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									                     Staffordshire Schools’ Swimming Service
                   Swimming Pool Normal Operating Procedures

Name of Pool                Rugeley Leisure Centre
Address of Pool             Burnthill Lane, Rugeley, Staffs, WS13 6QW
Telephone Number            01889 586260

Structure of the Pool

      25m x 13m deck level pool
      Access from the changing village is at the shallow end
      Two emergency exits, deep end, and shallow end (into reception)
      The depth at the shallow water is 0.9 m gradually sloping to 2m and back up to
       1.8m at the deep end

Potential Risk Areas

      Diving is only allowed when supervised by a Swimming Teacher(s) in water
       deeper than 1.5 m.
      Glare from the windows may create poor visibility or blind spots in some areas of
       the pool.

Visiting Primary Schools

In order to maximise safety, one lifeguard will be present on poolside for visiting
Primary School swimming lessons.

With authorisation from the Duty Officer, the Swimming Teacher(s) may request a
change in the positioning of the Lifeguard on poolside.

Hagley Park Sports College and Fair Oak Business and Enterprise College

Due to the number of pupils being taught, no Lifeguard will be present on poolside
during swimming lessons.


Staffordshire Schools’ Swimming Service, Hagley Park Sports College, Fair Oak
Business and Enterprise College must provide their own equipment for all swimming
lessons. Rugeley Leisure Centre equipment is not to be used. All equipment must be
stored in a safe and tidy manner at the end of the lessons.


      All outdoor footwear must be removed prior to entering the changing
      Pupil’s belongings must be locked in the group changing rooms during lessons.
      Pupils are requested to shower before entering the poolside.
      Prior to leaving the Centre, School Personnel must check the changing village
       for lost property and litter and remove if necessary.
      Any defects in the pool hall or changing village should be reported to reception
       at the earliest opportunity.

                                                                                August 2009
School Personnel

Are asked to bring to each swimming lesson:

      A register, including the pupils' important medical details
      Suitable footwear for poolside duties
      A whistle
      Glasses (if appropriate)
      Writing equipment

For safety reasons, it has become necessary to ask all accompanying School
Personnel to keep their class in the changing rooms until the Swimming Teacher invites
them onto the poolside.

Visiting School Personnel are asked to familiarise themselves with the Normal
Operating Procedures and Emergency Action Plan of the Centre.

First Aid

The First Aid kit is located in the First Aid room which is clearly marked at the deep end
of the pool. There is a telephone in First Aid room and at Reception. Reception must
be notified of all incidents, via phone or through the shallow end fire exit. The pool
alarm is for serious incident and pool rescues.

Contact Numbers

Reception            2683 / 2683
Manager              2688
Duty Managers        2690 / 2697 / 2700


All Swimming Teachers appointed to undertake the Staffordshire Schools’ Swimming
programme and Teachers from Hagley Park Sports College and Fair Oak Business and
Enterprise College have at least a current RLSS NATIONAL Rescue Award for
Swimming Teachers and Coaches (NRASTC). This is the minimum national

All Pupils and visiting School Personnel attending swimming lessons under our scheme
will be taught the Emergency Procedure (see Emergency Action Plan document)
unique to the pool. There will be at least one practice during each term.

                                                                               August 2009
                      Staffordshire Schools’ Swimming Service
                       Swimming Pool Emergency Action Plan

Name of Pool                Rugeley Leisure Centre
Address of Pool             Burnthill Lane, Rugeley, Staffs, WS13 6QW
Telephone Number            01889 586260

One lifeguard will be on poolside for all Staffordshire Schools’ Swimming Service

With permission of the Duty Officer the position of the lifeguard may vary in order to
maximise the safety of all Pupils and visiting School Personnel.

Aquatic Emergency

In the event of an aquatic emergency the pool alarm is to be raised by activating one of
the push buttons on pool side. These are located: deep end by the store room and
shallow end by the fire exit and fire exit by the windows. The nearest Swimming
teacher/Lifeguard will initially carry out the rescue.

On hearing the pool alarm the Lifeguard team will immediately make their way to
poolside and assist with the rescue.

On hearing the pool alarm all pupils will immediately leave the pool, sit down away
from the pool edge where School Personnel will head count and await further
instructions. If it is a serious emergency, pupils will be evacuated to the changing

All First Aid treatment will be administered by the Lifeguard team. All casualties
requiring CPR or First Aid for a serious injury i.e. severe bleeding etc. will be carried out
by the Lifeguard and Duty Manager team. Swimming Teachers and Class Personnel
will supervise the pupils as necessary.

Emergency Evacuation from the Pool of a Pupil with a Disability.

Where there is no immediate risk to the pupil they will swim to the hoist with their helper
where they will sit in the chair. A lifeguard will operate the hoist to evacuate to poolside
where the helper in the water and helper on poolside will lift the pupil into his/her
wheelchair, then they will join the other pupils.

In a situation where an immediate evacuation of the pool is required without the use of
the hoist e.g. the disabled pupil has swallowed water and there is a need to evacuate
as quickly as possible, then, whoever is nearest to the pupil will deal with the incident.
This may mean assistance from the Lifeguard and/or Swimming Teacher(s) is required
to evacuate the pupil to the poolside where the land based helper will be waiting with
the wheelchair if required.

The lifeguard team will operate the pool hoist when necessary.

Emergency Action Plan for a NON Water Emergency

All emergencies in the changing rooms will be dealt with by School Personnel. The
Leisure Centre Reception should be informed if it is a serious emergency and the
Lifeguard team will respond to all emergencies at the Centre.

                                                                                 August 2009
Emergency Action Plan for the Fire Alarm


On hearing the fire alarm clear the pool of all pupils. Line pupils up at the deep end
fire exit and be prepared to evacuate. Silver space blankets are available from the First
Aid room and will be issued by the Lifeguard team. A member of School Personnel will
head count and on instruction from the Lifeguard team, everyone evacuates the pool to
the assembly point.

Changing rooms

On hearing the fire alarm, the School Personnel head counts and everyone is
evacuated from the building by the Lifeguard team to the assembly point.

Assembly Point

The normal assembly point is next to the Astro turf, adjacent to the main entrance

                                                                              August 2009
                      Staffordshire Schools’ Swimming Service

Rugeley Leisure Centre, Burnthill Lane, Rugeley, Staffs, WS13 6QW, 01889 86260

                               Child Protection Advice

Staffordshire Schools’ Swimming Service has exclusive use of the pool.

Arrival at the pool

The bus stops outside the main entrance and the pupils disembark; walk through the
entrance doorway into the Reception area. A member of School Personnel will pick up
the group changing room keys. Everyone will then remove their foot wear before
proceeding to the Village Changing area which is clearly marked to the left of the
reception desk.
Walking schools follow the same procedure.

Changing rooms

      There are two large group changing rooms situated at the rear of the Village
       Change area for Pupils. They should hang their clothes on one side only. This is
       to allow space for the following class. If due to pupil numbers this area is not
       sufficient then some pupils may use the cubicles immediately outside the rooms
       but must store their clothes in the group changing rooms
      School Personnel supervise the Village Change area whenever pupils are
      The group changing area should be locked when pupils are ready to line up at
       the entrance to the poolside
      At lunchtime there will be public swimming but the public will be restricted to the
       cubicles nearest to the pool
      When all pupils are ready to depart, a member of School Personnel should
       check the Village Change area for lost property and litter and remove it if
       necessary while another member supervises the Pupils replacing foot wear in
       reception before vacating the building to the bus or walk back to school.


      After pupils have showered they wait with the supervising staff at the entrance to
       poolside. When called through to poolside they go to their groups.

Non Participants

      Pupils not swimming sit on the seats along the widow side of the pool.

Pool Visibility

      The pool is visible from the reception area (where there are tables, chairs and
       vending machines) through a glass partition.
      The pool is also visible from the car park through the glass windows along the
       one side.


Provided the guidelines are followed, there are no significant areas of concern.
                                                                                August 2009

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