CENTERPIECE CONSTRUCTION

             State Event – DOES NOT Advance to National Competition

                                                                                                       CENTERPIECE CONSTRUCTION
Centerpiece Construction, an individual event, will showcase the best of participants’ creative
and artistic skills in utilizing an assortment of food items to create an interesting centerpiece.
Each participant will be given the same items for creating the centerpiece.


ELIGIBILITY                                               4. Evaluators will spend 5 minutes
   1. Each chapter may submit one (1)                        discussing techniques with the
      entry in this event.                                   participants.

   2. Participation is open to any                        5. Total contest time per rotation is 65
      nationally affiliated FCCLA                            minutes.
      occupational member.

   3. Participants must be or have been               GENERAL INFORMATION
      enrolled in a culinary arts                       1. Table space will be provided.
      occupational training program
      (coursework for high school credit                  2. Entries will be scored by industry
      that concentrates in-class learning                    standards and participants must
      and/or on-the-job training in                          follow proper sanitation procedures.
      preparation for paid employment).
      Students enrolled in food and                       3. An assortment of fruits and/or
      nutrition courses in Family and                        vegetables will be provided to each
      Consumer Sciences comprehensive                        participant.
      programs are not eligible.
                                                          4. Water and ice will be provided for an
PROCEDURES AND TIME                                          ice bath.
  1. Participants will bring all necessary                5. By January, a list of the food items to
     tools and equipment for this event.                     be provided will be posted on the
                                                             state Web site under the “STAR
   2. Participants will have 5 minutes to                    Events” button.
      set up the work station, 45 minutes
      to produce the centerpiece, and 10                  6. Spectators are allowed to observe
      minutes to clean the work area.                        this event, as space allows.

   3. Evaluators will score participants as               7. Terms in italics are defined in the
      they work and will complete the                        glossary in the National STAR
      scoring within the 10-minute clean-                    Events Manual.
      up time period.

Safety and Appearance
Participants will be well groomed and wear appropriate, clean attire meeting restaurant and hotel
industry standards including: chef coat or jacket (school name and logos are permitted); industry
pants or commercial uniform; apron; hair covering or chef hat; closed-toe, low heel, nonskid
leather shoes (canvas shoes are not appropriate); no jewelry (watches are acceptable); minimal
make-up; no cologne or nail polish; facial hair is permitted if appropriate covering is used.
Participants will also demonstrate the ability to keep their work area organized and clean in a
safe and sanitary manner.
Clothing and Appearance         Wear appropriate clothing and head covering, and present a
                                well-groomed appearance.
Safety and Sanitation           Keep work area clean and organized, and demonstrate
                                appropriate safety and sanitation procedures according to
                                industry standards. Complete final cleanup after event within the
                                designated time period.

Centerpiece Construction
An assortment of fruits and/or vegetables will be provided. Participants should be creative and
have an eye for creating an interesting centerpiece. Participants must bring all tools and supplies
listed below to the event. Participants will demonstrate industry standards in use of equipment,
tools, and techniques. Participants will prepare centerpiece that meets industry standards
without having excessive waste.
Equipment, Tools, and            Use proper equipment, tools, products, vocabulary, and
Techniques                       techniques in the preparation of the centerpiece. Tools and
                                 supplies that can be used may include but are not limited to:
                                 skewers, tooth picks, U hooks, tape, gloves, knives, cutting
                                 board, knife and garnishing kits, cookie cutters, melon ballers,
                                 kitchen shears, or other hand tools. The following items are
                                 required: a 12” base for the display (mirror, plate, tray, platter,
                                 etc.), ruler or tape measure, bowl for ice bath, and sanitizer and
Mise en place/Time               Demonstrate careful planning for completing tasks efficiently. All
Management/Scraps and            scraps will be presented for evaluation of product waste.
Wasting of Supplies

Centerpiece Presentation
The final centerpiece shall be no higher than 16” (measured from the table) on a base of no
larger than 12” in diameter. The participant will present the centerpiece for evaluation of
creativity, stability, dimensions, and appearance at the end of the competition. There will be no
extra time allowed to complete preparation or presentation. All work must stop at the time limit.
Evaluation will be based on industry standards.
Degree of Difficulty               Centerpiece is well organized, exhibits a high level of skill, and
                                   effectively utilizes all food products.
Craftsmanship, Quality of          Centerpiece demonstrates high level of craftsmanship, with
Work                               appropriate proportion. Workmanship is clean and crisp.
                                   Centerpiece is sturdy or stable if moved or transported.
Artistic Achievement and           Centerpiece is artistic in nature, seems life-like and/or has a feel
Design Strength                    of reality, depth, contrast, beauty, and artistic appeal.
                                         STAR Events Point Summary Form
                                  CENTERPIECE CONSTRUCTION

                                                                                                                               CENTERPIECE CONSTRUCTION
1. Make sure all information at top is correct. If the participant does not show, please write “No Show” across the
   top and return with other forms.
2. Before student presentation, the room consultants must check participants’ materials using the criteria and
   standards listed below and fill in the boxes.
3. At the conclusion of scoring, verify evaluator scores and fill in information below. Calculate the final score and
   ask for evaluators’ verification. Place this form in front of the completed rubrics and paper clip all items related
   to the participant together. Please do NOT staple.
4. At the end of competition in the room, double check all scores, names, and team numbers to ensure accuracy.
   Turn in to the Lead Consultant.
5. Please check with the Lead Consultant if there are any questions regarding the evaluation process.

ROOM CONSULTANT CHECK                                                                                                Points
Check-in                                     0                                             5
 0 or 5 points             Did not attend participant check-in       Attended participant check-in
Construction Time                             0                                            2
Limit                      Participant did not complete              Participant completed centerpiece during the
  0 or 2 points            centerpiece within the allotted time      allotted time period
Dimensions - Height                          0                                              2
  0 or 2 points            Centerpiece is greater than 16” in        Centerpiece is 16” in height or below, as
                           height, as measured from the table        measured from the table
Dimensions - Base                            0                                             1
  0 or 1 point             Base is larger than 12” in diameter       Base no larger than 12” in diameter
                                                                                    ROOM CONSULTANT TOTAL
EVALUATORS’ SCORES                                                                         (10 points possible)
 Evaluator 1                  Initials
                                                                                 AVERAGE EVALUATOR SCORE
 Evaluator 2                  Initials                                                     (90 points possible)
 Evaluator 3                  Initials                                                             FINAL SCORE
                                                                                     (Average Evaluator Score plus
 Total Score                  divided by number of evaluators
                                                                                           Room Consultant Total)
                              = AVERAGE EVALUATOR SCORE

RATING ACHIEVED (circle one)             Gold: 89.50-100          Silver: 69.50-89.49        Bronze: 1-69.49

Evaluator 1 ________ Evaluator 2 ________ Evaluator 3 ________ Adult Room Consultant ________ Event Lead Consultant ________
                                       CENTERPIECE CONSTRUCTION

                                                                                                                                                              CENTERPIECE CONSTRUCTION
SAFETY AND APPEARANCE (Possible Points: 0 to 15)                                                                                                  Points
Clothing and                             0-4                                        5-8                                   9-10
Appearance –           Non-professional appearance, attire        Neat appearance, attire and              Professional appearance, attire
     0-10 points       and/or grooming                            grooming, but lacks professionalism      and grooming
Safety and                               0-4                                        5-8                                    9-10                     
Sanitation             Disregard of safety and sanitation         Shows minimal safety and                 Follows all safety and sanitation
     0-10 points       practices, creating unsafe situation       sanitation concerns during               practices
                       during preparation                         preparation
CENTERPIECE CONSTRUCTION (Possible Points: 0 to 30)                                                                                               Points
Equipment, Tools,                 0-3                           4-7                          8-11                          12-15
and Techniques         Selection and usage          Selection and usage of        Selection and usage of       Selects and uses all tools and
     0-15 points       of tools/equipment           tools/equipment               tools/equipment              equipment correctly
                       lacks understanding          demonstrates some             demonstrates most
                       and demonstration of industry techniques                   industry techniques
Mise en place,Time                        0-4                                        5-8                                   9-10                     
Management,            Did not manage time or utilize mise en      Managed time and mise en place to       Utilized time and mise en place to
Scraps and Waste       place to complete each task, excessive      complete most tasks on time, some       complete each task on time,
     0-10 points       waste                                       waste                                   minimum waste
CENTERPIECE PRESENTATION (Possible Points: 0 to 45)                                                                                               Points
Degree of Difficulty              0-3                         4-7                               8-11                         12-15
    0-15 points        Little or no judgment     Fair techniques, some               Good techniques,          High quality techniques,
                       can be made (poor)        evidence of skill/performance,      student is competent      superior skill/performance,
                                                 somewhat organized (fair)           in skill/performance,     well organized (excellent)
                                                                                     organized (good)
Craftsmanship/                  0-3                           4-7                               8-11                        12-15                   
Quality of Work        Lacks workmanship,        Ordinary quality of                 Competent                 Extremely high quality
     0-15 points       some unacceptable         workmanship, improvement            workmanship,              workmanship, accurate
                       proportions (poor)        needed in proportions (fair)        acceptable                proportions, sturdy or stable if
                                                                                     proportions (good)        moved (excellent)
Artistic                          0-3                          4-7                              8-11                        12-15
Achievement &          Little or no artistic     Some artistic achievement           Good artistic             Strong artistic achievement
Design Strength        achievement               demonstrated (fair)                 achievement               demonstrated - artistic in
      0-15 points      (poor)                                                        demonstrated (good)       nature; seems life-like and/or
                                                                                                               has a feel of reality, depth,
                                                                                                               contrast, beauty (excellent)

Verification of Score (please initial):                                                                                    TOTAL
Evaluator ________ Room Consultant ________ Lead Consultant _______
Evaluator’s comments on back.                                                                                                          (90 points possible)

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