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									                                        ‫بسم هللا الرحمن الرجيم‬

                                 The Islamic University of Gaza
                                   Department of Mathematics
                                         PDEs (Math3303)
                             Course Outline 2ed semester 2007 /2008
Instructors: Dr. Kalil Tabash; Miss. Faten S. Abu-Shoga.
Office Hours: Sat, Mon, Wed 11-12
Room: Dr. Kalil Tabash B362; Miss. Faten S. Abu-Shoga L414
Course Description: Classification of PDEs, linear first order equations, second order linear
equations, orthogonal sets of functions, Fourier series, Fourier integrals, mathematical models and
boundary value problems.

Aims: The students must be able to,
   Characterize and solve some kinds of PDEs of first order.
   Give a solution of a second order linear PDEs.
   Understand Fourier series and Fourier transform.
   To solve some equation such as wave equation, heat equation and Laplace equation.
   Solve some BVP's using Fourier transform.
   Construct some models in physics. *{If we have enough time}

Methods of Teaching:
By lectures, discussions, homework, and solving selected problems.

Text Book: J. Ray Hanna," Fourier series and integrals of Boundary Value Problems", John Wiley
& Sons, 1982.

References: It is a good idea that the students look at references other than the textbook. 'The
Islamic University Library contains many other PDE's books, specially;
     Donald W. Trim, "Applied PDEs", 1990.
     T.A.bick, "Elementary Boundary value problems", Marced Dekker, 1993.

Evaluation sad Grading:
                           Quizzes and home works                             10%
                            Two Hour Exams                                    40%
                            Final Exam                                        50%
                                Total                                        100%

    ODEs, (Math2302)
    Calculus C (MathC2301)

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