Development Officers and Donor Relations staff to determine the by HC12110614845


									                                                                              Possible Guests

Group                                       Est.   Contact for Updated List
UW Administration
Board of Governors                          36     Tracy Dietrich x36125
Office of Research                          7      Elizabeth Harnum x33432
Waterloo Advisory Council                   40     Sandra Shantz x33926
Executive/Deans Council                     62     Christine Ledbury x36064
Offices of Development and Alumni Affairs          Cathy Cooper x36986
Communications & Public Affairs (C&PA)             Linda Howe x33580
Former Presidents                           3      Linda Howe x33580
     Dr. James Downey                   
     Dr. Douglas Wright
Institutes and Interest Groups
Information and Communications Technology   20     Cynthia Kinnunen x35136
Institute for Computer Research (ICR)       162    Jean Webster x35076
Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC)       14
                                                                       Or contact:
                                                   Wendy Reibel x37201
Federation of Students Executive            4
Undergraduate Societies & Clubs          
Graduate Student Association             
Student Award Recipients                           Undergraduate: Brenda Denomme x36042
                                                   Graduate: Ranjana Bird x33439
Elected Officials
Federal                                     1      Linda Howe x33580
Provincial                                  2
Municipal/Regional                          3

UW Event Planning Manual
Last Updated: 06/11/2012
                                                                                          Possible Guests

Note: If government officials (Ministers and above) are attending:
    Inform Al Binns, UW Police (x35992,
    Inform Nancy Heide, Associate Director, Public Affairs (x33276,, and ask
        about flag protocol

Note: If VIP guests are attending:
    Host/escort them at all times while on campus. Meet them in the parking lot or building entrance
        when they arrive and escort them to their destination(s). This responsibility can be delegated to the
        Dean/Chair/VP or event organizer, if necessary.

 UW Event Planning Manual
 Last Updated: 06/11/2012

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