ch 5 lesson 7 The Black Death by PW6UO1


									Pathways ch 5 Latemid 7   The Black Death

Directions: Read pages 161-167 in your text Pathways - Civilizations
Through Time and answer the following questions:

            1. Provide Definitions for the following vocabulary words on a
               separate piece of paper:

            bubonic plague            lymph glands       hallucinating

            aerial photograph         scapegoat          poll tax

            2. On the same piece of paper answer the following questions
               using COMPLETE SENTENCES:

                   a. How was the Black Death spread? (2)

                   b. How many people died from the plague? (2)

                   c. What sort of behaviour occurred as a result of the
                      Black Death? (2)

                   d. How did the Black Death damage the feudal system?

                   e. Identify two causes of the Peasants’ Revolt in
                      England. (2)

                 The Spread of the Black Death

Directions: Study the map on page 163 in your text Pathways - Civilizations
Through Time and do the following activities:

1. On the attached map locate the following: (16)

          a.   England        f.   Italy           k.   Norway
          b.   Ireland        g.   Greece          l.   Netherlands
          c.   Scotland       h.   Denmark         m.   Black Sea
          d.   France         i.   Sweden          n.   Mediterranean Sea
          e.   Spain          j.   Finland         o.   Baltic Sea
                                                   p.   North Sea

2. On your map place an arrow pointing toward China. (1)

3. Draw, using coloured pencils, the routes the Black Death took to and
   through Europe. (8)

4. Using a complete sentence or sentences answer this question:
      Why do you think that the Black Death followed these paths
      through Europe? (2)



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