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					Presented by: Nancy Martinsen

                        Presented by: Marc Strong
                        Phone : 510-885-4846
                        Email: Marc.Strong@csueastbay.edu
     Fall 2012 Admission Cycle
         2012           2012     Applicant    2012 Projected
         Applications   Admits   to Admit %   Enrollment

Freshman 13,059         8,831    68%          1,550-1,600

     • Average GPA: 3.1
     • Average ACT Composite Test Score:
       19/ SAT Approx 1,000
     • Applicant Declared Most Popular
       Majors: Pre-Business Administration,
       Pre-Nursing, Psychology, Biological
       Science, Criminal Justice and
• Admission Area:
    – All of California
• FTF only accepted for Fall Quarter and must meet
  minimum requirements:
    – Be a HS graduate, Complete GED or California High
      School Proficiency Exam
    – Qualifiable Eligibility Index
    – Meet “a-g” Requirements
• Student must meet all document deadlines and
  admission eligibility requirements by time of
• Rescinded students will be offered an opportunity to
  appeal with instructions via email to
Music Department:
-Students must audition on their instrument
   for admission to music
-CSU East Bay is a member of NCAA
   Division II
-9 Women’s Sports, 6 Men’s Sports
-Interested students should contact coaches
• Information on ESP provided to all
  admitted CSUEB students
• Notices of required participation in
  Early Start classes sent to SIR’d
  students in late May
    – This will include information on how and
      when to register for classes
• Contact the Early Start office with
   – earlystart@csueastbay.edu
   – 510-885-3910
Summer 2012 Early Start Program at CSUEB:
• Math offered as hybrid classes (all online except for on-campus final in Hayward or
• English offered on-site both in Hayward and Concord
• Some are only for CSUEB “destination” students
• Sample of course offerings:
  Subject   Course Title     Dates             Days    Times         Units
  English   ESE 750 Early    Jul 16 - Aug 3    M, W    12:30 PM -    1.5 Quarter
            Start English                              02:50 PM
  English   ESE 750 Early    Aug 20 – Sept 7   T, TH   9:30 AM -     1.5 Quarter
            Start English                              11:50 AM
  Math      ESM 750 Early    Jul 9 – Jul 20    N/A     N/A           1.5 Quarter
            Start Math
  Math      ESM 750 Early    Jul 23 - Aug 3    N/A     N/A           1.5 Quarter
            Start Math
• Special Transfer pathway for
  Community College students with
  an Associate Degree for Transfer
• Student with AA-T/AS-T degree in
  similar major can complete their
  degree within 90 quarter units
• Verification of completed or in-
  progress AA-T or AS-T degree
  must be provided to participate
• 17 similar majors at CSUEB

                                     • Two dynamic campuses: Hayward Hills and
                                       Concord Campus, both in the heart of the East
                                       Bay Area
                                     • Freshman Learning Communities
                                     • Residence Halls with Dining Commons
                                     • Recreation & Wellness Center
                                     • Financial Aid Scholarship Opportunities
                                     • Athletics- Division II
                                     • Multiple Student Support Services
                                         –   Academic Advising and Career Education (AACE)
                                         –   Equal Opportunity Program (EOP)
Important Websites:
                                         –   Renaissance Scholars
• Application & Doc Deadlines:
   www.csueastbay.edu/deadlines          –   Student Center for Academic Achievement (SCAA)
                                         –   Accessibility Services
• Meet our Enrollment Development
   Staff: www.csueastbay.edu/visit   • One Stop Shop Advising Services
                                     • Student Life and Leadership
Visit us at the Welcome Center!
• Individual Tours: Monday- Friday, 11am and 2pm
• Group Tours: Available by appointment
• Hayward campus, call the Welcome Center:
    510.885.2556, or visit us online:
• Concord Campus tours call 925.602.6700 or go online:
Come to an Event:
• Preview Day for Prospective Students & Families:
    October 20, 2012
• CSUEB Counselor Appreciation Breakfast:
      – NorCal hosted on campus December 6
      – SoCal hosted in LA on January 18
• Concord Campus Events:
      – Counselor Conference- November 14

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