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					Marketing 100
Chapter 9: McDonalds Case Study

  1) McDonalds have recently introduced the deli choice menu as well as the lighter
     choice menu to their current menu. The deli choice menu includes healthy rolls whilst
     the lighter choice menu contains salads etc.

  2) There are a number of steps McDonalds takes in new product development. Firstly the
     aim is to identify what the business opportunity is and then complete a business
     analysis around that. The next step is ‘concept screening’. This step is concerned with
     what the customer looks for, what should the product look and feel like and how it
     would fit within the environment of McDonalds.
     Next is the actual product development which is done by the chefs and then reviewed
     by the menu management team.
     Once approved, the consumer testing begins which includes taste testing etc.
     Usually any modifications to the product are made in this step. Finally a stakeholder
     meeting is held to finalise the product and make sure it is ready to go before actually
     implementing the new product throughout the 700 stores.
     Some projects take 3 months while others may take 3 years.

  3) I think a few products on the ‘M selections’ menu are in the decline phase. They are
     the most expensive options and also there is too much products which are too similar
     to each other. The main products which I think are in the decline phase are all the
     crispy and seared chicken options.

  4) More advertising could be set for these products as McDonalds advertising usually
     focuses on new deals or the McValue menu. Also McDonalds could review profits
     from the chicken range on the ‘M selections’ menu and just keep the most popular
     options active. As of current they have 6 options for the chicken range which are all
     very similar in look and taste.

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