present perfect simple, progressive & past perfect - a review

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					                    Review Exercise #2
    Present Perfect Simple /Progressive and Past Simple

Fill in the verbs in the Present Perfect Simple or Progressive or the
Past Simple.

1. I (read) ____________________ the new satire but I (not finish)
   ____________________ it yet.

2. “How long (you / wait) ____________________ here?” “Not long. I (just
   arrived) ____________________.”

3. She (be) ____________________ a comedienne for only a year and she
   (already appear) ____________________ at the Comedy Club seven
   times. Her first appearance (be) ____________________ six months ago.

4. I (look at) ____________________ this travel brochure about Poland all
   week but I (not make up) ____________________ my mind about a trip
   there yet.

5. I (love) ____________________ dramas on TV ever since I first (see)
   ____________________ Twin Peaks.

6. Dear Diary,

  My friend and I (laugh) ____________________ for hours at the funniest
  thing we (ever , see) ____________________. Can you imagine? Our class
  (go) ____________________ to the zoo this morning to see the newly
  purchased elephant. As we were staring at the strange creature, a gust of
  wind suddenly (lift) ____________________ it into the air and (blow)
  ____________________ it away. I (never, feel) ____________________
  such a sock in my life. The class (talk) ____________________ about
  nothing else all day!
  Yours, Frederick.

7. Comedian Tuvia Tsafir (make fun) ____________________ of politicians
   for years. Over the past twenty years, he (become)
   ____________________ famous for his imitations of ministers and Knesset
   members. Israeli humor (benefit) ____________________ greatly from his
   clever satire. many comedians (try) ____________________ to imitate his
   style – but no one (yet, succeed) ____________________ . His son Yoav
   (follow) ____________________ in his father’s footsteps for several years.
   There is no doubt that he (have) ____________________ the best teacher

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