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					Lesson Plan Template – Manitoba Teachers’ Institute on Parliamentary Democracy

Teacher’s Name: Carrie Pearson

Lesson for: Grade: 6          Course: Social Studies

Cluster 4:   Learning Experience: Roles in Manitoba’s Government

   6-KP-053- Identify elected or appointed municipal, provincial, and federal
     government representatives and describe their responsibilities.

Equipment Required:
   Computer, projector and screen, video conferencing equipment, poster paper, art

Resources (including web sites):
    www.gov.mb.ca
    Joining the Herd: A Handbook on Participating in Manitoba’s Government
      (January 2007). Prepared by the Manitoba Ombudsman:
    Anderson, Alice (1999). The Government of Canada: Response activities created
      by Alice Anderson. Vancouver, BC: Davies and Johnson Associates Ltd.

Activating Strategy:
    Students will watch a Power Point presentation on the people that work at the
       Legislative Assembly in Manitoba.

Acquiring Strategy:
    Students will view website on the Manitoba Legislative Assembly and read
      information on the individuals that work at the Assembly.
    Students will participate in a video conference with JoAnn McKerlie-Korol that
      will include a thorough explanation of the players in the chamber, the number of
      constituencies, who sits where and explains the role of the Speaker.

Applying Strategy:
   Students will create posters depicting the major players in the Assembly.
             Posters will include: a picture, description of the person’s responsibilities

Assessment Strategy:
    Poster
    Worksheet “Matching Roles” (www.leg.bc.ca)

                                     Carrie Pearson

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