MINUTES OF THE APRIL 2008 GENERAL MEETING

The general meeting of the Millvale Borough Development Corporation was held in the Millvale Borough
Building on April 08, 2008, at 5:30 p.m.

Approved meeting minutes can be viewed online, at:

    I. Call to Order
        By President Jim Porter at 5:41 pm.
    II. Roll Call
        Board Members Attending:
                    Vince Cinski
                    Eddie Figas
                    Tina Galioto
                    Jamie Hahn
                    Lin Mikelas
                    Janice Muto
                    Jim Porter
                    Virginia Pucci
        Absent with Regrets:
                    Don Gillespie
                    John Kelly
                    Elaine Trapani
        Staff Attending:
                    Susan Lofaro (MS Intern)
        Advisory Members Attending:
                    Jeffery Schafer
    Millvale Business Representatives:
            Maria Christina – NHCO
            Brian McGuire – Sperling Funeral Home
            Richard Schmitz – Architect
            Ken Vecenie – Vecenie’s distributing
            Wayne Hoover – Blooming Images
            Jean Albert - Xerox
    Also in attendance:
III. Approval of Minutes
    Motion Miklas made to Approve March 2008 MBDC Meeting Minutes as submitted.
    Second Pucci
    Vote to approve the minutes of the March 2008 MBDC Meeting recorded by Eddie Figas
            Votes in favor: Cinski, Figas, Galioto, Hahn, Miklas, Muto, Porter, Pucci
            None against
            2008 MBDC March Meeting Minutes approved as submitted.

IV. Committee Reports
        A. Main / Elm Street Focus Group:
              GAPP Planning Meeting 2 Recapped by Figas, Joy Abbott will be working toward an
              updates design over the next several weeks. Figas commented the designs were well
              received at the GAPP meeting last evening. Porter commented that he would look at
              the site with the Borough Engineer. Next meeting is scheduled for 05/12/08, 5:30 p.m.,
        B. Promotion:
              Figas asked again for all in attendance to forward reasons why you ‘LOVE MILLVALE’.
              Figas told those in attendance that the new web site is coming along nicely and asked
              for input.
        C. Design:
              Figas explained that façade money has not been released yet and should be released
              in the next month or so.
        D. Organization:
              Figas said recruitment for the Brew Festival has begun, Pucci asked the date of the
              event (August 9).
              Figas said the new Main Street Newsletter would be out by April 11.
       E. Economic Restructuring:
             Figas informed the Board that lottery calendar tickets are being sold for May. Porter
             asked those in attendance to sell or buy a few.
             Figas announced that the Millvale Streetscape would be receiving $106,000 from the
             county, the GAPP will receive $10,000 and Red Star Ironworks will receive $9,171.
             The monies are from grants that were expected to be announced in January. Figas
             also explained that more requests may be funded
             Muto explained that Michael Murphy from the Sampson Morris Group could not attend
             but that he did look at a number of buildings in town and was interested in attending the
             May meeting.
             Figas mentions that S&A Homes has responded with interest in the possibility of
             bringing new homes to Millvale. Porter explained how he took the S&A representative
             around to photograph possible sites.
       F.   Clean, Safe and Green:
             Figas announced that Clean Sweep would be April 19 and asked people to sign-up and
             spread the word. Figas also mentioned that people could donate moniterialy if so
             inclined. Figas also announced a planning meeting for April 11.
V. Main Street Managers Report
   Figas reviewed the Monthly Report. Miklas asked if Unique Pizza had left Millvale and Figas
   confirmed they had.
VI. Old Business
   The By-laws have not been reviewed by the Borough Solicitor.
   The ACLA Senior Bookmobile will be in Millvale on April 9.
   Figas explained that the Farm Stand is progressing well and that volunteers are needed.
VII. New Business
   Pucci recapped the streetscape project and said feed back on the light poles had been positive.
   Pucci said a few minor problems occurred with the signage for the poles but that the problem
   would be handled. Also, discussed were parking meters.
   Jean Albert from Xerox/Document Solutions North. Ms. Albert introduced herself and explained
   what the business to the audience.
VIII. Complaints / Compliments
IX. Announcements
Porter read the announcements:
           ARTEZ –April 16, 7 p.m.
           GAPP Planning Session #3: May 12, 5:30, MCC
           Bookmobile: April 9, 9:15 a.m. MCC
           Run to Read: April12
           Clean Sweep: April 19
           Elm Street Open House: April 23, 10-7, MCC
           NEXT MEETING: May 13, 2008 - 7:30 a.m. Borough Building
XI. Adjournment
   Motion by Muto: Adjourn Meeting
   Second by Cinski
              Votes in favor: Cinski, Figas, Galioto, Hahn, Miklas, Muto, Porter, Pucci
              None against
              President Porter adjourned meeting at 6:52 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted By:
Eddie Figas
Next Meeting – 05/13, 7:30 a.m.

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