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					Whats Alpha? Whats Beta?

Liberal thinkers among you will, just as I did, cringe when first learning these concepts: There
is the strong, attractive, superior alpha male who has clear goals, is successful in everything
he attempts, says what he thinks, literally does what he wants, especially around girls. Then
there are those weak, socially and otherwise awkward, clumsy, unattractive beta males. They
are the bulk. The nice guys, friend zone fillers, inferior to the alpha. And yes, I did not say
"alphaS" because there aren't likely to be many around - but we'll get to that.

These may seem like brutal concepts. They are. But society works like that. We have frames
called ethics and morals to prevent us from constantly slaughtering one another (not to very
great avail, one might add), but think for a moment.
The battlefield is there, it is just subtle, hidden. Nobody is ever really hurt, but there are
clearly fights going on in every relationship between men, every cometogether, every job,
spare time activity. Every man will have in his mind a rank he concedes to himself.

Don't you know a guy like that? An alpha? They are recognizable by clear attributes.

Usually, the alpha supports a large social network (and NO, not social media, that doesnt
count), has many friends, contacts and acquaintances. That doesn't come from nothing though,
as the typical alpha is just the social type. That doesn't mean he is helpful or nice to others,
even though he can be, but he is fun to be around. An alpha can entertain a whole table full of
friends, strangers, colleagues, whatever. He is appreciated for his strong opinions, may they
be "politically correct" or not, is invited to events by friends, has a plethora of leisure time
activities with interesting people to choose from. He is interested in people, is an expert of
speech and body language. Often such a man has access to exclusive groups, maybe through
his job. He has a flair that says: Sex.

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Description: A statement about the much quoted Alpha male in modern society. Describes the typical Alpha, his lifestyle and ways to become one.