April 10, 2006

ANNOUNCEMENT: In compliance with Chapter 231. Public Law 1975, adequate
notice of the meeting was made. It is included in the Annual Meetings posted on the
bulletin board in the Municipal Center. Copies have been mailed to the PRESS
JOURNAL, the BERGEN RECORD and the SUBURBANITE. A copy has been filed
with the Borough Clerk and copies have been mailed to individuals requesting the same.

Date: 4/10/06         Time of Meeting: 8:02pm       Location: Municipal Center

Members Present:
(M) X Mayor Hoelscher
(1) X Councilman Shortal                     (4) X Councilwoman Ryan
(2) X Councilwoman Dunlea                    (5) X Councilwoman Budinich
(3) X Councilman Pedersen                    (6) X Councilman Betancourt

X Susan S. Nelson, Deputy Borough Clerk

The following is a list of subjects covered, actions taken and a record of any votes.
Suspend Regular Order of Business
Councilman Shortal made a motion to suspend the regular order of business and open the
meeting to public discussion. Upon second by Councilwoman Ryan and without
discussion, motion carried without dissenting vote.                                  6-0

Michael Neglia – Engineering Update
Mr. Neglia reported on the following:
    - He noted the jogging path plans with restrictions (wetlands issues) and routes.
[* Due to a large crowd in the small room, the meeting was moved to the large room.]
    - Composting facility: he feels that once the DEP accepts the new delineation
       (which he feels they will), it shows that our plans are correct and that we did not
       put the facility into wetlands.
    - Martha Road - he noted that AFR will be performing construction inspections on
       this project.
    - Swim Club Bridge – the target date is between September and next year’s season.
       The bridge is in good shape. Chris Oakes, Fire Department Chief, asked about
       fire trucks – Michael Neglia replied it is structurally sound and wide enough for
       slow speeds.

Chris Oakes – Fire Department
Mr. Oakes gave his monthly report. He listed drills, mutual aid calls, classes taken,
events attended, and programs “given”.
Councilwoman Dunlea asked about the babysitting class – Chief Oakes will advise her
after he speaks to the Fire Prevention Bureau (Mr. Simpson runs this program).
Councilman Betancourt asked the Chief which trucks he has used at the Swim Club (all
of them) and how tight it was (tight, but manageable).

Bob Cavagnet, 18 Pine Place – spoke about an item from the newsletter, an item in the
budget – the Wayside Horns. He wanted to know more about this and if it was ever
discussed in open forum.
The Mayor explained that the volume of calls received by Council complaining about the
train horns had prompted the investigation into Quiet Zones and ultimately into Wayside
Horns. The Mayor noted that he had asked Mr. Hunken to attend the meeting to explain
this issue. Mr. Hunken spoke about the whole issue, as well as the pros and cons of quiet
zones including federal and state funding, and legislative support – specifically
Congressman Garrett, who is in favor of it – and the support of the neighboring towns.

Stanley Lowe, 542 Lafayette Road – asked about the annual maintenance costs. Mr.
Hunken thought CSX has to maintain, Mr. Lowe disagreed and said the town is
responsible. The Mayor said he would get the number, which was mentioned at a
meeting of the mayors.
Agenda Meeting
April 10, 2006
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Councilwoman Ryan noted that she did not remember discussing this budget item.
Mayor Hoelscher disagreed. Councilman Betancourt felt that Councilwoman Ryan was
correct about this line item. The Mayor apologized for the obvious oversight, which
definitely was discussed by the finance chair, himself and the CFO after many
discussions in Council on this subject. Councilwoman Ryan feels that budgeting for it
will not be an advantage for us and other towns to get federal or state funding as
legislators will see it budgeted and will feel that we can afford it. She asked about the
liability. Mr. Hunken believes it will fall to CSX as they have the option to blow the
horns if they see a situation that warrants it.
A brief discussion continued regarding the best ways to put pressure on the legislation for

Recess                                                                      9:06pm
Resumed meeting                                                             9:12pm

Resume Regular Order of Business
Councilman Pedersen moved to close the meeting to public discussion and resume the
regular order of business. Upon second by Councilman Shortal and without discussion,
motion carried without dissenting vote.                                        6-0

Committee Reports
Councilman Shortal had no report.

Councilwoman Dunlea reported on the following:
      -Comedy Night raised $15,000 for the field signs.
      -The hut renovation is scheduled to start in a week or two.
      -The Baseball/Softball parade is this Saturday (this is the raindate).
      -The code of conduct and revised rules are ready for this month’s meeting.
      -The 5-year plan is moving along.

They did not meet – next month is the next meeting.

Interboro Radio
Councilman Pedersen introduced the following resolution:

WHEREAS, the Borough of Harrington Park has determined that it will be beneficial to
the residents of Harrington Park to participate in an Interlocal Services Agreement with
Alpine, Closter, Demarest, Haworth, Northvale, and Norwood for Interborough Police
Communications; and

WHEREAS, the Interlocal Services Agreement for the formation of the Interborough
Regional Police Communications Network is hereby accepted.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and Council of the Borough
of Harrington Park, County of Bergen, State of New Jersey as follows:

       1.      The Mayor, Borough Clerk or such other authorized person shall execute
               the “Interborough Regional Police Communications Network agreement
               with the Boroughs of Alpine, Closter, Demarest, Haworth, Northvale, and
               Norwood for the shared services of Interborough Police Communications.

Upon second by Councilman Shortal and without comment or discussion, Resolution was
adopted on roll call vote as presented, all Council members present voting in the
affirmative.                                                               Vote: 6-0
Agenda Meeting
April 10, 2006
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Approved: April 10, 2006

                                                      Mayor Hoelscher

Councilman Pedersen noted that he, Chief Moppert, and Officer Barbieri had reviewed
the various locations for traffic ordinance changes – he will give a revised list in the next
few weeks. A discussion followed on this issue, especially about Downing and Martha
The Councilman noted he had received a letter from a resident on a traffic ticket issue.

Board of Education
Councilwoman Ryan reported that Mr. Frank Seery and Mr. Scott Davies had concerns
on any school issue traffic changes. Councilman Pedersen said that Spring Street is
going to be addressed as a one-way street during drop-off hours.
Councilwoman Ryan asked about enforcing the signs placed on the school grounds by the
Board of Education (this is not a public roadway, so the police cannot enforce signs
placed there by the Board of Ed).
The Councilwoman noted that the Board of Ed office got their Certificate of Occupancy
and will be vacating the trailer – does Council want it? The consensus was no.

The Councilwoman also reported on the following:
      -History Day was held on Saturday – about 60 people attended. The pie contest
      was won by John Gibbons.
      -The Councilwoman said that John Gonnelli called her about the Smile Forever
      Foundation for Harrington Park and other towns’ families with cancer and/or
      other disabilities. He is holding a walkathon at Pascack Valley Hospital on June
      11 at 9:30am. Would Council support/publicize this?
      -The newly proposed Bergen County detention center site was turned down – if
      they cannot find another appropriate site, it will go back to Rockleigh.

Councilwoman Budinich noted that the DPW was loaned a front-end loader for a trial run
from the company he is buying from – he was pleased with it.
The Councilwoman reported that Martha Road was being worked on today. The Mayor
asked her to check with Mark on possible roads that need work (as noted in the 2004
Bond Ordinance).
Mayor Hoelscher asked the Councilwoman and Councilman Pedersen to see about the
school crossing sign to make sure it works (a resident had complained).

Planning Board
Councilman Betancourt noted that the tree ordinance has been revised – all will need to
review it for next week. A brief discussion ensued.

Construction Office
The Councilman remarked that Joe Zavardino has been working out well –
updating/changing certain things to streamline processes in the office.

Councilman Shortal asked about the drainage between Lynn Street and Higgins Place.
The Mayor asked to have Mark Kiernan check with the county on what can be done.

Signboard issues
The Mayor has been in contact with Millennium Signs about a customer who might be
interested in buying our sign. Also, possibly the Norwood Fire Department might want
it. Otherwise, signboards to consider are like those in Closter or Old Tappan.

Agenda Meeting
April 10, 2006
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Mayor Hoelscher mentioned that the Harrington Park School and students want to do
something to honor Harold Mulligan at his corner in May or June. They will advise us.
The Northern Valley Old Tappan play cast and crew chiefs, and the NVOT boys’
basketball team were invited to next week’s meeting for a presentation.

Closed Session
Councilman Pedersen moved to go into Executive Session for reasons of personnel. Upon
second by Councilman Betancourt and without discussion, motion carried without
dissenting vote.                                                         6-0
                                                                         9:53 pm
Open to Public
Councilman Pedersen made a motion to return to open session. Upon second by
Councilman Shortal and without discussion, motion carried without dissenting vote.
                                                                         10:21 pm
Councilman Pedersen moved for adjournment. Upon second by Councilman Betancourt
and without discussion or comment, motion was carried without dissenting vote.
                                                                         10:22 pm

Minutes taken by S. Nelson, Deputy Borough Clerk


Agenda Meeting
April 10, 2006
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