James Bulger: a murder that shocked Britain by 7JYKh68m


									James Bulger: a murder
 that shocked Britain
 Some responses to the case
• Justice for James
• Angel In Heaven
• BBC news
"We must condemn a little more,
  and understand a little less."
• So said John Major
  shortly after the
  murder of James
  Bulger in 1993. He
  was speaking as
  prime minister, but
  his sentiments were
  also those of the
  man in the street.
        When did it happen?
• James Bulger was a
  month from his 3rd
  birthday when he was
  abducted, on a whim,
  and murdered by two
  boys Robert Thompson
  and Jon Venables (both
• James went missing
  while shopping with his
  mum in Bootle’s Strand
  Shopping Centre on 12
  February 1993
       How did it happen?
• James was led away
  from the shopping
  centre while his
  mother was in a
  nearby butcher’s
• The picture,
  captured on CCTV,
  of James being led
  away by hand became
  a famous image
 Why weren’t they stopped?
• After abducting James the boys
  walked him for two and a half miles,
  kicking and punching him as they went
• 38 people saw them, some of whom
  challenged the boy
• They claimed they were looking after
  their younger brother or that James
  was lost and they were taking him to a
  local police station
         How did James die?
• The boys beat him to
  death with bricks and
  an iron bar and left his
  body on a railway line
  where it was
  discovered 2 days later
• After their arrest and
  throughout the trail
  the boys were known
  only as Child A and
  Child B
How could two lads playing truant
from school, commit such a crime?
 • Had they been
   influenced by watching
   horror movies?
 • Were they the product
   of growing up in a poor
   and troubled
 • Or were they evil,
   scheming boys who
   ought to be locked up
   for life?
 What happened to
• In November 1993 the
  boys were convicted of
• They were named by
  the trial judge and
  sentenced to secure
  youth accommodation
  for at least 8 years
• In June 2001 they were
  released on life licence
  and given new, secret
        Where are they now?
• An injunction in England
  & Wales bans reporting of
  Thompson and Venable’s
  new names and locations
• The ban does not apply in
  Scotland, or other
  countries, but despite
  numerous rumours their
  identities have remained
• The memory of this case
  has never faded for
  parents, many of whom
  now keep their children
  much closer while out on
  a shopping trip
   Assessment Task:

 What was the most important
reason for punishing the killers
       of Jamie Bulger?
   What was the most important reason for
    punishing the killers of Jamie Bulger?
• Introduction: outline the details of the case
• Protection: (keep society safe), were the boys a threat to society?
  Did they need protecting from themselves?
• Deterrence: (put others off doing the same), was this a crime that
  would be copied? Would the 8 year sentence put people off such
• Reform: (reform the criminals), were the boys too young to know
  what they had done? Would counselling change their behaviour?
  Could they become normal members of society?
• Retribution: (society taking revenge), should society punish the
  boys to make them pay for what they did? Would this make
  people feel better? Would the boys and others learn from the
  punishment they were given?
• Vindication: (law must be upheld), the boys chose to break the law
  so needed to be punished. Might others do similar crimes if these
  boys had gone unpunished? Would society work if crimes went
• Conclusion: what do you think was the most important reason to
  punish the boys? (e.g.: rehabilitation because the boys had made a
  terrible mistake they had to learn from)

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