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                                      Guide to Primary Talent Pool

   1. What is the Primary Talent Pool (PTP)? The Primary Talent Pool is a group of students who possess
      demonstrated or potential ability to perform at exceptionally high levels in the primary years (grades K-3). These
      students may be referred to as high-potential learners. The purpose of selecting students to participate in a PTP
      is to provide early interventions for those students whose talents must be nurtured in order for those talents to
      fully develop.

   2. What is a high-potential learner? Students who learn and comprehend at a faster pace and more complex level
      than their age peers. These students often acquire skills earlier and progress at an accelerated rate.

   3. What criteria are used when selecting students for Primary Talent Pool? A minimum of four criteria is required
      as evidence that students should participate in the PTP. Informal and formal evidence is gathered by teachers
      and other school staff, gifted personnel, and parents. The evidence is then reviewed by the school’s Primary
      Review Committee and a decision is made regarding inclusion.

       Specifically, four of the following pieces of evidence are needed for placement in PTP:

           o   Primary portfolio (collection of evidence demonstrating student performance)

           o   Inventory checklists

           o   Parent interview or questionnaire

           o   Available formal test data

           o   Anecdotal records

           o   Primary review committee recommendation (required)

           o   Previous PTP/GT identification in another state

       NOTE: PTP identification in another KY district triggers an automatic enrollment in OCS PTP.

   4. If my child was identified for primary talent pool or gifted and talented services in another state, is he or she
      automatically accepted in the district’s PTP? States have varying criteria for identification for services;
      therefore, there is not an automatic acceptance. However, identification in another state can be used as one
      piece of the required evidence for OCS PTP placement.

   5. When are students selected for Primary Talent Pool? Students are selected for PTP in the fall and spring of each
      school year. A kindergarten screening process combined with a nomination process for first, second and third
      grade students ensures a continuous, on-going review and provides multiple entry points into the PTP.

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   6. What is involved in the kindergarten screening process? In the spring, informal criteria including observations,
      specific lessons on divergent thinking, portfolios and teacher input are collected and reviewed on all students. At
      that point, parents of students who are potential candidates for PTP are contacted and asked to complete a
      questionnaire and permission for their child to be further evaluated using more formal measures. Finally, each
      school has a Primary Review Committee which meets to discuss the data gathered on each student and make a
      decision on their inclusion in Primary Talent Pool. Parents are notified of the result by appropriate school or
      district staff.

   7. Can a parent nominate a child for PTP consideration? Yes. Please see the building coordinator for details. Click
      here for a copy of the nomination form. Please note that PTP review occurs in the fall and spring of each school

   8. Will I be notified if my child is formally tested for PTP? If a child is nominated by school or district staff, parents
      will be notified and asked to provide permission for data collection and testing.

   9. How often can my child be reviewed for PTP placement? Building level committees will review data and make
      placement decisions in the fall and in the spring. Note: In order to allow for a full year of developmental growth,
      formal testing will be administered once per year, i.e., a child tested in February 2009 is eligible for testing again
      in February 2010.

   10. Does inclusion in the PTP mean my child will automatically be identified for gifted/talented services in 4 th
       grade? No. Regardless of whether a student is or is not in Primary Talent Pool in no way indicates whether
       he/she will be identified for gifted and talented services in fourth grade. All students considered for gifted and
       talented educational services must be formally identified using multiple criteria different from those used for
       Primary Talent Pool.

   11. Who is responsible for delivering services for PTP students? The classroom teacher is primarily responsible for
       seeing that the individual needs of every student are met through differentiated instructional practices. The
       school counselor, GATES Coordinator, and GATES Resource Teacher are available to help with strategies and

   12. What type of services will students in PTP receive? Please see our reference guide.

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