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					                                              Policy Template

Policy: [Number assigned to the Policy]

Title: [The name identifying the Policy]

Effective date: [The date the policy is to be

University Council Proposal: [Yes/No,
which indicates whether or not the policy
originated from a University Council proposal.    Yes __________               No __________
If yes, the policy requires UC approval for
changes to the policy]

Responsible University Officer:
[Appropriate member of Cabinet]

Responsible Office: [Name of the
University office with responsibility of
implementation of the policy]

Decision:                                         Approved __________             Not Approved __________

Signature and Date:

Policy Statement           [A well-articulated, authoritative expression of philosophy and direction. Does not change frequently.]

Policy Requirements              [Required elements for any procedures supporting the policy. This could change frequently.]

Reason for Policy           [Background information explaining the need and result of the policy. This could change frequently.]
Related Policy Information                  [Additional policy information that may be, but is not limited to: policy
support, restrictions to the policy, policy waivers, and policy sanctions. This could change frequently.]

Exclusions        [Exclusions (groups of individuals, funding, etc.) to the policy - if none, it is assumed that the
policy applies across the University.]

Contacts       [Offices/Units that can be contacted regarding the policy.]

Definitions       [Unique terms that by being defined, add to the reader's understanding of the policy.]

Responsibilities            [Individual areas of responsibility followed by the function to be performed.]

Procedures         [List of procedures that directly support the policy.]

Forms and Instructions                  [List identifying forms and associated instructions that directly support the
procedures listed above.]

Appendices         [Any lengthy or complex reference information that would disrupt the flow of the other sections.]

Additional Information

History [Audit trail of policy adoption and revisions. Will include the adoption date followed by revision
information which includes each revision date and a brief note explaining the revision.]

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