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									                      DEMO DAY
Delegates will get the opportunity to work with hook and
 line kits, robot rodeo, LVB tools, Bomb Suit obstacle
    course and watch a full K9 through to disruptor
                    demonstration, etc

                Attendees are required to

1036686 FOR PREFEREED RATE $124.00 at the HOLIDAY INN
      BURLINGTON HOTEL & CONFERENCE CENTRE                                   IABTI Region VII
      3063 South Service Road - Burlington, ON - L7N 3E9                           CETA
    T: 905-639-4443 Ext 4648 - TF: 1-888-987-4888 Ext 4648                        CBRNE
                        F: 905-333-0477
                                                                                   & K9
                                              Conference & Exhibition

                                                              THE INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION OF IED &
                                                             CBRNE TRAINING CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION WITH
                                                                             K9 PROGRAM
                                                                          October 15 – 18 2012
                                                                           Burlington Ontario

                                                                     MAINTAINING VIGILANCE
                                                                  ANTI – TERRORIST SYMPOSIUM
                                 Monday Agenda
                                                                                      Mitigating the Improvised Device Threat
                                                                                      CETA                             Monday breakouts
                                                                                      ACCT                             Monday breakouts
                                                                                      IABTI Exhibitors                 Monday set up
                                                                                      K9                               Monday breakouts
Monday, October 15, 2012
                        CETA: Meeting rooms                 ACCT: Hall XYZ                     Exhibitions: Halton Room      K9

0 9 0 0   – 1 0 3 0         1-   Electronics                Training Sessions to be                                          Training sessions to be
                            2-   IED Search                 determined                                                       determined.
                            3-   Introduction to
                                 Explosive Entry
                            4-   Pyrotechnics and Special
                            5-   Homemade explosives
                            6-   CBRN
                            7-   Hazmat IQ
                                 (Open to active
                                 police/military only-
                                 more details at

1 0 3 0   – 1 2 0 0     All CETA workshops run to 16:00     Training 2

1 2 0 0   – 1 3 0 0                                                                   Lunch-

1 3 0 0   – 1 5 0 0     All CETA workshops run to 16:00     Training 3                         Exhibitor set up & Delegate
                                                                                               Early Registration

1 5 0 0   –   1 6 0 0   All CETA workshops run to 16:00     Training 4                         Exhibitor set up & Delegate   Practice with Sgt Scott Fowlds
                                                                                               Early Registration

1 8 0 0   –   2 0 0 0                                     Guy Fawkes Lounge Reception & Soak Time – Niagara Room
  Map of Conference Center
   Location and Floor Plan

Registration desk


           Main hall

                             Main hotel entrance
                                                                                  * Please bring a sample of your country’s favorite beverage.
                Conference Schedule
                              (K9 on 3rd page)                                                  Conference Schedule
Monday October 15th Halton Room                                                 Wednesday October 17th Halton Room
0900h - 1200h           Training Course                                        Time             Topic                           Speaker
1200h - 1300h           LUNCH                                                  0800h-0850h      Fabrication of Improvised       Luis Cano (Colombian
1300h - 1500h           Training Resumes                                                        Explosives Devices Colombia     National Police)
                                                                               0900h - 0950h    Norway Shootings & Bombing      Insp. Jon Asgarrd
1300h - 1600h        Exhibitor Setup & DELEGATE EARLY                                                                           Oslo Police
                     REGISTRATION        (IBO)                                                  Refreshments
                                                                               0950h - 1010h
1800h - 2000h        Guy Fawkes Lounge Reception &
                                                                               1010h – 1100h    Residential home explosion      Jim McCormick
                     Soak Time – Niagara Room
                                                                                                                                Brantford Fire Chief
                                                                               1100h – 1150h    Canada – Afghanistan brief      Terry Sparks
Tuesday October 16th Halton Room                                               1200h – 1300h    LUNCH
Time               Topic                                   Speaker             1300h – 1350h    Air Transport Security          David O’Sullivan
0730h - 0900h      Late Registration                                           1400h - 1450h    Mexico’s Drug Cartels &         Steve Shelley &
0900h - 1000h      Opening        Mayor, Police Chief, Fire Chief, Military,                    IED’s                           Aladino Ortiz “DINO”
                   Ceremonies Andy Olesen – CETA President, Derick                                                              (ATF)
                                  Ivany – Region VII Director, Rene            1450h - 1510h    Refreshments
                                  Bernklau – International Association of      1510h - 1600h    IABTI Overview & Region         Derick Ivany
                                  CBRNE Technicians.                                            VII Meeting
0930h - 1000h      Refreshments
1000h – 1050h      EDU Response to Chemical Suicide        Sgt. Al Scott        1900h – 2100h DINNER BANQUET – ANTRIUM HALL
                                                           |Peel Police        Thursday October 18th
1100h – 1150h      CBRNE Presentation                      Rene Bernklau
1200h – 1300h      LUNCH                                                       0800h Bus Departs Hotel -Range / Demo Day
1300h – 1350h      Deployable Technical Analysis Lab       LT(N) KP
                   (DTAL)                                  McNamara            SHIPPING EQUIPMENT & MATERIAL
1400h - 1450h      The Effects of IEDs on CF               Lt. Col. Heron      All packages or boxes must be clearly labeled with the following
                   Ammunition Carried in Vehicles                                  information: Conference Name & Date – On-Site Contact ,
                   Deployed in Afghanistan                                     Function Room, Hotel Representative - Number of Boxes (Ex: 1 of 2)
1450h - 1510h      Refreshments                                                FAMILY PROGRAM - Burlington, Ontario, Canada located between
1510h - 1600h      K9 & EOD Round Table Discussion                             Toronto and Niagara Falls (Plan to visit both with Family Program) is
                                                                               a city located in Halton Region at the western end of Lake Ontario.
   1900h - 2100h         INTERNATIONAL NIGHT:                                  Also there will be a tour and lunch in the Niagara Regional area at
                   Guy Fawkes Lounge – Niagara Room                            one of the popular winery’s.
                          K9 TRAC Conference
                               Schedule                                        Wednesday October 17th

                                                                         Time                 Topic                                                 Room
                                                                         0800h-0850h          Luis Cano – (CNP) Fabrication of Improvised           Halton
Monday October 15th Halton Room                                                               Explosives Devices Colombia
                                                                         0900h - 0950h        K9 Applied Chemistry – Diane Botelho                  K9
1300h - 1600h     Exhibitor Setup &                                                           Research Prod. Council Fredericton NB.
                  DELEGATE EARLY                                         0950h - 1010h        Refreshments                                          Halton
                  REGISTRATION        (IBO)                              1010h – 1050h        A candid talk on stimulants, pseudo’s, and            K9
1800h - 2000h     Guy Fawkes Lounge                                                           other compounds manufactured for K9 scent
                  Reception &                                                                 training - Chemist Diane Botelho
                  Soak Time – Niagara Room                               1100h – 1150h        Poisons & the K9,                                     K9
                                                                                              working with your
Tuesday October 16th                                                                          local Vet when
                                                                                              minutes count – Dr.
                                                                                              Paul McNamara
Time              Topic                                         Room
                                                                         1200h – 1300h        Lunch
0730h - 0900h     Late Registration                             Halton
                                                                         1300h – 1350h        K9 Sports/Working Injuries – How long can             K9
0900h - 1000h     Opening Ceremonies                            Halton
                                                                                              your dog really work? – Dr. Paul McNamara
0930h - 1000h     Refreshments
                                                                         1400h - 1450h        Steve Shelley & Aladino Ortiz (ATF)                   Halton
1000h – 1050h     Raw food Diet Considerations                  K9                            Mexico’s Drug Cartels & IED’s from this field
1100h – 1150h     Royal Canin Diet Presents Nutrition           K9
                                                                         1450h - 1510h        Refreshments
                  Options and Current Issues
                                                                         1510h - 1600h        IABTI Overview & Region VII Meeting                   Halton
1200h – 1300h     Lunch
1300h – 1350h     Dog Food Debate Round Table Panel             K9
1400h - 1450h     Sensitivity and the IED: “My dog is big and   K9       Thursday October 18th
                  clumsy, how sensitive are IED’s really?” –
                  Derick Ivany Former Bomb Data Centre &                 0800h Bus Departs Hotel -Range / Demo Day / K9 booth* > Live Scenario demo from
                  Electronics’ Presentation, (RCMP Ret’d)                K9 Detection through to Robot Imaging ending in Robot Disruption.
1450h - 1510h     Refreshments
                                                                         *K9 officers/handlers please take turns at booth to answer questions from our EOD &
1510h - 1600h     K9 & EOD Round Table Discussion:              Halton
                  "Questions Every EOD wanted to know                    Hazmat Colleagues.
                  about K9 and Vice Versa."

1900h - 2100h      INTERNATIONAL NIGHT:
                Guy Fawkes Lounge – Niagara Room
   * Please bring a sample of your country’s favorite beverage.

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