Find The Power In Appreciation Texts

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					                   Find The Power In Appreciation Texts

Never thought that simple actions as saying how much you appreciate your partner have such a major impact
in a relationship. In my opinion there is no simpler way to make somebody fill up with joy the minute you
share your appreciation towards a thing she or he does for you and by adding a 'Thank You For That' at the

The Power Lies In Your Words. Everything you say can either encourage or negatively affect your
companion. It all depends on what you want to achieve. Often, without noticing, words can hurt even if they
are meant to do no harm. If you really want to make the other one feel good about your relationship, always
think twice about how you'll influence its feelings. Be aware of the things your loved one enjoys or hates and
keep these small details in mind because they count heavy in time, one way or another.

A little chaff is good if done right. Be aware of one's reaction to this and stop if you see it annoys.
Words can hurt, as I mentioned earlier. Unfortunately many people consider small jokes and a little chaff to
be innocent and often use them to get pass the typical boredom that appears from time to time. Don't do that.
It never works and more, it can damage your relationship. Use your time to get pass the routine in some other
way that you both enjoy. Find a challenge and get outside your comfort zone to please your partner.

Good Is Not Great So Think About What You Want! If you want to enjoy a beautiful
relationship or bring the romance back in your marriage than think BIG and lose the comfort of living a
'satisfactory' life. Look for the things he or she likes but try to offer that joy as much as possible. Don't put to
much effort in finding the perfect gift or setting up the most romantic dinner, because it will get you
frustrated and this is the last thing you want.
. Try making things happen at first and start small, you'll get more experienced and it will come much easier
in time to put together more complex activities.

Make Use Of Appreciation Texts To Do Wonders. Never knew it was in fact that simple.. I
don't know what more to say than advice you to try it yourself and see what happens. You'll be amazed of the
reaction your partner will have and how the behavior towards you will change for the better. The joy you get
from using this technique can't simply be put into words. I guess it will be a feeling of appreciation towards
you as well.

All you have to do is start with small appreciation texts or words that maybe you don't think about right now:

"I feel safe every time I drive the car because I know you take care of it. Thank you."

"I always have a big smile on my face when I come home because I know there is a wonderful evening ahead
of me waiting because of you."

But don't wait to go home and say this things. Surprise your partner during the day or when you are away
using romantic texts. You can do this any time you want and have an emotion button at your fingertips.
Thank your partner for the things he or she does for you and this way, send the romance back into your

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