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									                                      Study Guide for Ch. 5 & 6 Test
People to Know:
Know the importance of each person; who they were associated with and what they did. Remember the more you know about
them the easier the test will be. 
Ch. 5                                       Ch. 6
Thomas Jefferson                            Abraham Lincoln
Andrew Jackson                              Andrew Johnson
Henry Clay                                  Ulysses S.Grant
William Lloyd Garrison                      Dred Scott
Lucretia C. Mott                            Robert E. Lee
Sojourner Truth
Frederick Douglass

Events or Vocabulary
Be able to explain each event or vocabulary word; know the people involved and why it is significant.
Ch. 5                                       Ch. 6
Manifest Destiny                            Slavery-resistance
Northwest Ordinance of 1787                 Sectionalism
Ways of transportation                      Missouri Compromise
Tariff controversy                          Kansas-Nebraska Act
Reforms (abolition)                         Compromise of 1850
                                            Gettysburg, Antietam, & Bull Run
                                            Scorched Earth policy
                                            Black Codes
                                            Radical Republicans
                                            Sharecropping, gerrymandering, & Poll tax
                                            13th, 14th, & 15th amendments
                                            Civil Rights Act

Big Ideas
Ch. 5                                       Ch. 6
Effects of Westward                         Events leading up to
Movement                                    Civil War (secession, tariffs, compromises, etc.)
(Native Americans,
Technology, animals,                        Importance of resources
Land, etc.)                                 during the Civil War

                                            Changes for African Americans
                                            after the Civil War &

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