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					                                        International Office
                                        Survival Guide for
                                        International Exchange Students

                                            Table of Contents

                                      About Us                                        2
                                       Augsburg, an Overview                               2
                                       Time in & Time out                                  2
                                       The Augsburg University of Applied Sciences         3
                                       The International Office                            5

                                      Before You Leave Home
                                       Your Application                               6
                                       Planning your Accommodation                         6
                                       Checklist before you Leave Home                     6

                                      Your Stay In Augsburg                           8
                                       How to get to Augsburg
                                       Your Accommodation                                  8
                                       How to get to the University                        8
                                       Orientation Programme                               8
                                       Registration with the German Authorities            9
                                       Other Student Services                              9

                                      Key Information                                12
                                       Important Dates and Deadlines
                                       Departmental Co-ordinators
                                       Socrates Institutional Details
                                       How to get to the University
                                       Orientation on the Campus
                                       Student Application Form

Hochschule Augsburg University of Applied Sciences                                             Contents | Survival Guide 1
                                      About Us

                                      Augsburg, an Overview

                                            With a population of approximately 300 000, Augsburg is Bavaria’s third largest
                                            city. A dynamic mix of old and new, the city is a thriving centre of industry with an
                                            impressive cultural heritage.
                                            Augsburg is one of Germany’s oldest cities, founded more than 2000 years ago by
                                            the Emperor Augustus at the meeting place of the rivers Lech and Wertach. A ma-
                                            jor trading post during the Roman Empire, the city continued to prosper up to and
                                            through the Middle Ages. With the help of Emperor Maximilian I and the influence
                                            of two local families, the Welsers and the Fuggers, Augsburg became the ‘Wall
                                            Street’ of the Renaissance. Under their patronage the city was also renowned as a
                                            meeting place for the famous artists, sculptors and musicians of the day. It was in
                                            Augsburg in 1555 that Protestants were first granted the right to worship freely, a
                                            turning point in European history. The city also experienced vast industrial growth
                                            in the 19th and 20th centuries with the Diesel Motor, the Messerschmitt Jet, and the
                                            Linde refrigeration system being invented in Augsburg.

                                            Partner cities:
                                            Bourges, Inverness, Amagasaki, Nagahama, Dayton, Liberec, Jinan

                                      Time in & Time out

                                            Augsburg is a university city. ‘Home from home’ to a combined total of over 17.000
                                            students from the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences (HS), the University of
                                            Augsburg and the Music Academy, the city offers many facilites for students.
                                            Getting to know Augsburg is easy, with a number of guided tours on offer and of-
                                            ficial ‘walks’ well sign-posted. The original Roman walls are still standing in many
                                            places and have been successfully integrated into some of the cities newer struc-
                                            tures. Augsburg boasts an inspiring variety of architectural styles including Elias
                                            Holl’s town hall (Renaissance), the Schaezler Palais (Rokoko) and the Fuggerei
                                            (Europe’s first social housing scheme). The Augsburg Synagogue, seen by many as
                                            the most beautiful in Europe, is also well worth a visit.
                                            As you would expect from the home-town of the Mozart family and birthplace of

Hochschule Augsburg University of Applied Sciences                                                                          About Us | Survival Guide 2
                                            Bertholt Brecht there’s a lot on offer for Culture Vultures, from open-air theatre and
                                            cinema to music recitals in the ‘Goldener Saal’, not to mention the galleries and
                                            For those who enjoy the great outdoors, there’s a limitless supply of breath-taking
                                            countryside surrounding the city. The Alps, including Germany’s highest peak the
                                            Zugspitze (2962 m/9720 ft), are a short train-ride away, providing plenty of opportu-
                                            nities to indulge in both winter and summer sports.
                                            Café culture flourishes in Augsburg from the bustle of Maximillian Strasse to the
                                            canals and cobble-stoned lanes of the old town centre. There’s a busy nightlife ran-
                                            ging from clubs and bars to restaurants and cafes, al fresco in summer.
                                            Pretty much every taste is catered for with cuisine ranging from traditional Bavarian
                                            to European and Asian.
                                            Munich, with its many museums, and busy social scene, not to mention the world-
                                            famous Oktoberfest, is a mere 30 minutes away by train.

                                      The Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

                                            In 1971, in order to broaden the choice of higher education in Germany, a new
                                            kind of university was established, the University of Applied Sciences or Fachhoch-
                                            schule (FH). The Hochschule aims, through high standards of academic and
                                            practical training, to prepare students for a successful career in a broad range
                                            of professions. This new model proved and continues to be very successful. The
                                            Augsburg University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1971, as one of the first
125                    Professors           „Fachhochschulen“ in Bavaria, replacing both the Academy of Arts (orig. 1710) and
128              non-academic staff         the Rudolf Diesel Polytechnic (orig. 1833). The campus, situated in the centre of
4,000             students of which
323                foreign students         the city, encompasses five main building complexes.

Administration                                          School of Business                               Department of Computer Science

Engineering Departments                                 Library Building                                 Department of Design

Hochschule Augsburg University of Applied Sciences                                                                              About Us | Survival Guide 3
                                            The Augsburg University of Applied Sciences offers the following studies:

                                            Undergraduate Degree Courses
                                            • Architecture (BA)
                                            • Business Studies (BA)
                                            • Civil Engineering (BA)
                                            • Communication Design (BA)
                                            • Computer Engineering (BA)
                                            • Computer Science (BA)
                                            • Computer Science for Economists (BA)
                                            • Electrical Engineering (BA)
                                            • Environmental Engineering (BA)
                                            • International Management (BA)
                                            • Mechanical Engineering (BA)
                                            • Mechatronics (BA)
                                            • Interactive Media (BA)

                                            Postgraduate Degree Courses
                                            • Computer Science (MSc)
                                            • Civil Engineering (MEng)
                                            • Design and Communication Strategy (MA)
                                            • International Business and Finance (MA)
                                            • Interactive Media Systems (MA)
                                            • Project Management (Civil Engineering) (MEng)
                                            • Technology Management (MEng)
                                            • Energy Efficiency Design (MEng)

                                            For additional information please consult our general web page:
                                            or the page of the International Office:

Hochschule Augsburg University of Applied Sciences                                                                      About Us | Survival Guide 4
                                     The International Office
                                           An der Hochschule 1
                                           Secretary Room: B 2.15
                                           Daily: 9 am to 12 am
                                           Phone: +49 821 55 86-3552
                                           Fax: +49 821 55 86-3207

                                           German Language Studies
                                           An der Hochschule 1
                                           Room: B 3.10
                                           Daily: 9 am to 12 am
                                           Phone: +49 821 55 86-3323
                                           Fax: +49 821 55 86-3207

                                                                                                                 Your Team in the
                                                                                                                 International Office
                                                                                                                  Alisa Wessels
                                                                                                                  International Advisor (Incoming Students)

                                                                                                                  Claudia Plener

                                                                                                                  Adrian Bieniec
                                                                                                                  International Advisor (Outgoing Students)

                                                                                                                  Lena Leznova
                                                                                                                  Foreign Students Advisor
                                                                                                                  Ingrid Hahn-Eisenhardt
                                                                                                                  Director International Office

                                                                                                                  Heidi Matthiessen
                                                                                                                  Director German Language Studies

                                                                                                                 Oksana Wladarsch
                                                                                                                 Advisor for German Studies

                                           Due to the wide range of exchange study it is difficult to list all the services we provide.
                                           Our aim is to make a student’s stay in Augsburg as enjoyable and successful
                                           as possible by responding to individual needs. In 2003 the International Office of
                                           our university was presented an award from the Bavarian Ministry of Science, Research and
                                           Culture for our outstanding services to foreign students.

                                           Specific functions
                                           By establishing and maintaining bilateral agreements with other universities we aim
                                           to learn from our international partners.
                                           We facilitate the exchange of students and professors under the European Eras-
                                           mus Programme by processing applications, arranging accommodation
                                           and co-ordinating finances. The university was one of the pioneer members of Eras-
                                           mus, joining the programme in 1987.
                                           Our language department provides German language training and accreditation.

                                           Partner Universities
                                           We are pleased to have partnership agreements with over 100 learning institutions
                                           worldwide. For further details please see:

Hochschule Augsburg University of Applied Sciences                                                                           About Us | Survival Guide 5
                                      Before You Leave Home

                                      Your Application

                                            The Student Application Form (attached and online) should be completed and re-
                                            turned, along with the other information listed, to the International Office. Please
                                            phone the International Office if you have any questions.
                                            Ms Alisa Wessels
                                            Phone: +49 821 55 86-3204

                         The following documents are required:
                          • Application Form (online)
                          • Learning Agreement
                          • Curriculum Vitae (in German if possible)
                          • One recent passport photograph
                         Application deadlines
                          • June 15th for the winter semester (term begins October 1st)
                          • November 15th for the summer semester (term begins March 15th)

                                            When you receive a place you will be notified (usually by e-Mail) approximately 4-5
                                            weeks after the application deadline has expired.

                                      Planning your Accommodation

                                            The cost of living in Augsburg is much cheaper than in Munich, however, there is a
                                            shortage of suitable student accommodation. The Augsburg University of Applied
                                            Sciences do not have its own dormitory or halls of residence. Organisations,
                                            such as the Studentenwerk, provide the university with a certain number of rooms.
                                            We are responsible for these rooms and expect our students to leave the property
                                            in good condition. As long as there are no reports of damage, your deposit will be
                                            refunded to you after you return to your home country. The residence owner (not
                                            the International Office) will send you a bank transfer or cheque. The average rent
                                            costs approximately 200 Euro per month.
                                            The International Office may only lease for a period of six months at a time. Leases
                                            can be signed for the following periods: March 1 to August 31 and September 1

                        Please note
                         • Reservations may only be made within the official application procedure by
                           the International Office.
                         • Application for rooms may not be made in person at the various residences.

                                            February 28 the following year
                                            You are of course free to organize other accommodation independently. The Stu-
                                            dentenwerk (The Student Welfare and Housing Association) will help you with pri-
                                            vate addresses.
                                            Studentenwerk Augsburg – Wohnungsverwaltung
                                            Universitätsstrasse 2
                                            86159 Augsburg
                                            Tel. +49 821 589-4918

Hochschule Augsburg University of Applied Sciences                                                                           At Home | Survival Guide 6
                        Checklist before you Leave Home

                                         Accommodation details
                                         You will have received this information along with your notification
                                         of acceptance. (If not please contact the International Office.)

                                         Deposit for your accommodation
                                         This should have been paid in advance by bank transfer. (See
                                         your notification of acceptance).

                                         You will need this in order to register with the German authorities.

                                         Passport Photos
                                         Please bring a minimum of four with you. They will be required for
                                         various purposes.

                                         EU Students: you should have obtained a health insurance card
                                         (EHIC 111 previously known as E111-E128)
                                         Non EU Students: you should bring your insurance certificate with
                                         you. Please discuss this with a member of the International Office
                                         during your Orientation Week.

                                         Proof of financial support
                                         Non EU-students only: a letter confirming a scholarship, grant
                                         or family contribution. You must receive at least 500 Euro per
                                         month. You will need this in order to register with the authorities
                                         in Germany.

Hochschule Augsburg University of Applied Sciences                                                              At Home | Survival Guide 7
                                      Your Stay In Augsburg

                                      How to get to Augsburg

                                            The nearest airport is Munich/München / MUC. In the airport you should familiarize
                                            yourself with the Central Area, Hall A, and the bus stop. The bus travels six times
                                            daily between Munich Airport and Augsburg. You can also take the S-Bahn either to
                                            Munich-Pasing or Munich Hbf (Hbf = Hauptbahnhof, main station). From there, you
                                            will have to travel to the ‘Augsburg Hauptbahnhof ’. There are at least two trains to
                                            Augsburg every hour. After a 30 to 45 minute trip by train you will arrive in Augs-
                                            burg. We suggest stowing your belongings in a locker at the main station in Augs-
                                            burg. This will make your orientation easier.

                                      Your Accommodation

                                            You will have received all the relevant housing information before leaving your home
                                            country. This will enable you to make an appointment with the caretaker of the stu-
                                            dent residence to get your key and move into your room.
                                            Caretakers are generally available Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 12.00 and from
                                            14.00 to 16.00.

                            If you are too late or if you arrive during the weekend
                            the Augsburg Youth Hostel will help you with
                            accommodation for the first night(s):

                            Jugendherberge Augsburg
                            Unterer Graben 6
                            Phone: +49 821 78 08 89-0

                            Other cheap accommodation:
                            Pension Märkl
                            Schillstraße 20
                            Phone: +49 821 79 14 99

                                      How to get to the University

                                            Hochschule Augsburg
                                            An der Hochschule 1
                                            International Office (Building B)
                                            Room: B 3.09, 2st floor
                                            Phone: +49 821 55 86-3204
                                            Fax: +49 821 55 86-3207

                                            You will find maps of the city and the way to the University in the back of the folder.
                                            The Youth Hostel is marked ‘YH’ on the City map.

                                            Further information on:

Hochschule Augsburg University of Applied Sciences                                                                       In Augsburg | Survival Guide 8
                                      Orientation Programme

                                            We expect our exchange students to arrive in Augsburg for the Orientation Pro-
                                            gramme one week prior to the start of the lectures.

                        The academic year consists of two semesters
                         • The winter semester lectures starting on Oct 1st
                           (Examination period from end January until mid February)
                         • The summer semester lectures starting on March 15th
                           (Examination period from early July until end of July)

                                            The day when the Orientation Programme starts you should go to the International
                                            • Take the Straßenbahnlinie 3 (tram line 3) from the Hauptbahnhof
                                              (central station) in the direction of Inninger Straße to
                                              „Fachhochschule/Protestantischer Friedhof“ on Haunstetter Straße.
                                            • Cross the road at the pedestrian lights and face left, with the railway bridge
                                              behind you.
                                            • Proceed a very short distance and turn right on to a street called
                                            • Building B is located at the other end of the road.

                                            The International Office and the students of our SWOP team (Student Welcome
                                            and Orientation Project) will welcome you and help you with all the bureaucratic
                                            paperwork (sign the lease, open a bank account, go to the Health Insurance Com-
                                            pany etc.).

                                            Further details about the Orientation Programme will be available on our web-page
                                            by July and January and will be given to you after your arrival.

                                      Registration with the German Authorities

                                            In Germany you are obliged to register with the authorities at the beginning of your
                                            visit. For the registration you will need the following documents and forms:

                         Documents and forms required for registration
                         • Passport
                         • Two recent identical passport photographs
                         • Proof of financial support (only for non EU-students): a letter con
                           firming, a scholarship, grant or family contribution.
                           You must receive at least 500 Euro per month
                         • Proof of health insurance

                                            In Augsburg we have a special service centre, created to meet the needs of interna-
                                            tional students and visiting scientists. You will find the ‘Augsburg Foreigners Regis-
                                            tration Office for students’ (Hochschulbetreuungstelle) in Eichleitnerstrasse 30.

Hochschule Augsburg University of Applied Sciences                                                                       In Augsburg | Survival Guide 9
                                     Other Student Services

                                           The Studentenwerk (Student welfare and housing association)
                                           This independent organisation offers a variety of services to all students studying in
                                           Germany, including arranging accommodation. Before your arrival in Augsburg you
                                           will already have been registered as a exchange student with the
                                           Studentenwerk. You will be required to pay a membership fee of 90,40€, which all
                                           German students also pay. This contribution covers general services including your
                                           ‘Semesterpass’ for the tram and bus system in Augsburg.

                                           Student Welcome and Orientation Project
                                           S.W.O.P. is a student initiative founded in 1999 by three students who had just
                                           returned from their exchange study. The organisation supports the International Of-
                                           fice of the university by assisting foreign students with tasks such as setting up
                                           bank accounts, obtaining health insurance and registering with the authorities. They
                                           also organise city tours, regular social events and a Christmas party.

                                           German Courses
                                           During the semester, the Hochschule Augsburg offers an extensive German pro-
                                           gramme. However, you are expected to acquire a basic knowledge of the German
                                           language in your homeland before coming to Augsburg. This will enable you to pro-
                                           fit most from your studies here.
                                           There are also courses for beginners at private schools and other institutions, where
                                           the necessary basic knowledge can be acquired. All private course fees are the re-
                                           sponsibility of the students.
                                           The Hochschule normally offers the following courses for exchange students,
                                           free of charge:
                                           All courses will conclude with an examination. The results will be entered in your
                                           file by the examination office (Prüfungsamt). For this reason, you must be registered
                                           with the Prüfungsamt before sitting an examination. 2 - 4 ECTS credits points will be
                                           awarded for every examination successfully taken. Details will be explained during
                                           the orientation week.

Hochschule Augsburg University of Applied Sciences                                                                      In Augsburg | Survival Guide 10
                                            ‘Hallo Augsburg’
                                            ‘Hallo Augsburg’ is a teach-yourself programme, available over the internet for stu-
                                            dents who wish to prepare in advance for their exchange study. The site follows the
                                            fortunes of 4 exchange students in Augsburg, showing some of the most common-
                                            ly experienced situations students are often confronted with. From the comfort of
                                            home students have the opportunity to learn some German and peruse important
                                            links to the city, surroundings, culture and study.

                   Foto: Stadtjugendring

                                                                                                                      Foto: Regio Augsburg

                                            Student Canteen
                                            For lunch, there are two main dishes and a variety of side dishes to choose from.
                                            The canteen also offers a selection of reasonably priced snacks, sandwiches, ba-
                                            ked goods and drinks.
                                            For details including prices please see:

                                            Library and E-Mail-Account
                                            Within the central facilities of the Hochschule, there is, naturally, a library at your
                                            disposal. Along with more than 110,000 books, you will have access to over 200
                                            newspapers and magazines. Catalogues are available on the On-Line Service
                                            through the internet.
                                            You also have access to the ‘Rechenzentrum’ (computer rooms) where a personal
                                            Email account can be obtained.

Hochschule Augsburg University of Applied Sciences                                                                             In Augsburg | Survival Guide 11
                                      Key Information

                                      Important Dates and Deadlines

                                            Orientation Programme
                                            We expect our exchange students to arrive in Augsburg at least one week prior to
                                            the start of the lectures in order to attend our Orientation Programme.

                                      Departmental Co-ordinators
                        Application deadlines
                         • Winter semester
                           15th June is the deadline for submission of exchange student
                         • Summer semester
                           15th November is the deadline for submission of exchange student

                                      Communication Design and Multimedia
                                       Prof. Robert Rose

                                       Prof. Dr. Klaus Tragbar

                                      Business Studies
                                       Prof. Dr. Wolfram Schönfelder
                                       Prof. Dr. Anton Frantzke
                                       International Administrator
                                       Diana Wong

                                      Civil Engineering
                                       Prof. Dr. Alfons Hilmer

                                      Computer Science
                                       Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Schöler

                                      Electrical Engineering / Mechatronic
                                        Prof. Günter Amann
                                        Prof. Dr-Ing. Michael Finkel

                                      Mechanical Engineering
                                       Prof. Dr. Franz-Josef Lange

                                      For details on the course programme please see:
                                      or contact the above mentioned departmental international co-ordinators.

Hochschule Augsburg University of Applied Sciences                                                               Key Information | Survival Guide 12
                                      Institutional Details

                                            Hochschule Augsburg
                                                 University of Applied Sciences

                                            Full legal name of the Institution
                                            Hochschule Augsburg
                                            ERASMUS Institutional Code
                                            DE-AUGSBUR 02
                                            EU-ERASMUS-Charta: 28411

                                            Hochschule Augsburg Postal Address
                                            An der Hochschule 1
                                            86161 Augsburg


                                            Hans-Eberhard Schurk
                                            Head of Institution
                                            Title: Professor Dr.
                                            Function: President

                                            International Office

                                            Ms Ingrid Hahn-Eisenhardt
                                            Director International Office
                                            Institutional Erasmus Coordinator
                                            Phone: +49 821 5586-3205

                                            Ms Alisa Wessels
                                            International Advisor
                                            Incoming Students
                                            (Accommodation, Orientation programme)
                                            Phone: +49 821 5586-3204

                                            International Office Address
                                            An der Hochschule 1
                                            86161 Augsburg
                                            Fax: +49 821 5586-3207

                                      We look forward to welcoming you in Augsburg!

Hochschule Augsburg University of Applied Sciences                                   Key Information | Survival Guide 13
                                                                                 How to get to the University

Orientation on the Campus

 Building H                                                               Building B

 Cafeteria                                                                International Office
 Opening hours:                                                           Ms Alisa Wessels
 Monday till Thursday: 8.30-14.00h                                        International Advisor
 Friday: 8.30-13.30h                                                      Incoming Students

 Computer rooms      Hochschule Augsburg University of Applied Sciences   Koordinationszentrum Deutsch
Hochschule Augsburg
University of Applied Sciences

International Office

Student Application Form for Erasmus Exchange

This application should be completed in black in order to be easily copied and/or faxed.

The following documents must be attached:

   Learning Agreement or List of Courses I wish to attend
   CV in German or English
   Transcript of Records

Field of study:

Academic year                                                 Winter semester       Summer semester                           Photograph

Duration of stay:                                             (months)

Student’s personal data (To be completed by the student applying)

Family name:

First name(s):

Sex:                                                                            Nationality:

Place of birth:                                                                 Date of birth:
                                                                                                  day               month   year

Current address:                                                                Permanent address (if different):

Phone:                                                                          Phone:

Current address is valid until:


Sending Institution
Name and full address:

Department Co-ordinator (Name, Phone and Fax numbers, Email):

         Hochschule Augsburg University of Applied Sciences
Briefly state the reasons why you wish to study in Augsburg:

Language Competence

Mother tongue:

Language of instruction at home institution (if different):

I am currently                          I have                I have basic                   I need language
studying                                followed lectures     knowledge                      instruction on
Geman                                   in German             of German                      beginners level

Yes No                                  Yes No                Yes No                         Yes No

Place, Date                                                            Student‘s signature

Please return to:

Hochschule Augsburg
International Office
Ms Alisa Wessels
An der Hochschule 1
86161 Augsburg

         Hochschule Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

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