Tools of the Alpha II

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					Tools of the Alpha II

It's about time I introduced something beyond C&F. As I mentioned, C&F is the most
important, versatile and common tool for establishing attraction and demonstrating
dominance. You can get along well enough with just C&F. However there are some concepts
almost equally important. This is about the frame.

Whenever you meet with a girl, your relationship can be viewed as something that starts off
fresh right then and there. In this post I wrote about how attraction is fragile and has to be
built anew every time you meet your woman.
That means your relationship developes in episodes. It is very important to maintain dominant
behaviour through maintaining a frame throughout each of these episodes, especially if you
meet a girl for the first time. A frame is like a mindset, an attitude, a way you present yourself
or a distinct flavor of your personality. Your frame is the prevalent image of you present in
her mind.

You take your girl out to a walk, and don't bring a jacket even though it's breezy outside. It's
brought up, and you tell her you don't get cold that easily. She repeatedly expresses concern
for your wellbeing as it gets windy and cool. Your frame however is I don't get cold, so you
laugh it off, even though you may already feel uncomfortably cold.

Another example. You are in a group of people and have built up reasonable attraction with
one of the females. She studies politics, and for the whole evening you could throw C&F at
her involving you not giving a damn at the political situation in some specific foreign country.
That became your frame. Someone in the group later tries to start a conversation about exactly
that country. Your girl starts to avidly take part in the conversation. This is an obvious
example of a shit test - a test aimed to attack your dominance, in this case aimed at your
frame. I will tell you a lot about shit tests later. The right choice here is to ignore it, turn away
from the conversation, deprive it from your valuable contribution. Talk about something else,
if necessary to someone else.

Keeping your frame is a very strong statement. Women are helplessly attracted to men whom
they can't easily change, i.e. men who have shit-test-proof frames. Males with a bullet-proof
frame show that they are consistent, which is an attribute of a strong personality and high self-

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Description: Continuation of 'Tools of the Alpha', a summary of the most important techniques and tricks of a pickup artist. Also about the philosophy of the Alpha lifestyle.