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					MYP unit planner
Unit title                          Wellness, Fitness, and First Aid

Teacher(s)                          1SG Rochon/ LTC David

Subject and grade level             LET 2/ MYP Level 5

Time frame and duration             13 Lessons covering 28 hours of instruction

Stage 1: Integrate significant concept, area of interaction and unit

       Area of interaction focus                                                      Significant concept(s)
    Which area of interaction will be our focus?                                What are the big ideas? What do we want our
           Why have we chosen this?                                              students to retain for years into the future?

        Health and Social Education                                             Promote wellness through nutrition,
                                                                                physical fitness, first aid in emergency
                                                                                situations, and substance abuse

                                                    MYP unit question

                                         What actions can we take to live healthier

What task(s) will allow students the opportunity to respond to the unit question?
What will constitute acceptable evidence of understanding? How will students show what they have understood?

   Cadets will demonstrate proficiency in the following areas: develop a personal exercise program,
   Participate in the Presidents Physical Fitness Test, evaluate how diet impacts life, analyze how
   well they meet nutrient guidelines, and assess how stress impacts on life.

   Additionally, cadets will be able to: assess first aid situations, demonstrate life-saving skills in an
   emergency situation, determine first aid procedures for bleeding victim, determine first aid
   treatment for shock, fractures, strains and sprains, determine first aid treatment for burns,
   determine first aid treatment for wounds, bruises and poisoning, determine first aid treatment for
   heat related injuries, determine first aid treatment for cold weather injuries, and determine first aid
   treatment for bites, stings and poisonous hazards

Which specific MYP objectives will be addressed during this unit?.
Which MYP assessment criteria will be used?

Stage 2: Backward planning: from the assessment to the learning
activities through inquiry

What knowledge and/or skills (from the course overview) are going to be used to enable the student to respond to the unit
What (if any) state, provincial, district, or local standards/skills are to be addressed? How can they be unpacked to develop the
significant concept(s) for stage 1?

Following instruction and using appropriate references cadets will demonstrate proficiency in applying the
appropriate first aid life-saving steps in a variety of situations. They will also demonstrate proficiency in
understanding healthy life-styles by developing healthy dietary habits.
TEKS strategies 110.42; 110.48; 113.32; 113.35; and 115.32 are applicable

Approaches to learning
How will this unit contribute to the overall development of subject-specific and general approaches to learning skills?

Cadets assess their personal status and develops plans for improving nutrition/exercise habits and for
controlling stress. This unit also helps cadets make responsible choices about substance use and to
prevent substance abuse. In addition cadets develop proficiency in providing basic first aid.

Learning experiences                                         Teaching strategies
                                                             How will we use formative assessment to give students feedback
How will students know what is expected of them? Will        during the unit?
they see examples, rubrics, and templates?
                                                             What different teaching methodologies will we employ?
How will students acquire the knowledge and practise
the skills required? How will they practise applying         How are we differentiating teaching and learning for all? How have
these?                                                       we made provision for those learning in a language other than their
                                                             mother tongue? How have we considered those with special
Do the students have enough prior knowledge? How will        educational needs?
we know?

Assessments will be utilized during each phase               Cadets will be verbally debriefed on their efficiency in
of instruction. Assessments will be executed in              applying the necessary first aid steps. The standards
a “practical application” environment.                       applied by the American Red Cross will serve as the
                                                             grading rubric.

What resources are available to us?
How will our classroom environment, local environment and/or the community be used to facilitate students’ experiences during
the unit?

All necessary recourses are available in the JROTC Department
Ongoing reflections and evaluation

In keeping an ongoing record, consider the following questions. There are further
stimulus questions at the end of the “Planning for teaching and learning” section of
MYP: From principles into practice.
Students and teachers
What did we find compelling? Were our disciplinary knowledge/skills challenged in any way?
What inquiries arose during the learning? What, if any, extension activities arose?
How did we reflect—both on the unit and on our own learning?
Which attributes of the learner profile were encouraged through this unit? What opportunities were there for student-initiated

Possible connections
How successful was the collaboration with other teachers within my subject group and from other subject groups?
What interdisciplinary understandings were or could be forged through collaboration with other subjects?

Were students able to demonstrate their learning?
How did the assessment tasks allow students to demonstrate the learning objectives identified for this unit? How did I make
sure students were invited to achieve at all levels of the criteria descriptors?
Are we prepared for the next stage?

Data collection
How did we decide on the data to collect? Was it useful?

Possible Connections: There are no other connections with other teacher. This unit is only taught to
JROTC cadets at the 2nd year level.

Assessment: Cadets demonstrated the wellness component by developing an individual dietary plan after
assessing their activity level and body structure.

Assessment during the first aid portion will utilize the American Red Cross assessment standards and
written/verbal feedback on proficiency in executing a prescribed task.
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MYP unit planner

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