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Jacolize, you will be assessed against the registered Unit Standard “Recruit and select
candidates to fill defined position” @NQF 4”. It is worth 10 credits towards your National

Jacolize, in order to find out your level of competence, we will be assessing you on –
 A practical application assessment
 A structured interview
 An observation of your ability to conduct an interview, draw up short lists, placing
   advertisements, giving feedback to successful and unsuccessful candidates, writing reports
   etc (will be explained to you during our pre-assessment meeting.)
 Simulation and role play exercises

Jacolize, you will need to prepare yourself in the following ways –
 Ensure you understand the content in your HR and Assessment Policy
 Obtain permission for your reports, profiles, selection procedures and shortlists to be
   evaluated by an assessor
 Arrange the logistics around the assessment date
 Prepare all material and equipment to be used during assessment
 Ensure you understand terms and concepts around legal requirements, selection criteria,
   policies, etc (will be explained to you during our pre-assessment meeting.)

Jacolize, you will need to bring the following things with you –
 All material and documentation necessary to conduct the assessment

Jacolize, you will be expected to show the following kinds of competent performance –
 To gather, organise, record and manage information pertaining recruitment and selection
 Displaying effective communication techniques when interviewing or providing feedback
 Application of knowledge of relevant legislation and organisational requirements
 To recruit and select people for defined positions
 Utilising selection procedures effectively
 Appropriate use of recruitment methods
 Effective use of resources and existing database
 Placing advertisements for defined position
 Job profiling against required and designated criteria and Job specifications
 Ability to deal with change and use contingency plans
 Validating and verifying documentation
 Effective assessment conduct
 Evaluating and integrating information in order to write development reports
Jacolize, the evidence you will be judged (assessed against/ evaluated upon), includes –
 Supplementary documentation indicating competence and workplace related experience
   (CV/ Portfolio of evidence)
 The understanding of legislative requirements and company procedures (Structured
 Understanding of the use of psychometric assessment batteries
 Indication of previous experience and understanding of assessment centre technology and
   conduct (response to interview questions)
 The use of selection procedures (checklist)
 Validating documentation (simulation)
 Advertisement placed as printed or electronic media (case study)
 The ability to gather sufficient information when interviewing for defined position (role play
   and checklist)
 Use of grading scale during screening procedures (simulation/interview)
 Data maintenance (direct observation and questioning)

Please note:
A detailed briefing on the exact requirements will be given to you by the
assessor during the pre-assessment meeting to prepare yourself for the

  Good luck! Remember, the assessor is there to help you prove your
   competence, and not to criticise you in any way. This process will
therefore be meaningful to you and provide you with a foundation where
                   further learning can be build on.

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