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									Raising Your Credit Score - 4 Tips to Raise a Credit Score
A credit score is a big deal in the world of finance, loans and credit cards. It is even more of a big deal when you have bad credit. The good news is that you can be raising your credit score by using these top 4 tips. Always pay bills on time This is true even for bills that seem trivial. Businesses are now becoming more and more harsh over the amount of credit scores them slam for not paying bills on time. You need to make sure that they are lowering your score for this reason. It is the biggest reason why so many people are suffering with low credit scores. Check for errors This may seem as though it is a small problem, but it occurs a lot more than you may think. People are suffering with low scores that is causing them a lot of problems with applying for financial privileges when it is not even their own fault. You can avoid falling into the same trap by checking you score and getting rid of the errors. Avoid bankruptcy This is very important. This is the single most damaging thing that you can do to your credit score. It will affect all of your financial applications for around 10 years if you become bankrupt. This is why you should make every effort to stay out of it. Get onto someone else's credit You can apply for a credit card with someone else's account. Basically it adds you to their account. If they have perfect credit then it will improve your credit rating. In a few cases it might even repair your credit score completely. This is a good one to raise your credit score if you can do it. Pay close attention to this advice: Learn how to improve credit score fast with this guide. It teaches you exactly what you should do to get a high credit score and fast. In times of economic crisis such as now, organizations may be more brutal in decreasing your credit score. So you need to make sure that you are armed with this insider knowledge on how to improve your credit score. I tell you how I improved my credit score, what I used to do it and tell you how you can do it now. Find out exactly how to improve your credit score now.

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