TENDER NOTICE

         No.60/QM(S0)/2003-2004            Dated :14th August 2003

   Sealed quotations are invited from the authorized dealers/suppliers

/rate contract firms of DGS&D for supply of the following uniform

articles for the use of A&N Police Force during the year 2003-2004. The

quotations addressed to the Inspector General of Police, A&N Islands,

Port Blair, should be sent by registered post to the Office of the Deputy

Superintendent of Police, (Armed Police), Police Line, Port Blair, before 4th


1. Jungle boot (Canvas Anklet Boot                 -     Per pair.
   Rubber sole size (6 to 11 inches)
   Specification:- “Bata Hind”

2. Terri-cotton cloth Khaki (Polyester Cotton      -     Per metre
   suiting Dyad Khaki)
   Specification: IS; 11248-85 (S.Kumar
   Bombay Dyeing and Siyaram)

3. Cloth cotton Drill Died Mineral Khaki           -     Per metre.
   width – 70/Cms.
   Specification:- Is : 177-1977 (BINNY)

4. Cotton Cloth Cellular Shirting Khaki            -     Per metre.
   width – 81/84 Cms.
   Specification: 1144-1980 (BINNY)

5. Waterproof coat Duck Back with cap full         -     each
   sleeves, belts, 2 pockets single texture rubber
   top in Khaki colour Ex-large.

6. Shocks woolen Khaki.                            -     Per pair
   Specification: G/Tex/W.70/1993

7. Jersey woolen Khaki ‘Y’ shape.
   Specification : G/Tex/W-69/1992                 -     each

8. Groundsheet M.K.XII, O.G. quality –I            -   each
   Grade-A for rubber Texture rubberized
   fabric O.G.

9. Canvas shoe brown rubber sole.                  -   Per pair
   Specification : No.IND/TC/3758(t) (Bata,

10.   Boot ankle black, leather sole general       -   Per pair.
      Specification : No.Is : 583-1981 with
      Nylon lace black 90 Cms.

11.   Blanket woolen barrack type ‘A’ natural      -   each
      Gray (CAT No.7210-000, 007)

12.   Boot ankle brown leather sole general        -   Per pair.
      Specification : No. Is: 583-1981 with
       Nylon lace brown, 90 Cms.

13.   Anklet web black with brass buckles          -   Per pair.

14.   Ammunition Pouch black, single pocket        -   Per pair.
      with single left and right.

15.   Impregnated mosquito nets.                   -   each
      size (92x183x138 Cms.)

16.    Beret cap Khaki.                            -   each.
      Specification : Is: 5085-1976 size 6 to 7
      Inches (Export Quality).

17.   Belt leather black with buckle length        -   each.
      130 Cms., 135 Cms., & 140 Cms.

18.    Beret cap dark blue with black round        -   each.
      flash size 6 to 7 Inches (Export Quality).

19.   Brasso tin 100 ml. (metal polish)            -   each.

20.   Cap badge made of white metal A&NP           -   each.

21.   Canvas shoe white rubber sole.           -       Per pair.
      Specification : No.IND/TC/3758 (t) Bata,


22.   Hawaii Chappal (size 6 to 11 Inches)        -   Per pair.
      (Bata or Hind)

23.   Kit bag O.G. colour size H-40’’ and round -     each.
      shape in width 20’’.

24.   Hackles Red & Blue                          -   each.

25.   Jungle hat khaki with eyelids and strap     -   each.
      size 20 to 23 Inches (Superior quality)

26.   Mess tin Aluminium inner & outer            -   Per set.

27.   Mosquito Cream odomas-50 mm tube            -   each.

28.   Peak cap khaki Gabardine, IPS pattern       -   each.

29.   P.T.Vest white half sleeves 90,95 &         -   each.
      100 Cms.

30.   Revolver holster leather brown with sling   -   each.

31.   Rifle sling web black with brass buckles    -   each.
      and hooks length 112 Cms.

32.   Shoulder Badge in Hindi Script.             -   Per pair.

33.    Shoe Black leather plain top with heel     -   Per pair
      top toe size 6 to 11 Inches Bata or Hind.

34.   Revolver lanyard Khaki.                     -   each.

35.   Shoe brown leather officer pattern Bata     -   Per pair.
      or Hind size 6 to 11 Inches.

36.   Sam brown boot leather (Cross Belt) with -      each.
      white metal fittings length 135, 140 & 145
      Cms. (Upper Subordinates.)

37.   Whistle khaki Sicilian khaki double line    -   each.
      Superior quality.

38.   Whistle Metropolitan white metal.           -   each.

39.   Shocks cotton, Blue                          -   Per pair.

40.   Whistle cord, Silkan Red, double line        -   each.
      superior quality.

41.   Web belt black with buckles/place made -         each.
      of white metal length 130, 135 & 140 Cms.

42.   Water bottle with sling.                     -   each.

43.   Terri cotton white shirting for blouse.      -   per mtr.

44.   Terri cotton khaki shirting for blouse.      -   per mtr.

45.   Saree O.G. garden Silk each 5 ½ mtrs.        -   each.

46.   Saree khaki Garden Silk each 5 ½ mtrs.       -   each.

47.   Sandal for ladies, leather black with strap -    Per pair.
      size 5 to 9 Bata or Hind.

48.   Long cloth O.G. for petty cot.               -   Per mtr.

49.   Long cloth khaki for petty cot.              -   per mtr.

50.    Suiting Navy Blue, superior quality         -   Per mtr.
      (S.Kumar, Bombay dyeing and Siyaram)

51.   Suiting white supreme quality (S.Kumar)      -   Per mtr.
      Bombay Dyeing and Siyaram

52.   Anklet web white with buckle                 -   Per pair.

53.    Jodhpur boot, black light ankle plain toe   -   Per pair.
      with heel and tipped toe size 6 to 10

54.   Gumboot in black colour Duck Buck, Bata, -       Per pair.
      Hind size 7 to 11 mtr.

55.   Lanyard maroon silken double line            -   each.

56.   Whistle Thunder                              -   each.

57.   Fireman Axe with insulated handle.           -   each.

58.    Fireman Pouch with Cotton rope.            -      each.

59.    Black boot polish, Cherry Blossom supe-    -      each.
       rior Not blend 40 grms.

60.    Bar soaps 501 Mysore Bar.                  -      each.

61.    Cheverance for NCOs (Red Colour with       -      Per pair.
       Blue dark bottom.)


     1. The rate should be quoted for supply of above items to the
       Inspector General of Police, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Port
       Blair. And the quotation should reach within 15 days along with
       the sample of each items quoted in your quotation from the date of
       publication of this tender notice.
2.     The quotations without production of samples will not be
       considered. The rate should be inclusive of sale Tax. Freight,
       packing and all other charges.

3.     The rate quoted will be valid up to 31/3/03 and the department
       will not have any responsibility for hike in price. The stores should
       be supplied within a month or earlier at Port Blair from the date of
       issue of firm supply order.

4.     Earnest money of Rs.20, 000/- (Rupees Twenty Thousand Only)
       draft by way of call deposit in the S.B.I or any other scheduled
       bank in favour of IGP, A&N Islands, is to be Port Blair, be sent
       along with the tender by Registered Post. Cash/cheque will not be
       accepted. Tenders without having call deposit will be rejected.

5.     The earnest money deposit will be kept as security deposit. If the
       stores are not supplied in accordance with the accepted sample,
       entire stores will be rejected by the Departmental Purchasing
       Committee after inspection.

6.   The quotation box will be opened on 21/10/02 in presence of the
     representatives of the firm participating at 4 PM at Police Line, in
     the office of the Deputy Superintendent of Police (AP)

7.   The department reserves the right to accept or reject any quotation
     without assigning any reason thereof.

                              For INSPECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE
                                          A& N ISLANDS

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