Chapter 18: Reconstruction and the Changing South Study Guide

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					Chapter 18: Reconstruction and the Changing South Study Guide

Key Terms and People
Amnesty             black code             poll tax               segregation
Freedmen            carpetbagger           sharecropper           scalawag
Literacy tests

You MUST know:
~ the problems that BOTH the North and the South had after the Civil War
~ how people in both the House and Senate felt about President Johnson (impeachment)
& who would have agreed and disagreed with his impeachment

   1. Describe the early Reconstruction efforts. (Lincoln & Congress, Section 1)
   2. How did members of Congress react to the black codes?
   3. How did Radical Republicans gain power in Congress?
   4. Who were the new forces in Southern politics (3)?
   5. Why did conflict erupt shortly after the assassination of President Lincoln?
   6. Why did southern states agree to ratify the 13th amendment?
   7. How did some southern Conservatives resist Reconstruction?
   8. What helped bring about the end of Reconstruction?
   9. How did most freedmen meet their basic needs after the Civil War?
   10. Why did Reconstruction governments increase taxes after the Civil War?
   11. How did the South develop its industries after the Civil War?
   12. How did the Freedmen’s Bureau help educate former slaves?
   13. Why did black codes infuriate Republican representatives?
   14. What helped persuade voters to elect a Republican Congress in 1866?
   15. Why did Congress rebel against President Johnson’s Reconstruction Plan?
   16. What did the Amnesty Act do?
   17. What did Rutherford B. Hayes promise to do in return for disputed southern
       electoral votes?
   18. Why did sharecroppers become trapped in a cycle of poverty?
   19. What challenges did Reconstruction governments face?
   20. Describe the changing economy of the New South.

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