support. Display it proudly!
in the Memorial Register. Susan was invited as an
honorary for the dedication in 1997, but was not able to
go. She visited the Memorial in 1999 and was quite
impressed with its design and layout. While there, Susan
was able to access her story from the Memorial Register
database. She has a picture postcard of the Memorial                Think Pink, Live Green is a way of living that aims to help
taped to a cabinet in her office. Susan is very proud to            women reduce their risk of breast cancer or the disease
have served our country and to be a woman veteran, and              coming back in survivors. It's also a way for women living
to be a part of the Women in Military Service For America           with advanced disease to make the healthiest choices

                                             Speaker of the Month
                     Judge Renée McElhaney, 73 District Court, will lead a Political Forum in our upcoming October
                     TBWSA dinner meeting on October 16 . Serving Bexar County -- Judge Renée McElhaney presides
                     over the 73 District Court, handling family law matters, personal injury suits, commercial litigation, and
                     other civil matters. The 73 celebrated its 100-year anniversary in 2011. Judge Renée is the eleventh
                     judge to preside over the 73 , and is the first woman to hold this position.

Judge Renée relies upon a lifetime of experience as she presides over the 73 . She is a “Military Brat,” growing up all over
the world with her Air Force pilot father. She is very familiar with the challenges of military life, and its impact on military
families. This kind of background is especially helpful when serving as a family law judge in Bexar County, where so many
military families need help from the court system. Respect is the cornerstone of Judge Renée’s judicial service. She
respects the law—she is a legal scholar and researcher. She follows the law as written. Judge Renée respects the
litigation process. She requires the lawyers practicing before her to be prepared and efficient. It is very important to Judge
Renée to expeditiously try cases so that justice is done and so that the sacrifice of Bexar County citizens serving as jurors
is respected. And Judge Renée respects each person who appears before the 73 —husbands and wives working through
a divorce; parents needing court assistance to create productive parenting plans; businesses litigating commercial disputes;
and every party who looks to the court system for their opportunity to seek redress or defend themselves. Because of
Judge Renée’s dedication to service and deep respect for those in her community, she has been the recipient of many
awards. As a teacher, NEISD repeatedly honored her as the “Most Influential Teacher” of graduating seniors. In law
school, she was named the Phi Delta Phi Third Year Student of the Year and was named to the Harlan Society, a legal
honorary society. She received the Belva Lockwood Award from the Bexar County Women’s Bar Association as the
Woman Lawyer of the Year. Judge Renée has also been honored with the Voice and Vision Award from the San Antonio
Women’s’ Chamber of Commerce, the San Antonio Bar Association President’s Award, the San Antonio Legal Secretaries’
Association Boss of the Year Award, and the San Antonio Business Journal’s Women in Leadership Mentoring Award.
Embracing the Law -- While still raising young children, Judge Renée entered St. Mary’s University School of Law. It
wasn’t long before she discovered her love for the law. She earned the highest grade in many of her classes and was on
Dean’s List every semester of Law School. In her second year, one of her papers was selected for publication in the St.
Mary’s Law Journal. She ultimately served as Editor in Chief of the Journal. In 1993, Judge Renée graduated summa cum
laude, one of the top two students in her class. Judge Renée then went into private practice, handling a wide range of
litigation, first at Fulbright & Jaworski, and then at Cox Smith as head of the Appellate Practice Group. She was routinely in
trial, addressing the legal issues of a case, from motion practice, to arguing evidentiary rulings, to creating the jury charge.
She was perennially named a Super Lawyer, was awarded an AV rating—the highest possible—by the preeminent rating
service, has authored over three hundred legal articles, is Board Certified in Civil Appellate Law by the Texas Board of
Legal Specialization, and has served as one of the authors of the State Bar Pattern Jury Charges for the past six years.
 Judge Renée especially enjoys teaching law and is a frequent speaker at attorney continuing legal education courses.
She is also been an adjunct professor of law at St. Mary’s University School of Law, teaching trial and appellate procedure.
Protecting Children and Families -- Over 60% of the cases handled by the 73 District Court affect children, including
divorces, child support enforcement, child custody disputes, and abuse and neglect cases. Besides raising two children—
her daughter Jackie is a Captain in the Air Force Reserves and is in her PhD program and her son Brandon recently
received his Masters in English Literature—Judge Renée earned her Bachelor of Science in Education and taught in public
schools for nine years. Even after starting law school, Judge Renée stayed focused on helping children, volunteering as a
Girl Scout and Cub Scout leader, teaching civics to high school students, and developing and serving as a mentor in a teen
pregnancy prevention program. Since taking the Bench, Judge Renée has become even more involved in the social
service community to harness more resources to help parents work through family matters. She often attends the Family
Nights and graduations of Compadre y Compadre, a remarkable program that mentors fathers and helps them develop
their parenting skills. She routinely visits providers, like the Battered Women’s Shelter and the Center for Family Relations,
to ensure she fully understands the scope of services available.

                                         Breast Cancer Awareness

                            by Marianne Matthews , editor Imaging Economics

                            New research ranging from molecular imaging as a means to predict precise prognosis
                            to better radiotherapy practices arrives just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

                            Physicians tend to be pragmatic, scientific, highly rational beings. But even the most
                            levelheaded of them have encountered at least one of those inexplicable cases where despite
                            all evidence to the contrary, a fatally ill patient beats the odds. The kind of curious, mysterious,
                            absolutely unfathomable recovery that prompts physicians to turn to one another and ask,
                            what's up with that, doc?

What one terms a miracle, another calls an aberration. Where one credits the power of prayer, another chalks it up to dumb
luck. And even the staunchest scientist has had to concur that there is something to be said for the power of positive
thinking. Despite its "New Age" reputation, the healing power of positive thinking goes back to ancient times. Eastern yogis
to Greek philosophers have explored the mind-body connection. Whether it's meditation or creative visualization or simply
putting on a happy face, many experts (of yesterday and today) agree that positive thinking plays at least a partial role in
keeping us healthy and helping us rebound from illness.

With that in mind, now is the moment to encourage your female patients to "think pink." October is National Breast Cancer
Awareness Month and while it's an excellent time to remind women to go for their annual mammograms, it's also a perfect
opportunity to encourage a balanced lifestyle with less stress and a positive attitude. Inner harmony and a rosy outlook can
help us fight disease—and more than one in eight women will need all the arsenal she can get when she's faced with
battling breast cancer.

Beyond one's personal outlook, there is good reason to "think pink" about the larger breast cancer crusade. Researchers
are making significant breakthroughs in diagnosis and treatment every day, bringing new hope to countless women. For
example, adopting new practices for safer treatments is critical. JAMA (September 5, 2012) recently published research by
Silvia Formenti, MD, a radiation oncologist at NYU School of Medicine, regarding the advantages of positioning breast
cancer patients on their stomachs (prone) rather than on their backs (supine) during post-lumpectomy radiotherapy. Her
findings of trials conducted at NYU showed that using a prone position for treatment can enable a significant reduction in
the volume of lung and heart tissue exposed to radiation for women with breasts of all sizes.

"Prone positioning was optimal in sparing the lungs in virtually all right breast cancer cases, and for 85 percent of left breast
cancer cases," said Formenti, in a press release distributed by NYU Langone Medical Center.

Molecular imaging brought us recent research news as well. According to a study published in the September issue of The
Journal of Nuclear Medicine, disease-free survival for invasive ductal breast cancer (IDC) patients may be easier to predict
with the help of F-18-fludeoxyglucose PET/CT scans. New data show that high maximum standard uptake value (SUVmax)
of F-18-FDG in the lymph nodes prior to treatment could be an independent indicator of disease recurrence.

This finding is a critical step toward better treatment strategies. "One of the important roles of molecular imaging in cancer
research is to noninvasively predict precise prognosis. Our results showed significant improvement in the accuracy of risk
prediction for disease-free survival rates when nodal SUVmax was added to well-known established risk factors," said
Sang-Woo Lee, MD, PhD, one of the authors. "Our study suggests that F-18-FDG PET/CT could yield useful information
for risk stratification and treatment strategies in IDC patients with axillary lymph node involvement."

With a growing body of research, advanced imaging technologies, and the ongoing commitment of countless physicians
and medical professionals, the war on breast cancer continues. If white is the shade of surrender, pink is the color of power
and progress.

The story of breast cancer is the story of people — and           navigate this complicated system and obtain the right
for the month of October, we are honored to share                 resources.
stories of compassion, determination, triumph, despair            My research is particularly interested in understanding
and optimism through the eyes of breast cancer                    the influences of neighborhood and community violence
survivors, the people who love them, and the people               and unsafe housing on psychosocial functioning among
helping them every day.                                           African American women newly diagnosed with breast
These are the people we've come to know and love at               cancer, with an eye toward how these factors “get under
Komen — people we’ve been able to help through our                the skin” to affect gene expression and tumorigenesis.
research, community health programs, advocacy and                 Our findings have shown the impact social influences
global work — and the people who are trying to end this           can have on health, especially the health of vulnerable
disease in laboratories around the world, and in our own          populations.
neighborhoods.                                                    Although nationwide, white women are more likely to get
Join us here every day in October as we post a new                breast cancer, black women are about 37% more likely
story to celebrate the women and men who inspire us               to die of the disease – in St. Louis that number is closer
all. Day 14 --                  to 60%. My research allows me to translate trans-
SARAH GEHLERT, MD, ST.                                            disciplinary science into practical ideas that can be used
LOUIS, MISSOURI – E. Desmond                                      to formulate a solid plan of action to end health
Lee Professor of Racial and                                       disparities in this community and in the country as a
Ethnic Diversity at the Brown                                     whole. I admire organizations such as Susan G. Komen
School of Social Work,                                            for the Cure, because they turn these practical ideas into
Washington University                                             reality and instigate actual change.
                                                                  In 2011, my team at Siteman’s Program for the Elimi-
“Our mission is to identify and reach out to women who
                                                                  nation of Cancer Disparities (PECaD) and I set out to
never went to treatment, women who began treatment
                                                                  understand why low-income women in north St. Louis
but for some reason did not complete it, and women who
                                                                  aren’t getting the treatment they need–then do some-
finished treatment, to ensure they continue to receive
                                                                  thing about it. The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Vulner-
follow-up care and support.”
                                                                  able Community Project Grant made this all possible – it
“Although African American women are less likely than             allowed us to collaborate with four of PECaD’s partners,
white women to get breast cancer, they are 37% more               including a hospital, a federally qualified health center
likely to die from it.”                                           and two local organizations to use a community-based
“To reduce these disparities, we can’t just develop better        participatory research approach to improve breast
chemotherapy. We have to go into the community and                cancer services among women in the region.
make a measureable impact.”                                       Our mission is to identify and reach out to women who
When I began my career as a professor of racial and               never went to treatment, women who began treatment
ethnic diversity, I was stunned and embarrassed by the            but for some reason did not complete it, and women who
health disparity that existed for low-income women,               finished treatment, to ensure they continue to receive
particularly in the United States. I was convinced that the       follow-up care and support. To reduce these disparities
inequalities could not be completely attributed to the            that are so apparent in our nation, we can’t just develop
women’s resistance to receiving care – we needed to               better chemotherapy. We have to go into the community
take a look at our health care providers and ensure that          and make a measureable impact.
they themselves knew how to educate women to                      -- Susan G. Komen for the Cure

                         Fall Conference 2012 -- Women.Connected

                        Membership 101

                        For new members and anyone looking to learn more about TBW, Past TBW President Silvia
                        Pendleton will host an orientation at Q&A session at our upcoming Women. Connected.
                        Conference. Sharing our history, our resources, and the unique power of our connections, Silvia
                        knows exactly what we have to offer and how you can make the most of your membership.

                        Paycheck Fairness from Every Perspective
For decades, research has shown that women’s paychecks still lag those of their male
counterparts. As working women, we know the issue is a complex one. Instead of the usual
cheering or jeering, our Women. Connected. Conference will feature a panel of experts discussing
the recent Paycheck Fairness Act and the larger issue from every perspective.

Our panelists will include Tonya Beane Webber, Sharon Kollaja, and Nora Hadley.

                        Leadership Training At Its Best
                        Being an officer for a Local Organization is one of our most important roles to keep our
                        organization relevant in the community. Your monthly meetings strengthen our goal of being
                        connected to increase our skills and resources as women. At our Women. Connected.
                        Conference, Cheri Butler will lead us in a discussion of new ideas to infuse creativity, important
                        information, and fun into your meetings.

Cheri Butler, our Training and Development Chair, recently served as President for the National Career Development
Association for 2010 – 2011. As the Associate Director for The Career Center at UT Arlington, Cheri has a deep passion
for assisting students and women in the workplace.

Cheri’s background in training is a wonderful asset for TBW and we look forward to her contributions as we each reach for
ways to increase our effectiveness in the workplace and in business.

Cheri Butler holds her B.S. in Education from The Ohio State University and her M.A. in Career Development from John F.
Kennedy University. She has been a Career Counselor for over 20 years and is a Licensed Professional Counselor
Supervisor, a National Certified Career Counselor and a Master Career Counselor. She has been involved with the Career
Development Facilitator project since 1999 and has trained hundreds of GCDF’s all over the world. She is now a Master
Trainer and has trained several classes of CDF Instructors including five from South Korea.

Cheri has been a featured speaker at local, state, national and international conferences including presenting in the United
Arab Emirates and Beijing. She has worked in many different venues in career development including Vocational
Rehabilitation, Outplacement and private practice as well as higher education. She currently serves as Associate Director
of The Career Center at University of Texas at Arlington where she has been for over 9 years. Cheri’s mission is to “Help
People Find Joy and Success in Work and Life”.
Cheri has been a member of NCDA for over 17 years and has previously served as the Chair of the Credentials
Committee, Chair of the Professional Standards Committee and Secretary. She was selected as Outstanding Career
Professional 2008-2009 by the Texas Career Development Association and NCDA. Cheri lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth
area and is a proud wife of 38 years, mom, daughter and Mimi to her 9 year-old granddaughter, Kyndal.

Leadership is our Responsibility
Closing our Women. Connected. Conference, TBW President Kendra Kinnison will share the
stories of mentorship and friendship that changed the trajectory of her life and why we all have a
responsibility to lead the next generation.

                             Maria Holmes: Inspiration August 2012

When I accepted Diana’s invitation to give “the Inspirational” for tonight’s meeting, my first question to myself was ‘what
in Heaven’s name can I possibly say to inspire a group of ladies who inspire me?” And then I asked myself, “what is
about you ladies that inspires me?” Besides the obvious, of course, I came to the conclusion that when I am with you, I
am happy and I’m happy because you are happy.
When we come together as a group, I feel the togetherness and the resulting happiness. Romans 12:4-5 says

                “Just as there are many parts to our bodies, so it is with
                Christ’s body. We are all parts of it and it takes every one of
                us to make it complete for we each have different work to do.
                So we belong to each other and each needs all the others.”

This, in my way of thinking, makes for happiness. Author, Wilferd A. Peterson, who is famous for his “Art of Living”
quotes, has this to say about the Art of Happiness:

         Happiness does not depend upon what happens outside of you
        but on what happens inside of you. It is measured by the spirit in
                      which you meet the problems of life.

            Happiness is a state of mind. Lincoln once said: “We are as
                     happy as we make up our minds to be.”

          Happiness doesn’t come from doing what we like to do but from
                            liking what we have to do.

        Happiness comes from putting our hearts in our work and doing it
                          with joy and enthusiasm.

           Happiness grows out of harmonious relationships with others
          based on attitudes of goodwill, tolerance, understanding & love.

         The master secret of happiness is to meet the challenge of each
         new day with the serene faith that …”all things work together for
                          good to them that love God.”

           October 2012                       UA

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