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Laboratory by JW8UiOzM


									Petrophysics Laboratory

The Petrophysics Laboratory at Université Laval contains a range of equipment designed to aid the investigation
of the basic, electrical and electro-kinetic properties of rocks. Much of the equipment has been designed and
built in-house to ensure that its specifications meet those required in high quality research.

Capabilities include :

Porosity measurement by He porosimetry, Hg porosimetry and fluid imbibition.

Permeability measurement using a Coberly-Stevens type klinkenberg permeameter, and by liquid flow.

Complex electrical properties (conductivity, resistivity and permittivity) of rocks, glass bead packs and granular
materials using a Solartron 1260A impedance spectrometer.

DC streaming potential of rock and using a Jouniaux type electro-kinetic cell.

AC streaming potential of granular materials using a newly designed cell.

Magnetic susceptibility by portable probe.

Numerical modelling of linked partial differential equations in 3D on a dedicated work station running FEMlab.

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