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									                           TOWN OF YARROW POINT
                          COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES
                                         April 8, 2008
                                          7:00 PM

The following is a condensation of the proceedings and is not a verbatim transcript. The meeting
is tape-recorded and the tapes are part of the public record.


Mayor David Cooper called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.


       Mayor:                David Cooper

       Council members:      John DesCamp (Excused)
                             Lisa Mushel
                             Steve Rutledge (Excused)
                             Carl Scandella
                             Andy Valaas

       Staff:                Mona Green – Town Planner
                             Rachelle Griswold – Building Dept.
                             Larry Howard - Clerk/Treasurer
                             John Joplin - Fiscal Coordinator
                             Wayne Stewart - Town Attorney
                             Steve Wilcox – Town Building Official

                             Guests:              George Bower - Yarrow Point Resident
                                                  Daryl Carver - Yarrow Point Resident
                                                  Rick Doane - Yarrow Point Resident
                                                  Brian Fleming - Yarrow Point Resident
                                                  Elizabeth Freeman - Yarrow Point Resident
                                                  Arlys Gale - Yarrow Point Resident
                                                  Jack Gale - Yarrow Point Resident
                                                  Bruce Jones - Yarrow Point Resident
                                                  Gary Jones - Yarrow Point Resident
                                                  Carl Lombardi - Yarrow Point Resident
                                                  Bob Trimble - Yarrow Point Resident &
                             President of King County Water District No. 1

                              Bob Trimble - Yarrow Point Resident and President of Water
                              District No. 1

Mr. Trimble stated that the Town had not yet responded to a Dept. of Ecology request that the
Town place a legal notice in a local newspaper in reference to a water right that the Town had
applied for. Town Clerk Larry Howard interjected by stating that the Dept. of Ecology request
had been routed to the wrong staff person at Town Hall and that is why the Town had not
responded. Mr. Howard stated that the referred to public notice would be sent to the Seattle
Times for publication.


MOTION: Councilmember Valaas made a motion to approve the minutes of the regular March
11th Town Council meeting. Councilmember Mushel made a second.

Vote: 3 For, 0 Against, 0 Abstain. Motion carried.


MOTION: Councilmember Valaas moved to approve the Consent Calendar as presented
including the Warrant Register dated 4/07/08 for warrant nos. 15,927 through 15,967 totaling
$163,877.29. Councilmember Mushel made a second.

Vote: 3 For, 0 Against, 0 Abstain. Motion carried.


Lt. Kyle Kolling - Clyde Hill Police Dept.

Lt. Kolling reported that Clyde Hill Police Dept. officers had observed unregistered solicitors in
the Town of Yarrow Point over the last 30 days. The Lieutenant went on to state that Dept.
Officers had informed the solicitors as to Town of Yarrow Point solicitor regulations. Lt.
Kolling went on to state that the Department had just purchased a new patrol car which was
currently in the process of being outfitted. Lastly the Lieutenant introduced Di Alexander the
newest officer on the Clyde Hill Police Force. Council members congratulated Officer
Alexander and welcomed her to the Town of Yarrow Point.

Town Planner - Mona Green
Town Planner Green updated Town Council members on different zoning issues that the
Planning Commission has been studying over recent months. Town Council members identified
a problem issue which they requested that the Planning Commission study and address in the
short term.

Town Attorney - Wayne Stewart

Town Attorney Stewart reported that the Planning Commission will be requesting the Town
Council's assistance on a project that the Commission is working on. Attorney Stewart indicated
that Council members would be given additional detail regarding this request at the May Regular
Town Council meeting.

Building Official - Steve Wilcox

 Building Official Wilcox reported that of three major construction projects located on NE 36th
Street two had received final inspections and that a temporary occupancy permit had been issued
to the third. Official Wilcox stated that the first quarter of 2008 had been a very busy period of
time for the Building Dept. Mr. Wilcox went on to report that during the month of April that
building permit applications submitted to Town Hall had fallen off substantially

Town Clerk - Larry Howard

Town Clerk Howard reported that Public Works employee Istvan Lovas had been overseeing a
number of cleanup projects at Town Hall, both inside and out. The Park Board and other
volunteer Town residents were recognized for the great job that they did on Yarrow Point Clean
Up Day in cleaning up and removing excess vegetation in different areas of the town.

Fiscal Coordinator - John Joplin

Fiscal Coordinator Joplin reported to Council members on what interest rates for invested funds
were as of the date of the meeting versus what they were one year ago.

Mayor Cooper informed Council members that there would be a personnel issue to discuss at the
May Town Council meeting and the Mayor also reported that the search for somebody to fill the
Town Engineer position is still in process.


AB 08 – 011 – Proposed Resolution No. 284 - Determining that a Petition to Form a Lake
Management District is Sufficient and Setting a Hearing Date for the Continued Process of
Establishing a Lake Management District.

Town Attorney Stewart reported to Town Council members that between the March Town
Council meeting and tonight's meeting that he had arrived at the conclusion that a LMD would
be superior to a LID as a method for administering an aquatic weed control program in the
waters off of Yarrow Point. Attorney Stewart stated that tonight he was presenting Proposed
Resolution No. 284 to the Council which if passed would set a hearing date for the continued
process of establishing a Lake Management District.

Resolution No 284 proposed establishing a LMD with the name Yarrow Point Lake Management
District No. 1, and set a 10 year life for that LMD. Town Attorney Stewart reported that the
petition to form a LMD had been determined to be sufficient. Attorney Stewart went on to state
that if Proposed Resolution 284 did not pass that the petition process to establish a LMD would
end without a LMD having been approved. Attorney Stewart stated that if Proposed Resolution
No. 284 did pass that passage would initiate a lengthy LMD establishment process. Attorney
Stewart described the sequence of events that would make up that process. Town Attorney
Stewart finished his presentation and answered questions directed to him by Council members.
After Councilmember questions were answered the public was given the opportunity to ask
questions and make comments regarding a LMD and the petition process.

MOTION: Councilmember Valaas moved to pass Proposed Resolution No. 284 with an
amendment that the life of the LMD be changed from ten to five years.
Councilmember Scandella made a second.

Vote: 3 For, 0 Against, 0 Abstain. Motion carried.

Town Attorney Wayne Stewart indicated that per the Resolution that was just passed that there
would be a public hearing at the June 10th Regular Council meeting to address another proposed
resolution required per the LMD formation process. Attorney Stewart indicated that the June
proposed resolution, if passed, would set an election date whereby lake shore property owners
would be given an opportunity to vote on whether or not to form a Lake Management District.

AB 08 - 012 - Executive Session

Mayor David Cooper announced the start of an executive session at 8:30 p.m.

Mayor David Cooper announced the end of the executive session at 8:47 p.m.


MOTION: Councilmember Mushel made a motion to adjourn the Council meeting at 8:48 p.m.
Councilmember Valaas made a second.

Vote: 3 For, 0 Against, 0 Abstain.

Respectfully submitted,                              Approved,
_________________________       ______________________
Larry Howard, Clerk-Treasurer   David Cooper, Mayor

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