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									International Student
ApplIcAtIon for AdmISSIon

       Staten Island, New York City
International Student checklist
Before mailing your application, please review this list. Your application will not be reviewed until
all academic records have been received. All of the following items are due by February 15* if you’re
applying for the fall (August) semester, or by November 15 if you’re applying for the spring (January)

Application Form: Please provide complete information. Incomplete forms will result in delays in reviewing
your application. If you wish to submit your application online, please visit www.wagner.edu/admissions.

Application Fee: A nonrefundable application fee of USD $75 must accompany your application. Checks or
money orders should be made payable to Wagner College and drawn on a U.S. bank. (International money
orders are not accepted.) You may pay online by going to www.wagner.edu/admissions/payonline.

Academic Records: Undergraduate applicants are required to submit official secondary school/university
records directly to Wagner College**; graduate applicants are required to submit official college/university
records to Wagner College. One set of records should be in your native language, and one set should be
translated into English. Wagner College reserves the right to ask for transcripts to be evaluated by WES. The
submission and translation of all required documents and fees are entirely the responsibility of the applicant.
Photocopies, faxes, and scans are not acceptable without an official stamp or seal.

English Proficiency: Students whose native language is not English must submit one of the following scores:
TOEFL, SAT, ACT, or IELTS. Results must be within the past two years.

Graduate Entrance Exams***
	      •	Master	of	Business	Administration: GMAT is required for all applicants.
       •		 aster	of	Science	in	Education:	New York State Teachers Certification Exam (LAST) and Content
         Specialty Test (CST) are recommended for all applicants.
	      •	Master	of	Science	in	Microbiology:	GRE or MCAT are recommended for all applicants.
	      •	Master	of	Science	in	Nursing: Please visit www.wagner.edu/admissions for the full list of requirements.
       •		 aster	of	Science	in	Physician	Assistant	Studies: Please visit www.wagner.edu/admissions for
         the full list of requirements.

Essay: An essay is mandatory for all applicants. Please refer to the application for the essay question.
Your application will not be reviewed without a completed essay in English.

Reference Letter: Two reference letters are required for undergraduate and graduate applicants.

2 | International Student Application for Admission
If	accepted	and	you	choose	the	enroll,	all	of	the	following	items	are	due	by	May	1	if	you’re	applying	for	
the fall (August) semester, or by December 1 if you’re applying for the spring (January) semester.

Confirmation of Acceptance Form: This form will secure your place in the class if received by the deadline.
Confirmations received after the deadline will be assigned a space in the entering class upon the availability
of openings.

Deposit: If you are accepted and choose to enroll, an acceptance deposit of USD $3,000 is required to secure
your spot in the class. The deposit will apply towards your first semester bill.

Bank Statement: You are required to submit an official bank statement, showing the amount of funds
available from the sponsor. An I-20 form will not be issued without this document.

Affidavit of Support: Students must fill out this section completely in the application. The Affidavit of
Support must be notarized and show the exact amount of money that the sponsor has made available for the
expenses of the student. An I-20 form will not be issued without this document. (Please see enclosed form.)
Financial documentation must be dated within six months of the start of the term. If applying for fall
(August),	be	sure	documents	are	dated	between	March	and	August.	If	applying	for	spring	(January),	
be sure documents are dated between August and December. These documents are not required for an
admissions decision but will be necessary for the issuance of an I-20. Photocopies, faxes, and scans
will NOT be accepted.

Copy of Passport

Sponsor Proof of Income Letter (from employer, or a copy of last year’s income tax forms)

SEVIS I-20 Transfer Form (if you are transferring from another U.S. institution)

Questions? Contact Allen Koehler, Coordinator of International Recruitment
Phone 07-1-800-221-1010, Fax 07-1-718-390-3105, Email allen.koehler@wagner.edu

* December 1 is the deadline for applications to the undergraduate programs in theater performance; theater design, technology and management; and physician assistant.
** Undergraduate transfer applicants must submit all official transcripts and course descriptions for all institutions of higher education attended.
*** Each graduate department maintains specific entrance requirements. Please refer to the Graduate View Book or Catalog for individual program descriptions

3 | International Student Application for Admission
International Student Application for Admission
CLASSIFICATION                                                     Intended Program of Study* (major)

Application for:      August 20_____            January 20 _____   (See page 9 for a list of undergraduate and graduate programs.)

Undergraduate:        Freshman                  Transfer           _____________________________________________________

                                                                   * Please note, students applying for a student visa are required to declare a major.
Graduate:             Master’s

Name in Full (as stated on passport) Last _________________________________ First __________________________
Home Phone                                     Cell Phone                                   Fax

Email _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Permanent Address in Your Country _____________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address (if different from permanent address) ______________________________________________________
__________________________________________________________________ _______________________________
                                                                                                           From (mm/dd/yy) to (mm/dd/yy)

Country of Birth _______________________ Country/Countries of Citizenship __________________________________
Social Security Number (if applicable) __________________________________________________________________
Gender:       Male     Female        Date of Birth: Month _____________ Day _____ Year _________                            Single          Married
How did you hear about Wagner College?
   Counselor                Family              Friend          Teacher                Mailing from Wagner                      Guidebook
   Internet                 ELS                 College Fair/College Night Program
   Other. Please specify: ______________________________________________________________________________

                     Name                                        Occupation                                               Email

 Parent 1
 Parent 2

Did either of your parents attend college? If so, where? _____________________________________________________
List any Wagner College alumni in your family:
   Name (include maiden, if applicable) _________________________________________________________________
   Relationship to you _______________________________________________________________________________

4 | International Student Application for Admission
EDUCATION List dates you have taken or expect to take the following tests:
TOEFL ____ /____ /______                   ACT ____ /____ /______                           SAT____ /____ /______           IELTS____ /____ /______
         mo.         yr.     score                 mo.         yr.         score               mo.     yr.     score                mo.     yr.     score

GRE ____ /____ /______               GMAT____ /____ /______                          Higher Secondary School Certification ____ /____ /______
      mo.      yr.         score             mo.         yr.         score                                                         mo.     yr.     score

This section must be completed before your application will be processed. Please list, in chronological order, all of the
schools you have attended. Include information on the type of school (primary, secondary, lycée, university), dates
attended, your age at the time you began, and certificates, examinations, graduations, or diplomas earned.
Secondary School                                           Type                    Dates Attended             Age           Certificates/Graduations

University or Post-Secondary School                        Type                    Dates Attended             Age           Certificates/Graduations
Have you ever been charged with, convicted of, or pled guilty or no contest to a felony or a misdemeanor charge in the
United States? (An affirmative response will not automatically prevent admission, but any omission or falsification is
grounds for dismissal or rescission of admission, or expulsion.)   Yes     No
If yes, provide an explanation _________________________________________________________________________
Are you now a candidate for any title, degree, or diploma?                            Yes       No
If yes, list title, degree, or diploma, and expected date of graduation _________________________________________
Have you completed military service?                  Yes             No     If yes, please indicate starting and ending dates: from _________ to __________

List any academic honors, awards, and activities that are relevant to your application for admissions. _______________

What is your native language? (If more than one, please list them all) ________________________________________
What language is spoken in your home? _________________________ How many years have you studied English? ____

The following items are optional. No information that you provide will be used in a discriminatory manner.
Ethnic Origin: Do you consider yourself Hispanic, Latino, or of Spanish origin?                              Yes       No
If you wish to identify yourself with a particular racial group, please check all that apply:
      American Indian or Alaskan Native      Asian    Black or African American
      Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander    White

5 | International Student Application for Admission
If you are not in the United States, what type of visa do you require? ________________________________________
If you are now in the United States, you are required to answer the following questions:
   Date of entry _______________ Visa held at entry _____________________________________________________
   What type of visa do you now hold? _____________________________________ Expiration date ______________
If you are an F-1 Visa holder, what institution issued your I-20 form? ________________________________________
   Have you attended that institution?                  Yes          No If yes, dates: from ________________ to ________________
   State your reason for leaving that institution _________________________________________________________
If you hold an Exchange Visitor Visa (J-1), please answer the following: ______________________________________
   Who is your sponsor? ____________________________________________________________________________
   What is your program number? _____________________________________________________________________

Do you wish to live in an on-campus residence hall?                     Yes      No
Do you plan to live with a relative?              Yes         No
   If yes, please indicate the name and address of the relative:
   Name _________________________________________________________________________________________
   Address _______________________________________________________________________________________
   Relationship ___________________________________________________________________________________

* Students not living with a relative must live on campus.

If you are interested in participating in an NCAA intercollegiate sport, please indicate so below:
Men’s:      American Football            Baseball            Basketball       Cross Country    Golf    Lacrosse       Tennis    Track
Women’s:         Basketball         Cross Country             Golf        Lacrosse    Soccer     Softball        Swimming and Diving
   Tennis        Track       Water Polo
Have you been in contact with the coach?                 Yes          No

                               Occupation                                                             Employer

Please list any other colleges to which you are applying. ___________________________________________________

6 | International Student Application for Admission
What are the most significant reasons for your interest in Wagner College?_____________________________________
Have you ever visited Wagner College?                 Yes   No

A personal statement or essay is required. In 500 words or less, please write an essay in English on a separate piece of
paper answering one of the following questions:
A. Describe your background, practical experience, special interests, and reasons for wanting to attend Wagner College.
Include your plans for work after completing your college study.
B. If you could solve one world problem, which one would you choose and what creative solutions would you have to
solve it?

A nonrefundable application fee of USD $75 is required for undergraduate and graduate study.

I understand that Wagner College will assume no financial responsibility, should my application be satisfactory. I
understand that a fraudulent application will result in dismissal from the College. I certify that the information given
above and the accompanying documents are complete and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that
credentials supplied to support my admissions application become the property of Wagner College, and I understand
that I am responsible for providing these credentials even if I was a previous applicant or student of Wagner College.
I authorize Wagner College to contact previous schools I attended to obtain information in connection with this
application. I understand that certain fields of study may require me to submit to a background check. I understand that
certain fields of study may require me to submit and pass an academic competency exam prior to final acceptance. I
certify that any writing submitted is my original work.

Signature __________________________________________________________________ Date __________________

7 | International Student Application for Admission
                                International Student
                AffIdAVIt of fInAncIAl SUpport
                            All statements must be in English and quoted in U.S. dollar amounts.

I, _______________________________________________________________________________________ residing at
    (name of person providing support)

    (number and street)                              (city, state)                          (country)

    (name of applicant for admission)

who is my __________________________________________________ for the duration of studies at WAGNER COLLEGE.

I will provide the minimum amount of U.S. $___________________ per year.

To verify my financial ability to support the above named student, I submit the following NOTARIZED financial statements:

   • NOTARIZED CURRENT Original Bank Statement, verified by bank official,
     with specific amount and date account was established.                                        U.S. $ _____________

   • NOTARIZED Original Employer Statement stating length of employment
     and yearly salary.                                                                            U.S. $ _____________

   • OTHER sources of income. Please specify and send notarized originals.                         U.S. $ _____________

     Please add above amounts:                                                                     U.S. $ _____________

  8 | International Student Application for Admission
Wagner college programs of Study+

UNDERGRADUATE                                              Physics (B.S.)*
                                                           Psychology (B.A. and B.S.)*
Anthropology (B.A.)*
                                                           Public Policy and Administration (B.A.)
Art (B.A.)*
                                                           Religious Studies (minor only)
Art History (B.A.)*
                                                           Sociology (B.A.)*
Arts Administration (B.S.)
                                                              Concentrations: Academic Sociology, Criminal Justice,
   Concentrations: Art, Music, Theatre or Combined Arts
                                                              Family Studies
Biology (B.S.)*
                                                           Theatre and Speech (B.A.)*
Biopsychology (B.S.)
                                                              Concentrations: Performance; Design, Technology and
Business Administration (B.S.)
                                                              Management; Theatre Studies
   Concentrations: Accounting* (B.S., B.S./M.S.
   5-year program), Finance*, International Business,
                                                           * = major and minor available in this subject
   Management*, Marketing*
Chemistry (B.S.)*
   Concentrations: Biochemistry, Environmental             Pre-Professional Programs
City Studies (minor only)                                  Dental, Medical, Optometry, Pharmacy, Podiatry, Veterinary,
Comparative Literature (minor only)                        Engineering, Law, Ministry
Computer Science (B.S.)*
Dance (minor only)
Economics (B.A.)*
Education (B.A. and B.S.)*                                 Accounting (M.S.)
   Dual Certification in Childhood and Special Education   Business Administration (M.B.A.)
   (grades 1-6); Minor in Educational Studies Childhood       Finance, International Business, Management,
   (grades 1-6) or Adolescent (grades 7-12)                   Marketing, Healthcare Administration
English (B.A.)*                                            Education (M.S.)
Environmental Studies (minor only)                            Early Childhood and Special Education (B-2), Middle
Film/Media Studies (minor only)                               Level and Special Education (5-9), Childhood and
Gender Studies (minor only)                                   Special Education (1-6), Adolescent and Special
Government and Politics (B.A.)*                               Education (7-12), Teaching Literacy (B-6)
History (B.A.)*                                            Educational Leadership (Advanced Certificate)
Information Systems (B.S.)*                                   School Building Leader, School District Leader,
International Affairs (B.A.)                                  Combined Certificates
   Concentrations: International Economics,                Microbiology (M.S.)
   International Politics                                  Nursing (M.S.)
Journalism (minor only)                                       Educator Role, Family Nurse Practitioner
Mathematics (B.S.)*                                        Nursing (Advanced Certificate)
Microbiology (B.S., B.S./M.S. 5-year program)*                Family Nurse Practitioner
Modern Languages (B.A.)                                    Advanced Physician Assistant Studies (M.S.)
   Majors: French, Spanish                                    Health Education, Healthcare Management, Clinical
   Minors: French, German, Italian Studies, and Spanish       Specialty
Music (B.A.)*
                                                           + International students are required to declare a major on application.
Nursing (B.S.)
Philosophy (B.A.)*
Physician Assistant (B.S./M.S. 5-year program)

9 | International Student Application for Admission
                                                                     Nondiscrimination Policy
Wagner College is accredited by the Middle States Commission
on Higher Education, 3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA            Wagner College does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex,
19104-2680 and academic programs are registered with the             age, religion, handicap, sexual orientation, marital status, or
New York State Education Department, Albany, New York 12234.         national and ethnic origin in its educational programs, admission
Specific portions of Wagner’s academic programs have received        practices, scholarship and loan programs, athletics, other school
recognition and accreditation by national professional agencies.     administered activities, or employment practices. This statement
The business administration programs are accredited by the           of nondiscrimination is in compliance with Title VII of the Civil
Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs and          Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education amendments of
the International Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business.        1972, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The
The education programs are accredited by the National Council        Chief of Staff is responsible for the College’s efforts to comply
for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). The nursing      with the above. Questions regarding their application may be
programs are fully accredited by the National League for Nursing     directed to the Chief of Staff at Wagner College, One Campus
Accrediting Commission, Inc., (NLNAC), 61 Broadway, New York,        Road, Staten Island, NY, 10301, telephone 718-420-4599.
New York 10006. The Physician Assistant Program is accredited
by the Accreditation Review Commission on the Education for the
Physician Assistant (ARC-PA). The chemistry program is approved
by the American Chemical Society. The College is a member of
the American Council of Education and the College Entrance
Examination Board. The Graduate Department is recognized by the
Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools and specific graduate
programs are accredited by national organizations such as the
Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs and the
National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission, Inc.

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