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					                            Elementary My Dear Watson                       Name ____________
The solution to the mystery that follows depends on your knowledge of chemical elements, symbols, and
names. If a symbol is given, substitute the name of that element; if the name is given, substitute the
symbol. The names of compounds may also be symbolized by formulas, look in your book if you know
them not. Do not fail me, good children. The solution must be in my hands no later than Friday, or the
consequences could be devastating for your grade!

       T’was the week after President’s day, when Inspector (Boron + Oxygen + Tungsten
+ Iodine + Carbon) __Bowic __ came to me with a most distraught gentleman in tow.
(Helium) ______ explained that the gentleman had purchased several pieces of (Ag)
__________ and (Au)____________ jewelry for his wife [or mistress, (iodine) ____
surmised], which had disappeared during a street (Carbon + Argon) ________ ride
[(nobelium) _______ doubt to go see (hydrogen + erbium) __________!].
       The victim interrupted with "You must (Fe) ___________ this out before Spring
Break Mr. (Ho) _________________! I will not (Fe2O3) _____________ until the jewels are
recovered and the culprit made to (S) _____________ as (iodine) _____ have this day!
(holmium + tungsten) ____________ dare someone (sulfur + tellurium + aluminum)
________________ from me! I'd gladly (Ba) ________________ with the fishes and watch
him (Zn) __________ in the Thames!"
       By this time, Bowic seemed eager to (beryllium) ______ rid (oxygen + fluorine )
_______ our pompous victim, as (tungsten + arsenic) __________ (iodine) _____. (Indium)
_________ private, the Inspector complained he was feeling pretty (silicon + carbon +
potasium) ____________________ and wanted the theft cleared (uranium + phosphorus)
____________ (tungsten + helium + nitrogen) __________________ he failed. (Sulfur +
oxygen) _________ it was a good thing I had the (calcium + selenium) _____________
already solved. (Iodine) _____ (potassium + neon + tungsten) ______________ from the
very start.
       Informed of this, the Inspector cried, "(Sulfur + oxygen) __________ fast!
(Hydrogen + oxygen + tungsten)____________ ?!" My only reply (tungsten + arsenic)
_________ that he meet me after (Iodine) ____ ‘d armed, and carrying a (Ni) ____________
(Astatine) ________ dusk, the Inspector and (iodine) _____ rode the next to last streetcar of
the day to the end (oxygen + fluorine) ___________ the line, a little place called the Hotel
(Cf) _______________________. I used Bowic’s (Ni) ________________ to pay my fare.
       (Indium) _________ the deserted (Am) _____________ Inn I found room number
(Sn) ______________ and climbed inside. Guessing that the culprit was tired and wanted to
sit (Pb) ______________ me to examine that seat, and I found scratches on the
(F) ______________. Prying (uranium + phosphorus) _______________ a loose piece of
(F) _____________ , I found the missing (Ag) ___________ and (Au) ______________
jewelry in a (boron + silver) ____________ .
       I substituted worthless (Fe) _________ pyrite to simulate the (rhenium + aluminum)
______________ articles, and replaced the (boron + silver) ______________ under the
(F) _______________. The Inspector and (iodine) ______ then concealed ourselves to await
the thief. Nearly dozing (oxygen + 2 fluorine) _____________, I was startled by the sound
of footsteps echoing (indium) _____ the deserted (hydrogen + aluminum)
       A shadow entered apartment number (Sn) ______________ drinking a glass of
(dihydrogen monoxide) ________________and I heard the (F) _____________ being lifted,
a brief silence, then an expletive and "The jewels (Ar) __________ !" The Inspector yelled
"Police!" and I yelled "(Cs) _____________ as we both jumped onto the suspect. After a
brief struggle, the Inspector had his (Ne) ______________ the culprit, (tungsten +
holmium) ______________ was subdued and handcuffed.
       I turned (oxygen + nitrogen) ___________ the room light and beheld a uniform
(oxygen + fluorine) ______________ blue with (bromine + arsenic + sulfur) ___________
buttons. "(Ho) __________________ !" exclaimed the Inspector, "It's the
(Cu) _____________s " Of course, "I replied, "it's elementary, Inspector. He's a
(Si) ______________ who found his comedy routine impersonating a (Cu) _____________
in prison to (beryllium) ________ infinitely (molybdenum + rhenium) ______________
rewarding on the outside…almost."

Your next task my fine students, is to write about your own adventure (using a similar style
as that above). Your story must be of comparable length and contain no less than 30
element-name blank spaces. Should you desire to pass this assignment, I must have your
story in my hand no later than one week from today. Sorry if this causes you (Carbon +
Oxygen + Nitrogen + Fluorine + Uranium + Sulfur + Iodine + Oxygen + Nitrogen)
____________________. 

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