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Big Bushy Mustache - Download as DOC by kAK6G7


									Name _____________________                 #_______
 1.     What city does officer Buckle work for?
 A      Sleepville
 B      Napville
 C      Toppelville
 2. What does Officer Buckle talk about when he
    gives his speeches?
 A Safety awareness
 B Drug awareness
 C How to train your dog.
 3. What does the word “plenty” mean in this
    sentence? “He said the rest of the tips with
    plenty of expression.”
 A A funny face
 B A lot of
 C An angry face
 4. Why was the audience laughing and enjoying
    Officer Buckle’s speech?
 A He was telling jokes.
 B He was wearing funny shoes.
 C His dog was doing tricks.
 5. After every speech, what did Office Buckle
    get his dog?
 A Hot dogs
 B Ice cream
 C A dog bone
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6.   How did Officer Buckle get his dog?
A    He found her.
B    He got her at the animal shelter.
C    The police department bought her.
7. What is one way you would NOT describe
A Lazy
B Smart
C funny
8. Which question is best asked on page 38 for
   clarifying what will happen in the rest of
   the story?
18 Will being on television make Officer Buckle happy?
B Why does Gloria jump up?
C Where did Gloria come from?
9.   Page 46 tells mainly about…
A    Why you should eat pudding carefully.
B    Napville School’s biggest accident ever.
C    The safe way to hold onto a hammer.
10 Why did Claire write, “Don’t worry I was
   wearing my helmet”?
A She had an accident on her bike.
B The helmet stopped a hammer from hitting her head.
C She fell off a swivel chair onto her head.

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