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Module Title:   Library and Information Services             Level:    6      Credit Value:     20
                Leadership and Management

Module code:     COM621          Cost Centre:         GACP        JACS2 code*:           P110
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Semester(s) in which to be offered:         1/2    With effect          April 2012

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Originating Academic     Computing                     Module Leader:      Bindu Jose

Module duration (total        200          Status: core/option/elective     Core
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Scheduled learning &          40           appropriate):
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Independent study hours       160

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BSc (Hons) Library and
Information Management
Module Aims:

This module aim to provide students with underpinning knowledge and understanding of development
and communication of policies and strategies to manage information within organisations and
communities that ensure compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks.

To enable students to identify and analyse the issues in information and communication management
and synthesize findings to provide relevant solutions through appropriate application of theories,
frameworks and principles.

To evaluate and understand the organisational context of service provision, concepts, principles and
techniques of strategic management and their application within organisations.

Expected Learning Outcomes

At the end of this module, students should be able to:

    1. Demonstrate an in depth understanding of the challenges that face managers and leaders in
       library and information services
    2. Critically evaluate and apply the concepts, principles and techniques underpinning key
       aspects of planning, managing and leading services including financial management, human
       resource management, project management and change management
    3. Manage themselves professionally and effectively, lead and influence others effectively and
       demonstrate competence in management/managerial skills

Knowledge and Understanding:

Transferable/Key Skills and other attributes:

       Improving own learning and performance
       Problem solving
       Communication
       Thinking critically
       Research and investigative skills
       Oral communication skills
       Interpersonal skills
       Team working


   1. The module will be assessed through coursework, which would contain several elements, such
      as a group seminar presentation, individual report. These elements will be related and based
      around a subject of investigation.
   2. Portfolio of evidence including an evaluative statement, organisation charts, PPDP, learning
      log, personal tutor meetings and communication log that demonstrate how critical library and
      information service professional skills have been developed. The Portfolio will be compiled to
      meet a mix of learning outcomes across all 20 credit modules: Professional Practice and
      Research Methods, Information Resources & Organisation, Libraries of the Future, and Library
      and Information Services Leadership and Management, with each section being assessed
      individually. The portfolio will have a maximum word count of 4,000, 1,000 pro rata per
      module. The students will have the choice of using a paper based portfolio or an eportfolio.
Assessment         Learning           Type of assessment         Weighting    Duration          Word count or
                   Outcomes to be                                             (if exam)         equivalent if
                   met                                                                          appropriate
        1               1-3                 Course Work             80%                              4000
        2               1-3                   Portfolio             20%                              1000

Learning and Teaching Strategies:
A blended method of face to face teaching in blocks, online interactive instruction and self-directed

The module will be delivered with the support of specialist speakers from the library and information

Participation in this module will also be supported through online Web 2.0 technologies such as
Moodle to encourage and maintain group collaboration and provide diversity for various learning styles.

Syllabus outline:

           Developing a business plan
           Professional development plans
           Portfolio development
           Mission and vision statements
           Future proofing
           Risk management
           Marketing your library
           Training the trainer
           Bidding for funds
           The challenge of leadership
           The sustainability agenda: the challenge of the changing workforce and organizational


Indicative reading:

Abell, A. and Ward, S. (2010), Knowledge and information management: the DNA of success

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