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									                                           Tribune of India

                                Tycoon held for actor’s murder
DHAKA, Jan 7 (PTI) — The Bangladesh police has arrested a business tycoon and film producer related
to Aga Khan on charges of murder of a filmstar, smuggling and other antisocial activities.

The businessman, Aziz Mohammed Bhai, was arrested under Section 54, Cr PC, for his alleged
“involvement in activities detrimental to social and economic interests of the country”, officials of the
special branch of the police said.

Aziz is also suspected to be behind the recent murder of the young Bangladeshi filmstar Sohel
Chowdhury that created ripples in the Dhaka filmdom, they said.

The mass-circulation vernacular daily Ittefaq said today that Aziz was charged with involvement in
international smuggling, various scandals involving women and defalcation of huge money from


From Bangledesh resident Iftekhar Sayeed, Quoting local news reports:

The late Aga Khan III (1887–1957) had taken several measures to bring his followers
closer to the main body of the Muslims. The Ismāʿīlīs, however, still have not mosques
but jamāʿat khānahs (“gathering houses”), and their mode of worship bears little
resemblance to that of the Muslims generally."

You can't get more heretical than this! Yet the Aga Khanis - as the Ismailis are known in
Bangladesh - are some of the richest people here. Their location is highly conspicuous
(many live in flats near Bailey Road, Dhaka across from one of the best schools in
Dhaka) and their mode of worship is strikingly different. They have a jamaat khanah,
where they gather every evening, and regular Muslims are not allowed in there.
Naturally, weird stories proliferate about the goings-on in the jamaat khanah. When I
set up a poultry farm, some of my best customers were Aga Khanis: they are extremely
rich, as I said.

Their influence is international.

When General Ershad arrested Aziz Mohammed Bhai, probably the richest Aga Khani in
Bangladesh, Prince Aga Khan himself came down to secure his release.

Mohammad Bhai, Chairman :

A renowned industrialist and reputed businessman, Mohammad Bhai was born in Kanpur,
India and migrated to Dhaka before independence. He has been doing business in
Bangladesh since 1948. He was a pioneer of the Bangladesh steel industry, establishing the
first steel mill in 1959. In addition to his vast industrial experience, Mohammad Bhai is a
former president of the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry, an active member of the
Rotary Club, and served as president of the Aga Khan Supreme Council for Bangladesh for
more than two decades.


AFTER A lot of soul searching I decided to write this narrative just to let you know loud and clear my
assessment of Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury. Like a meteorite, he rose to the limelight of world’s
attention. In the global arena, he became the defender of freedom and human rights and a vocal
champion of Bangladesh’s rapprochement with Israel.

I did not hear much about Mr. Choudhury until a few years ago, when I first saw his name in a few web
based journals. Nowadays, I see him everywhere, in US Congress’s website, in Youtube. Suddenly Salah
Uddin Shoaib became Jim Carrey’s Bruce Almighty. Unfortunately at a closer look this “almighty” does not
come across as an intellectual, nor does he appear to be a human rights crusader. I feel he is just a
“Karma Chameleon” (to quote Boy George).

How Salah Uddin continues to fool a sizable portion of world’s influential people, is still a puzzle to me.
His career in Bangladesh shows his checkered past. If you look into his resume, you will see his service
for two notorious individuals. From 1995 to 1999 he worked as the Founder and Managing Director of A-
21 TV. This TV station was owned by Aziz Mohammad Bhai, a notorious smuggler and a Mafia don of
Bangladesh. Mr. Bhai is no more living in Bangladesh as he had to flee the long arm of the law. It was
alleged this tycoon had connection with Islamist Jihadists of India. My clear point is anybody with a little
bit of ethical mindset would never work for such a questionable character. We should not skip another
gem from the resume. In 1995, Mr. Shoaib Choudhury translated an Iranian book in Bengali “The Rise
and Fall of Pahlavi Dynasty”. It is quite evident from the resume that in order to finish the project he had
to work closely with the diplomats of Khomeini’s Iran. What a checkered past!

In the resume anyone will see Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury served Inqilab from 2001-2002. This paper
was owned by a very despicable individual. He is Maulana Mannan, an Islamist leader. Mr. Mannan was
alleged to be the mastermind behind intellectual and professional killing during Bangladesh War of
Independence. Like Radovan Karadzic, he changed his façade and became a media mogul. Any
Bangladeshi with a little sense of dignity would never work for such a crook. While working for Maulana
Mannan’s Inquilab newspaper, Salah Uddin Shoaib constantly hurled epithets on secular activists of
Bangladesh. He called Shahriar Kabir, a notable human rights activist, a Mossad agent. Mr. Kabir still has
the documentary evidence to prove that. Not only that, Salah Uddin Shoaib virulently attacked Saleem
Samad also. Now the question is why and how he was kicked out of Inquilab? Wasn’t he an Islamist to
the teeth? In the resume he claimed he was ousted from the conglomerate because of his refusal to
attend a pro-Saddam Hussain rally. It is beyond anyone’s comprehension how an intelligent and ever
alert person like Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury missed this important piece of information that Inquilab
was funded by none other than the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussain himself! The story is something like this.
Salah Uddin was sent to Singapore to purchase major equipments for Inquilab Television. Instead of
purchasing the tools he pocketed the money. Sources say, after the management found out the grand
theft, they were starting to take legal measures. In the meantime something happened. What is that?

This is my satirical chain of events that led Mr. Choudhury to the world of bright stars. One night an angel
told this dedicated Islamist to be the lone bridge builder between Bangladesh and Israel. He asked the
angel what ought to be his modus operandi to attain this noble objective. The angel replied he should
make an attempt to travel to Israel carrying hard copies and discs of sensitive documents. Salah Uddin
complied. Any tenth grade kid in Bangladesh may be aware that it was dangerous to carry documentation
while going to Israel, which was still a forbidden country. Salah Uddin Shoaib is a computer savvy man.
He must have known the art of digitizing hundreds of pages of documents. So, why carry those discs and
papers to the airport? Isn’t it like this “Arrest me! Arrest me! I am going to Israel with lots of papers”. It
goes without saying that the conman was arrested at the Dhaka airport in no time.

That particular incidence came to this juggler like the manna from heaven. He drew big outpour of support
from the world’s mightiest and wealthiest of nations. He got a “pro bono” lobbyist within no time. Salah
Uddin Shoaib became a widely known name in many parts of the world.

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, the human rights crusader and defender of Israel’s right to exist showed
his other side of talent. He had been the founder and publisher of a trashy tabloid BLITZ, whose main
motto is to sensationalize events. His primary enemies are the liberal intellectuals in Bangladesh. Salah
Uddin had special grudge against activists who demand trial of 1971’s war criminals. He cannot go alone
in his diabolical venture. Like a ventriloquist, he created a character named Sunita Paul. Many times this
“Sunita Paul” did the dirty game for Salah Uddin Shoaib.

Unfortunately, Salah Uddin Shoaib did not do a good job in creating a make belief background of this
Paul lady. Anyone would burst into laughter seeing the image of Sunita Paul, said to be born in Kochin,
India. The picture looks so fake it seems he might have decided to insult the average reader’s
intelligence. Wait a second! This Sunita Paul, who is more knowledgeable about Bangladesh than any
veteran journalist of that country is caught red handed in a cookie jar! What am I talking about? I found a
wise blogger noticed “Sunita Paul” adept in plagiarizing other people’s works. See for yourself at

Sunita or Salah Uddin Shoaib, how long will you fool people and continue to have the last laugh?#

Article from Asia (Note: Yaba is methamphetimine, the term, Ya Ba, translates, from Thai, as psycho-
drug; drug trafficking in Myanmar is now focused almost entirely on the meth described in this story)

Yaba replacing other narcotics
Mon, 27/12/2010 - 1:04am | by




Despite tremendous efforts by the law enforcement agencies to stop the menace of narcotics
trading, popularity of yaba tablets, often used as aphrodisiac, keeps growing among the narcotic

Sources at the intelligence agencies said many drug addicts now prefer yaba tablets to other
drugs because of its stimulating effect and increasing availability in the country.

Students of different universities, colleges and schools are also gradually drifting into the danger
of being addicted to it but the drug is more popular among the effluent families.

While the law enforcement agencies are struggling hard to stop the inflow of such drugs from
abroad, sources said, yaba tablets are now being manufactured at home.The local yaba is more
popular and costlier than those are smuggled from abroad. Most aphrodisiacs come to
Bangladesh from Arakan State of Myanmar.

Many celebrities, inclu-ding film stars, singers and artistes, are the inveterate consumer of this
drug, source added.
According to an intel-ligence report, the drug cartels smuggle aphrod-isiacs from Myanmar and
India and supply those to different parts of the country using a strong chain of peddlers.

They use luxurious cars and sell the drugs mostly to different bars and hotels. Posh areas like
Gulshan, Banani and Uttara are among the key destinations of such drugs.

Sources said the intern-ational drug mafias use Bangladesh as transit to peddle narcotics from
Myanmar to different destinations. They employ tender-aged boys and girls, mostly students, to
carry out their business.

Major Md Shakhawat Hossain, deputy director of media wing of Rab, said they arrested 571
yaba traders and seized around 74,000 tablets this year.

The law enforcement agencies had earlier busted an aphrodisiac-manufac-turing factory,
allegedly run by businessmen Aziz Mohammad Bhai and Amin Huda.

They arrested Amin and seized a huge cache of yaba tablets but Amin was later released on bail.
Another narcotics trader Joynal was also released on bail few days after he was arrested on
charge of peddling drug.

The businessmen were using a huge network to supply Yaba.

Sources said Yaba tablets were, for the first time, brought to Bangladesh from Chiang Mei
province in Thailand in 1990 but trading of the drug started to spread in 2000 due to nonchalance
of the authorities concerned.

Home Minister Sahara Khatun recently mouthed stern action against drug peddlers and suppliers
and requested the parents to allocate more time for their children to ensure that they don’t get
addicted to narcotics.

Health rights workers stressed waging a united movement by the teachers, students, guardians
and conscientious citizens of the country to stop the abuse of drugs.

MH Choudhury Lelin, a specialist in preventive medicine, said passion, depression and
frustration coupled with lack of guidance and proper care drove many into taking such drugs.

Describing the upward trend in drug abuse as dangerous for the society, Lelin said the addicts
often get involved in criminal activities such as larceny, snatching and hijacking for money.

Dr Ranjan Kumar Nath, a specialist in medicine, said yaba may cause dangerous diseases such as
heart problems and blood pressure and can damage blood vessels in the brain which may lead to
stroke. Chronic use of the drug can result in inflammation of the heart lining, he added.

Overdose can cause hyperthermia (elevated body temperature), conv-ulsions, and death.
Individuals who use yaba also may have episodes of violent behavior, paranoia, anxiety,
confusion and insomnia, Dr Ranjan added.
He suggested that the government launch a massive campaign to aware people of the adverse
effects of the abuse of such drugs and strengthen morality among young people.

-The Sun

Bangladesh Expels Rohingyas

By LAWI WENG Friday, October 16, 2009

    CO MM ENTS (11)

    RECO MM END (260)




    M O RE

    E-M AI L

    PRI NT

        TEX T SI ZE

Bangladesh is already suffering in addressing its own internal issues. Why should the authorities in
Myanmar push thousands of Rohingyas inside Bangladesh? This is a very disturbing issue for the
authorities in Dhaka. Moreover, many Rohingyas pushed inside Bangladesh are engaged in various
forms of crimes including drug trafficking, arms deal, trafficking in women and chindren etc. A
foreign nation like Bangladesh can never tolerate this trend. Surely, Dhaka needs to intensify the
offensives on Rohingyas who already are engaged in various forms of crime. This is very important.

It was also reported in the media that the ally of Dawood Ibrahim in Bangladesh, Aziz Mohammed
Bhai, is using Rohingas in smuggling drugs and arms to various nations via the Myanmar border.
One of his men, named Sagir Ahmed is working as the "Second in command" of Aziz Mohammed in
Bangladesh. Sagir hold both Bangladeshi and Myanmar passports. He visits Chittagong region in
Bangladesh regularly for such dangerous deals

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