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					ENG 4C                                                                                                       Mark:
Introductory Unit: Reading Assessment                                    Name:
                                                                                                                / 25

Read the short story by Roald Dahl, entitled The Landlady in your anthology and answer the questions
below. You will have approximately 45 minutes to complete this assessment.

Making Predictions:

   1. Read the title and first page of the short story. Briefly describe what you think the story might
      be about and suggest what type of story it will be (ie. science-fiction, comedy, action-
      adventure). (2 marks)

Graphic Organizer:

   1. Choose one type of graphic organizer to identify 3 key characters that are identified in this story.
      Provide 2-3 details about each character. Please note that point form is acceptable here. (5
Multiple Choice Questions:                                                               (8 marks)

   1. How did Billy arrive in Bath?
         a. By bus
         b. By walking
         c. By train
         d. By ship

   2. What is the most likely meaning of the word “congenial” in paragraph 2 on page 175?
        a. Uncomfortable or disruptive in habit
        b. Suitable or pleasing in nature or character
        c. Strange or unfamiliar
        d. Inexpensive or cheap

   3. Who suggested that Billy stay at the Bell and Dragon?
        a. The Landlady
        b. The Porter
        c. Mr. Greenslade
        d. The Branch Manager

   4. What was not one of the reasons Billy decided to stay at the bed and breakfast?
        a. It was inexpensive
        b. It appeared more comfortable than The Bell and Dragon
        c. The landlady seemed nice
        d. It was located next to the train station

   5. What struck Billy as unusual as soon as he entered the bed and breakfast?
        a. There were no other umbrellas or coats in the front hall
        b. The dog was motionless
        c. The landlady was slow to answer the door
        d. The landlady wore red nail polish

   6. Where did Christopher Mulholland come from?
        a. Cardiff
        b. Bath
        c. Bristol
        d. London

   7. Billy suspected that the Landlady was a little strange, but what did he attribute this to?
           a. That she was old
           b. That she had lost a son in the war
           c. That she was a serial killer
           d. That she had lost her husband

   8. A possible alternative title for this story would be:
          a. A Dragon’s Revenge
          b. Billy’s Big Adventure
          c. A Bloodbath in Brighton
          d. The Tragedy of Young Mr. Weaver

    1. Based on your reading of the story, what will likely happen to Billy after he finishes his cup of
       tea? Use evidence from the text to support your answer. (2 marks)

    2. Based on your reading of the story, what time of year do you think it is? Provide at least one
       piece of evidence from the story to support your answer. (2 marks)

Making Connections:

    1. Identify one short story, book, tv show, movie, or something else that this story reminded you
       of. Explain how The Landlady reminded you of this. (2 marks)


    1. Were you satisfied with the ending of the story? Why or why not? (3 marks)

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