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									          NIKE NOTES
                               TEXAS BUSINESS WOMEN OF SAN ANTONIO
                                                  TBW MISSION
                    To be the leading resource to empower women to succeed through
                             leadership, training, networking and advocacy.

Nike Notes, Volume 352, No 5                       Published Monthly                                                      November 2011

                 President’s Message                                      Welcome New Members

                    November! It can‟t be November already!               Please join me in giving a warm
                    Sometimes I feel like someone stole time /                      welcome to:
                    days from my life because time itself is
                    passing so quickly. I‟m not sure if you are
                    feeling that way, however, most people I talk
                    to say the same thing….”Where did the time
                                                                                           Jo Ivan
                    in October go?” My grandmother told me                                             and
                    years ago “Sweetie as you get older time
                    seems to pass more quickly.” Back then I
                    had no idea how „wise‟ my grandmother was                Ana Villarreal
 making that statement. Today, I feel if that statement is true…I
 must be aging years for every month that passes.                            who recently joined TBWSA.
 The quick passage of the months, events, even seasons should
 remind each of us to „STOP‟ and take a moment to be thankful for
 all that we have and are able to accomplish in this fast-paced
                                                                            Welcome Jo and Ana!
                                                                            Welcome Jo and Ana!
 world. The technology allows us to have instant updates on world
 events thru not only the radio (from my grandmother‟s era) but
 television and the internet. If you are like many of my friends and
                                                                                     Inside This Issue
 my children…you are getting the latest news and even watching         President‟s Message ......................................... 1
 some of your television on your computer! Access to instant
 information is essential for our planning whether it be weather or    Holiday Shopping in November ......................... 1
 determining a conflict with other events. Instant access to our       Speaker of the Month ........................................ 2
 family through the internet, mobile phone or the telephone has        Food4SA ........................................................... 3
 helped to bridge the distances and given us the opportunity to
 „visit‟ more often.                                                   Food4SA Events ............................................... 3
                                                Continued on Page 2    Twelve Most Wanted Foods .............................. 4
                                                                       San Antonio Food Bank Holiday Card ............... 5

                    Don’t Forget!
                                                                       Pictures: Constance Allen Heritage Guild ........ 6
                                                                       Reservation Committee Notes .......................... 7
                                                                       November, December & January Calendars ..... 8
   Holiday Shopping in November!                                       Birthdays ........................................................... 8
                                                                       Holiday White Elephant Gift Exchange.............. 8
   Join us on Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at 6:00 p.m.

            Assignments & Jobs                                                       Speaker of the Month

Barrier: As victorious as the 1948 Women‟s Armed Services             Please join me in welcoming Monica
Integration Act was for military women, provisions of the law         Borrego, Food & Fund Drive
provided the Services with the ammunition it needed to keep           Coordinator for the San Antonio
women in traditional fields and limit assignments for                 Food Bank.
decades. Using the widest possible interpretation of the law
and elaborate unwieldy management schemes, many                       The mission of the San Antonio
positions and locations were closed to women – security               Food Bank is to fight hunger in the
forces, embassy guards, chaplains, missiles, remote sites,            Southwest Texas through food distribution, programs,
combat support jobs, and many others.                                 education and advocacy.
Breaker: The demands of turning the All-Volunteer Force               Take the HUNGER 101 trip and see for yourself why so
from a “hollow force” into a viable military, along with a            many people in San Antonio and Southwest Texas are
shrinking youth population, pressed the reluctant Services            struggling to make ends meet, how it feels to have very few
into recruiting more women. As numbers increased, women
                                                                      choices and what you can do to help end hunger in our
inevitably moved into non-traditional jobs and closer to the
military‟s core operations.
“when it comes to women in the military, the all-purpose word          An estimated 49 million Americans are food insecure. Of those 49
                                                                        million, almost 17 million are children and 5 million are seniors. Last
is combat – it means whatever the services choose it to                 year, over 37 million people used a Food Bank for emergency food
mean,…The one sure-fire justification for barring women                 assistance. USDA Economic Research Service, Feeding America
from any job, unit, ship, aircraft, or mission was to designate
it “combat” or “combat related” no matter how tenuous the              The average rate of poverty for the SAFB‟s sixteen- county area is
connection.” Maj. Gen. Jeanne M. Holm, USAF                             20.5%. U.S. Census—2009 Small Area Income & Poverty Estimates
(Ret.),“Women in the Military: An Unfinished Revolution”
Contributed by: Susan Youngblood                                       In Bexar County, one out of five individuals is potentially eligible to
                Director-At-Large                                       receive Food Stamp assistance, yet only about half actually participate
                                                                        in the program. U.S. Census—2008 Small Area Income & Poverty
                Texas Business Women of San Antonio                     Estimates, Texas Health & Human Services Commission

                                                                       Texas is the second most food insecure state in the nation. Defined,
       President‟s Message continued                                    food insecurity is when you are so limited in resources to buy food that
                                                                        you are running out of food, reducing the quality of food that your family
                                                                        eats, feeding your children unbalanced diets, or skipping meals so your
                                                                        children can eat. 17.1 % of Texas‟ population is food insecure. U.S.
Being thankful for the increased and easy access we                     Census—2009 Small Area Income & Poverty Estimates
have to information and our families is what we should
stop and acknowledge during the month of November.                     5.7% of Texas‟ population experience hunger on a regular basis – more
I‟m thankful for each and every TBW of SA sister because                than one million people. USDA / Economic Research Service
I know that I can contact you in several ways if I or any
other member needed assistance. I‟m thankful also to                   The rate of children living in poverty in Texas is 24.3%; the national rate
                                                                        is 20.0%. In Bexar County, that rate is 25.1% - that means that one in
see each of you during the meetings so that we can share                four children most likely struggle with food insecurity. USDA/Economic
the accomplishments we have made recently in our                        Research Service, U.S. Census—2009 Small Area Income &
personal lives. I‟m thankful to the TBW of SA members                   Poverty Estimates
who attended the recent Salute To Quality in Education
Luncheon, those who donated items for the auction or for               In Southwest Texas, 14% of client households receiving emergency
                                                                        food assistance are seniors, higher than the state average of 9%. The
door prizes and also to those members who made                          Texas Food Bank Network, Hunger in America 2010: San Antonio
contributions to the Guild.                                             and Southwest Texas

My message to you this month is…keep doing all the
amazingly wonderful things you are doing for your family,
                                                                       Almost half of clients‟ households seeking emergency food assistance
                                                                        are forced to make choices between food and other basic necessities.
friends, the community and TBW, however, I hope that                    48% report having to choose between paying for utilities or heating fuel
you take some time this month to recognize the many                     and food; 47% had to choose between paying for rent or a mortgage
blessings you have to be thankful for each day. I look                  and food; 39% report having to choose between paying for gas for a
                                                 th                     car or food. Hunger in America 2010: San Antonio and Southwest
forward to seeing you on Tuesday, November 15 at the                    Texas
monthly dinner meeting.
                                                                       Each week, approximately 58,000 people receive emergency food
                  Doris Slay-Barber                                     assistance from an agency in the San Antonio Food Bank network.
                                                                        Hunger in America 2010: San Antonio and Southwest Texas
                President 2011-2012
        Texas Business Women of San Antonio
             Orientation  Networking                                          Sandra L. Stahl
        Community Involvement  Training                                      1 VP, Project Management 2011-2012
                Community Outreach                                              Texas Business Women of San Antonio

                        Food 4SA                                                      Food 4SA Events

This November, join the San Antonio Food Bank in their                                    Ultimate Thanksgiving Wine
9 Annual Food 4 SA campaign to collect one million
pounds of food and help make this a happy Thanksgiving                                    SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12
to thousands of families in need.                                                         2:30 – 4:30 P.M.
                                                                                          MAX‟S WINE DIVE
There are many ways to help the Food Bank in their drive.
Whether it is to Host a Food and Fund Drive, a Virtual              Enjoy a “bracket-style” tasting of 16 wines alongside a
Food Drive, Make a Monetary Donation or Dropping Off                creative spin on a traditional Thanksgiving spread. For
Food at your nearest San Antonio Food Bank location, we             every 12 bottles of wine sold, Max‟s will donate a turkey to
can make a difference.                                              the SAFB.
For the month of November, TBWSA is sponsoring a
                                                                                          Tornado Alley Screening
Food Drive. Please refer to the Tw elve Mos t Wan ted
                                                                                          THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17
Food Items list on the next page.
                                                                                          7 P.M.
                                                                                          ALAMO IMAX
What is a Virtual Food Drive?
                                                                    Guests are invited to the screening of Tornado Alley.
                                Fill your shopping                  Tickets can be purchased for $20 each at www.imax-
                                                           Proceeds will benefit SAFB, SAMM Ministries,
                                cart with virtual                   Haven for Hope and the YMCA.
                                food items.
It is a convenient, hassle-free way to help with a click of a                             Ashley Furniture Fund Drive
mouse. Food drives are a wonderful way to get needed                                      FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18
food to the hungry men, women and children of
Southwest Texas. But not every workplace has the
necessary storage, equipment or on-site employees to                Donate $15 and get 15% off your purchase at San
make it work.                                                       Antonio Ashley Furniture Stores. One day only.
With easy-to-use technology, the SAFB can help your
workplace organize a Virtual Food Drive with fun, point-                                  KXTN Feed the Community
and-click simplicity similar to online shopping.                                          Food Drive
Transactions can be completed within minutes. Donors
                                                                                          NOVEMBER 16-18
may use any major credit card for payment on a secure
                                                                                          CONN‟S, 2514 SW MILITARY DR.
site and receive an e-receipt immediately. To encourage
participation, you can even arrange a friendly Virtual Food         The charismatic Jonny Ramirez of Tejano 107.5 FM
Drive competition with another department, office location          Radio will host his annual food drive where he will stay
or rival company.                                                   day and night until he raises 107,000 pounds of food. You
                                                                    can help to reduce the amount of nights he stays in the
SAFB staff can help you set-up your Virtual Food Drive,
                                                                    parking lot by bringing in your food or monetary donation.
which employees access by clicking on a link in a
company distributed e-mail. Each Virtual Food Drive can
be customized with your company's logo. The program                                       Holiday Turkey Round Up
administrator can track the progress of the Virtual Food                                  SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 19
Drive in real-time and send out updates.                                                  7 A.M. - 7 P.M.
Through a Virtual Food Drive you will be able to make                                     2 SSFCU LOCATIONS: IH-10 & DEZAVALA
monetary donations to the SAFB. This gets more meals to                                   AND 1604/281
the hungry faster and with less expense. The SAFB can               Security Service Federal Credit Union (SSFCU) is
turn a $1 donation into seven meals!                                teaming up with the San Antonio Food Bank to give the
                                                                    community an opportunity to donate frozen turkeys and
                                                                    help provide a happy Thanksgiving to families in need.
       MAKE A                                                       Donations can be made at either of the SSFCU locations
      DONATION                                                                          Sandra L. Stahl
                                                                                 1st VP, Project Management 2011-2012
                                                                                Texas Business Women of San Antonio


 BEANS      RICE      MAC &

           STEWS     SOUPS


                             San Antonio Food Bank Holiday Card

                        Turn Hungry Holidays into Happy Holidays!
Celebrate this holiday season by sending a heartfelt and personalized gift that helps fight hunger throughout
Southwest Texas. Make a gift to the San Antonio Food Bank “In Honor” or “In Memory” of someone special
and we will send a holiday card informing them of your gift.

SA Food Bank‟s new holiday card makes the perfect holiday greeting for family, friends and colleagues. Your
name will be noted on the inside of the card and you have the option to add a personal message. All cards
will be hand-addressed. You can also order card sets to mail yourself.

SA Food Bank suggests a minimum donation of $5 per card. Cards can be ordered in any quantity.
Deadline to order is Tuesday, December 20, 2011.

Thank you for feeding hope to families this holiday season!

                                               Hope Card

                                                 Joy Card

 In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out.
 It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another
 human being. We should all be thankful for those people
               who rekindle the inner spirit.

                                     ~ Albert Schweitzer

Pictures from Constance Allen Heritage Guild

                              Reservation Committee Notes
                              We want to take this opportunity to remind existing members and educate new
                              members on the monthly process to secure a reservation for our monthly dinner
                              meetings. We have had some confusion and here we will clarify.

We have three members in the Reservations Committee:

                 Member                                  Call Last Names Starting        Phone
                 Rosie Casillas                                  A-F & New               210-381-0406

                 Marguerite Dannemiller                              G-O                 210-494-5434

                 Migdalia Aponte                                     P-Z                 210-497-5559

Each member of the committee is responsible for communicating with members on a monthly basis. Approximately
a week prior to the meeting, the member assigned to you will contact you (phone/email) to secure your reservation
for the meeting that month.

We have “Standing Reservations”. Those who select to have a Standing Reservation will not be called. They will
be automatically RSVP every month. If for any reason you cannot attend the meeting that month, you will need to
cancel your reservation by 11:30 am on the Friday prior to the meeting. Standing Reservations are called in to the
hotel by noon that day. If you cancel after the cut off time, you will still be responsible for paying for the meal. You
may choose to send a substitute provided that the Reservations Chair or your reservations contact is notified in

Add-ons only can be accepted until 11:30 am on the day of the meeting.

Please be advised that reservations are only considered cancelled if they are received by 11:30 on the
Friday before the meeting. You can only cancel by informing any of us, or all in the Reservation
Committee. Just leaving an email/voice message a few minutes before the deadline may not assure the

‘No-Shows’ will be billed by our Treasurer.

Any member or guest reserving after 11:30 am on the day of the meeting, will be subject to an up charge of $3.00
as per hotel policy.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to talk to any of us at the meeting.

Migdalia Aponte
Reservation Committee Chair

                                "Live with intention. Walk to the edge.
                                 Practice wellness. Continue to learn.
                                     Live as if this is all there is."
                                        ~ Mary Anne Radmacher

         November 2011                            ACTIVITIES                                          TBW of San Antonio
                                                   1 November    Board Mtng, 2147 Hildebrand            Monthly Dinner Meeting
S       M Tu W Th F      S                         6 November    Daylight Savings Time ends            Date: November 15, 2011
            1   2    3 4   5                      11 November    Veteran’s Day                       Location: DoubleTree Hotel
                                                                                                  McCullough Avenue and Loop 410 NE
    6      7    8      9     10    11     12      15 November    Dinner Mtng, Double Tree
                                                                                                            Room: El Vitral
                                                  24 November    Thanksgiving Day                      Program: SA Food Bank
13       14    15     16     17    18     19
                                                           SUPPORT YOUR                                  Networking: 6:00pm
20       21    22     23     24    25     26           SAN ANTONIO FOOD BANK                                Dinner: 6:30pm
                                                                                                           Program: 7:00pm
27       28    29     30                          BIRTHDAYS
                                                   9 November Rachel Gonzales                                   Menu:
                                                  25 November Mary Grace Rodriguez               Winter Greens with Shredded Carrots,
* Holiday |                           Sandra Stahl                           Black Olives, Apples, Walnuts
                                                                                                        and Balsamic Vinaigrette
                                                        HAPPY THANKSGIVING!                          Roast Turkey with Giblet Gravy
                                                                                                          Cornbread Dressing
                                                                                                           Mashed Potatoes
         December 2011                                                                                       Green Beans
                                                   4 December Santa’s list day – hope            Fresh Bread with Sweet Cream Butter
S       M Tu W Th F      S                                    you’re on the “Nice” list!                  Coffee and Iced Tea
                     1 2   3                       6 December Board Mtng, 2147 Hildebrand                Pumpkin Cheesecake
                                                  20 December Dinner Mtng, Double Tree                      Reservations:
    4      5    6      7      8      9    10                                                      A-F & New, Standing Reservations:
                                                  24 December National Egg Nog Day
11       12    13     14     15    16     17                                                           Rosie Casillas, 381-0406
                                                  25 December Christmas Day                     G-O: Marguerite Dannemiller, 494-5434
18       19    20     21     22    23     24       Join TBWSA for a Holiday Dinner                  P-Z: Migdalia Aponte, 497-5559
                                                   and White Elephant Gift Exchange
25       26    27     28     29    30     31                                                            Cost for dinner: $15.00
                                                      (gifts valued at $15 or less)
                                                  BIRTHDAYS                                       RESERVATION POLICY REMINDER
* Holiday |               12 December Marguerite Dannemiller              Migdalia Aponte, Reservations Chair
                                                             HAPPY HOLIDAYS!                    Dinner reservations and cancellations may
                                                                                                   be confirmed up until 11:30 am on the
                                                                                                 Friday before the monthly dinner meeting.
                                                  ACTIVITIES                                     Add-ons may be taken up to 11:30 am on
       January 2012                                                                             the day of the dinner meeting (3rd Tuesday
                                                   1 January  Happy New Year
S   M Tu W Th F        S                                                                          of each month). Anyone walking in after
                                                   3 January  Board Mtng, 2147 Hildebrand
  1  2    3   4    5 6   7                                                                        all deadlines will be charged a $3.00 up-
                                                  17 November Dinner Mtng, Double Tree           charge, making your cost $18.00; this is a
    8      9   10     11     12    13     14                                                           hotel policy, not a TBWSA policy.
                                                  BIRTHDAYS                                             Late cancellations and
15       16    17     18     19    20     21       3 January      Cynthia Poe                          “no shows” will be billed.
22       23    24     25     26    27     28       6 January      Graciela Carrillo
                                                  14 January      Maria Holmes-Garcia                   Editor: Sandra L. Stahl
29       30    31                                                                                           2612 Tree Crown
                                                  21 January      Barbara Niemann
                                                                                                           Schertz, TX 78154
* Holiday |                     HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!              

        Cheryl E. Davis, D.M.D.
                    Family Dentistry                                                           Reminder
    210 Chestnut Street          San Antonio, Texas 78202
                                                                               Support our SA Food Bank Drive at
    (210) 212-8707  Fax: 212-8780                                                our November 15th meeting
        Saturday and evening appointments available
                   M-F: 8:00 – 5:00 p.m.
                                                                               Join TBWSA at our December 20th
                                                                                  meeting for a Holiday Gift
                                                                                  Exchange – White Elephant gifts
           Ellis Alley Enclave at Historic St. Paul Square     3/2012
                                                                                  valued at $15.00 or less.


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