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									                        OAKLAND UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT
                              Business Services Division

                                           January 12, 2005

To:               Dr. Randolph E. Ward, State Administrator

From:             Gloria Gamblin, Deputy Superintendent, Business Services
                  Prepared by Dr. Mary Ann Burke, Grants Office Coordinator

Subject:          Approval and Support by the State Administrator of Marcus A.
                  Foster Educational Institute Receiving Grant Awards for OUSD
                  School Sites


Approval and support by the State Administrator of Marcus A. Foster Educational
Institute receiving grant awards for OUSD school sites through grant proposals for fiscal
year 2004-2005 and to accept same, if granted, in whole or in part, pursuant to the terms
and conditions thereof and to submit amendments thereto, for the grant year, if any.


Marcus A. Foster received grant awards for OUSD school sites for the 2004-2005 fiscal
year as indicated in the chart below. The grant award letters, Grant Face Sheets and grant
application packets are available for review through the Board Secretary's Office and will
be electronically available within one week of the board meeting through Legistar.

File ID     Backup      Applicant                Grant's Purpose                 Time Period    Funding Source
    #      Document                                                                                    &
           Included                                                                             Grant Amount
04-1596       X       Marcus A        The grant will fund circus arts training   7/1/04-       Cirque du Solei!
                      Foster          and performing opportunities for           6/30/05       $1.000 for one
                      Educational     students                                                 year
                      Institute for
04-1597       X       Marcus A        The grant will fund circus arts training   1/1/04-       Clorox Company
                      Foster          and performing opportunities for           12/31/05      Foundation
                      Educational     students                                                 $5,000 for one
                      Institute for                                                            year
04-1598       X       Marcus A        The grant will fund circus arts training   11/1/04-      San Francisco
                      Foster          and performing opportunities for           4/30/05       Foundation
                      Educational     students                                                 $2,000 for six
                      Institute for                                                            months
04-1599      X      Marcus A        The grant will fund circus arts training   111/04-    Walter and Elise
                    Foster          and performing opportunities for           12/31/04   Haas Fund
                    Educational     students                                              $15,000 for one
                    Institute for                                                         year
04-1600      X      Marcus A        The grant will fund circus arts training   7/1/04-    Team Up for
                    Foster          and performing opportunities for           6/30/05    Youth
                    Educational     students                                              $12,000 for one
                    Institute for                                                         year
                    and Piedmont
Total Received by Aeency for OUSD School Sites                                            $35,000


The district created a Grant Face Sheet process to:
   • Review proposed grant projects at OUSD sites and assess their contribution to
        sustained student achievement
   • Identify OUSD resources required for program success

OUSD received a Grant Face Sheet, grant award letter, and a completed grant application
for the program listed in the chart by the Marcus A. Foster Educational Institute that will
provide services at OUSD school sites.


Approval and support by the State Administrator of Marcus A. Foster Educational
Institute receiving grant awards for OUSD school sites through grant proposals for
fiscal year 2004-2005 and to accept same, if granted, in whole or in part, pursuant to the
terms and conditions thereof and to submit amendments thereto, for the grant year, if any.


A total of approximately $35,000 in grant funding will be provided to OUSD school sites
from the funders.
Title of Grant: Team Up for Sports                                         Funding        Cycle Dates: July 1 04 - June 30 05

Grant's Fiscal Agent: (cont.et·. name,edd...... phon. number.              Grant Amount              for Full Funding                Cycle:
em.lI.dd ..... ) M.reu. A Fo.l.r Educetlon.llnetllule. SellJlroh, ED.      $12,000           v11JJ~qG                     711)       6'7'      t./3O)csr
1203 P...eervetlonP.rk W.v Sulle 303 04612 1510' 835-0381
Funding Agency: Team Up for Youth                                          Grant Focus: Circus Arts I Leadership

List all SChool(s) or Department(s) to be Served:
Prescott Elementarv School. Lockwood Elementarv School, Piedmont Avenue Elementarv School

Information    Needed                                       School   or Department           Response
How will this grant contribute to sustained                 Participants   will have improved attendance                     and academic
student achievement or academic standards?
How will this grant be evaluated for impact                 OFCY evaluator will use District data.
upon student achievement?
(Cuetomlzed de.lgn .nd lechnlc.1.upport.r.
                                                                            LEGISLATIVE FILE
providedetl % ollhe gr.nl .w.rd or et • negolletedlee                                        04-1600
lor. communlty-b.eedII.c.1 eg.nl who I. nollncludlng
OUSO·.lndl...et rete 013.45% InIhe budgel. The 1% or                        Introduction Date 1-12-05
                                                                                              Q~> =7L.
negolleteddet.lee will bech.rged .ccordlng 10 .n                            Enactment No.
AgreemenllorGr.nl AdmlnletretlonReletedService.
p.ymenl .chedul•. Thl.1ee .hould beIncludodIn Ihe
                                                                             1<,rmdment D~te                  ,
                                                                                                              ~.-- ( 'Z   ---0 )--
                                                                             ~J,y._.• __ ~ •.--.... _.._ ...• :'\~.'~       ..•..      ,-   .....   ".

ar.nl·o budoetfor ev.luetlon.l
Does the grant require any resources from                   None. Director's TSA position is funded by various grants.
the schoolts) or district? If so, describe.
Are services being supported by an OVSO                     OVSO provides insurance and facilities. OVSO provides van.
funded grant or by a contractor paid through an
OVSO contract or MOV?
(II yoo.IncludeIhe dletrlet'oIndlreetreto 013.45% lor .11
OUSOolle eervleeolnIhe gr.nl'. budgellor
edmlnletretlve .upport. ev.luetlon deta, or Indll'8Cl
Will the proposed program take students                     No. (No loss of ADA for performing assemblies.)
out of the classroom for any portion of the
school day?
(OUSD...serveslhe rlghllo limit eervlee.ceesslo
etudenlsduringIhe schoold.y 10 ensu.... cedemlc
Who is the contact managing and assuring grant              Aileen Moffitt. Director, Prescott Circus Theatre
(Include contact's name, addres8, phone number, email
eddre... 1
          A . Deant Obtailled A                        atures:
                                                                 Name!s                          Signaturels
    Departm            cad
    (Dr. Watt,. tOt Idtool day pmgraml and Mr. Carter tor
                                                                          ~   ~
                                                                                  / A::P~
    .. ""'dod daY ... d .tudatIIllPporl .. IMIIe.)                            .~--::"'-=--"-                       ='-L __
         Grapt Oftlee Obtained Approval Signatures:
I   Entity·                                         Namels                                       Signature!s          Date
    Fiscal Officer
    State Administrator

                                           Cover Sheet

Date of application        March 5, 2004

Organization Name Prescott Circus Theatre

Fiscal Agent, if applicable Marcus A. Foster Educational Institute
Address 3864 Brown Avenue

City Oakland               County Alameda         Zip Code ~94~6~1::-9 _
Year organization was founded 1984 (Fiscal agent founded in 1973)

Contact person and title Aileen Moffitt, Director Prescott Circus Theatre

Contact person's: Telephone No. (510) 482-1674 Email: amoffitt@ousd.k12.ca.us

Fax No. (510) 336-0379

Name and title of organization's executive director or president: Aileen Moffitt
                            (Fiscal Agent Executive Director is Kate Dowling)
Describe your organization:

     x   Youth-serving organization          __       Social services organization

__       Health agency                       __       Community collaborative

__       Other (specify)                                                         _

Grant request              $12,000            Project period July 1, 2004 - June 30, 2005

How will these funds be used (check all that apply):

__       Program start-up                    __       Staff/volunteer training

.---2L Program   expansion/enhancement                Volunteer recruitment/retention

__       Fundraising                         __       Other (specify)                   _

Prescott Circus Theatre          Team-Up for Youth Proposal Narrative                    page I of9

Introduction and Background of Organization

Organization History

The Prescott Circus Theatre has been in operation in West Oakland since 1985. The program
began as an after-school juggling club for students from Prescott Elementary School. Over the
years we have been able to increase our offerings, both in quantity and quality. The Prescott
performing company has grown to become an Oakland institution with an excellent reputation
for engaging youth in meaningful activities and has become a model of youth development In
the spring of 2003, we changed our name to Prescott Circus Theatre, although we will probably
always be known in Oakland as the "Prescott Clowns."

In the last two years, we have expanded to four other" satellite" sites at other Oakland elementary
schools: Lockwood, Garfield, and Laurel in East Oakland and Piedmont Avenue in North
Oakland. In the coming year, we are planning to expand to Parker School as well.

Mission Statement
Our primary mission is to provide a culturally conscious educational program promoting
leadership, performing (and Circus) arts education, skill training, and life experience
opportunities for youngsters in a context that allows them to fully explore their talents and
enriches self-esteem.

Current Programs and Activities
Each year, we offer 4 afternoons per week of skill training at Prescott, beginning October I st. By
January, those who have committed fully become the performing company and are eligible to
make appearances and present shows at various community events. By May, the group is ready
to present hour-long motivational assemblies for schools. On our school visits, students also lead
classroom workshops, presenting beginning skills to younger children and peers. In all, our
students appear at over 50 community events, present 15 hour-long shows, lead 20 workshops,
and entertain over 50,000 fans!

Adjunct programs at Prescott include:
       Junior Clown program (March-June) for Prescott 3'd graders (2x/wk)
       Summer Program (19 days in June-July, 5 hours daily)
       Visual Art Class at Prescott (November - March) for 4tl1 and 5th graders (lx/wk)
       Tutoring Program (November - June) for performing company members (2x/wk)
       School-wide presentations by professional artists (drummers, dancers, storytellers, circus
            artists, etc.) on occasion

Satellite programs:
         Currently 32 sessions per site (Lockwood, Piedmont Avenue, Laurel, and Garfield
                   Schools). Curriculum includes juggling, acrobatics, clowning, stage presence,
                   hambone body percussion, face painting, hip hop dance, performance
                   production, and stilting. Culminating performances for parents plus school
         New program in 2003-2004: We have added a Kindergarten Circus program at
                   Lockwood School. The first session was very successful (16 classes plus 2
                   show dates). The second session (for afternoon kindergarteners) will begin
                   later this month.
         Additional programming for 2004-2005:
                    Planning to add Parker School as a fifth site. Planning to increase satellite
                    offerings to 52 sessions (over 26 weeks). Plan to add community
                    performances (away from school site). Plan to add leadership training and
Prescott Circus Theatre            Team-Up for Youth Proposal Narrative                   page 2 of9

                      opportunities to teach workshops to younger students at two Satellite Sites
                      (Lockwood and Piedmont A venue Schools).

Who Participates

         All of our participants are students at Oakland elementary schools. Basic programs are
for 4th and 5th graders (150 students in current year).
       Other participants are: Kindergarten program (40), Junior Clown 3 graders (25), and
performing company graduates (Middle School) (7 students). In addition, 3 former participants
who are now in high school serve as our tutors.

         Complete data for 03-04 is not yet available. Using participant data for 02-03 we submit
the following demographics: 51% girls and 49% boys. 71% of our participants are African
American; 21% are Latino; 3% are Asian; 5% Other. Using the Oakland Unified School
District's web data portal, we estimate that we serve 75.2% students from low income families.

Project Description
       Our request to Team-Up for Youth is to support quality growth of the Leadership
component of our program(s). Although the Leadership component has always been a part of
our program, we are asking help to move this component to a higher level in several ways.

»   Leadership Team at Prescott (Second Year students and beyond)

                 The Leadership team was initiated in the fall of 2003. The group currently meets
                 monthly to evaluate the performing company's progress, to advise the Director
                 regarding choices and decisions about upcoming events and invitations, and to
                 consider initiating or expanding projects. The group has written two youth grants
                 that have been funded this year (Force of Change and Youth Grants for Youth
                 Action). In addition, the entire company participates annually in the Adventure
                 Challenge Course at California State University at Hayward.

                 New and/or expanded Leadership Team activities proposed for 2004-2005 are
                 listed below.

                          Meetings 2x per month
                          Team Building Activities (Cooperative Sports and Games Book and New
                                       Games curriculum). Learned activities would then be taught
                                       to the performing company by Leadership Team members.
                          Additional field trips to performing arts events (Leadership Team only and
                                       others with other members of the company)
                          Leadership Team roles defined and role-played
                          Opportunities to serve as Assistant Director on some performing trips
                                       (group project to write job description)
                          Tips on leading new students / peer coaching
                          Preparation for public presentations in support of grant applications

•   Leadership Training (First Year students and beyond at Prescott School)
               This is a continuing part of our program.
               Throughout the training season (October-July), First and Second Year students
               will receive direct instruction, practice and feedback for 2 primary areas of
Prescott Circus Theatre            Team-Up for Youth Proposal Narrative                  page 3 of9

                          I) Students will lead classroom workshops for younger students and peers
                          2) Students will represent the Prescott Circus Theatre as entertainers at

:.. Satellite Students (First and Second Year)
                This represents new programming for our organization.
                Satellite programs at Piedmont Avenue and Lockwood will add an additional
                leadership component. These students will receive direct instruction, practice and
                feedback to lead classroom workshops for younger students at their school. Then
                they will have an opportunity to present these workshops to students in grades K-

Need or Opportunity That Will be Addressed

Low-income people of color are decisively underrepresented in the world of circus arts. Our
student population addresses this inequity and we often receive invitations to cultural events
specifically because of the demographics of our group.

By developing the Leadership Component, we are providing developmental support for students
who will someday lead this program or others of a similar nature. We are promoting a lifetime
of community involvement.

We believe that our program provides a unique opportunity for students to work together on a
very deep level (through the many, many training hours) and an opportunity to develop
leadership skills (through team building, peer coaching, and public appearances). With the
performing company, there is a continual dialogue with students about the importance of
maintaining the group's reputation when appearing in public. We have found that this provides
an incentive for students to set high yet achievable personal goals. They continue to impress us
year after year with their willingness to work toward meeting and exceeding the expectations and
standards. We provide abundant opportunities for students to practice the physical, performance,
leadership, and cooperation skills developed through their participation in this program.

Why Our Organization is Oualified

We have been providing Circus Arts education at Prescott for 20 years. Our expansion to our
other 4 sites was smooth because we based our staff trainings on the success and experience of
our program(s) at Prescott.

Our mission statement has always included "Leadership", so this project is in direct alignment
with our ongoing mission and goals. Our students at Prescott have always been viewed as school
leaders as they develop through the program. Our former students bring us many stories of life
success. This year alone, we have 5 students who are freshmen in 4-year colleges or universities
(all with scholarships). Two of our former students are working to record a rap tune that can be
used in our current show. Three former participants are parents of students enrolled at our

For this project, we are asking for assistance to allow us the time to further develop our unique
leadership curriculum and to begin to expand it to our satellite sites.

Target Population

The target population for this project will be the 4th and 501 grade participants at Prescott,
Lockwood, and Piedmont Avenue Schools. This will represent approximately 60 students.
Prescott Circus Theatre               Team-Up for Youth Proposal Narrative                    page 4 of9

The target population for the Leadership Team part of this project will be students in grades 5
through 8 who have been performing company members for one year or longer (approximately
12 students).

OUSD demographics as well as actual figures from 02-03 were used to create this chart:

                          Prescott            Lockwood              Piedmont         Prescott
                          (First Year                               Avenue           Leadership Team
                          students onlv)
Ages                      8-12                8-12                  8-12             9-14
Male                      30%                 50%                   60%              25%
Female                    70%                 50%                   40%              75%
African                   12                  10                    10               12
Latino                                        10                    3
Asian                                                               1
Caucasian                                                           1
Other                                                               5
% Free or                 88.1%               85.2%                 60.8%             88.1%
Reduced Lunch

Participants are recruited directly from the school population. At Prescott, announcements are
made in classrooms and registration letters are distributed requesting parent permission.

At the satellite sites, recruitment assemblies are held and a short video is shown. Registration
letters are distributed requesting parent permission.

~   The participating students are involved as participants in circus arts training with professional
    artists. They receive free training, rehearsing, and performing opportunities.

~   A research study conducted during a "Clown Reunion"] has indicated that over 85% of
    former participants reported benefits as follows:

         School Success
                Improved their attitude toward school; made them feel a part of the school
                community; improved their listening skills; made them better able to understand
                schoolwork; improved their confidence; made them feel respected by the school

                Places we went; learning physical skills; performing in front of children;
                performing in front of seniors; performing in front of special groups; attending
                practices; making cultural connections; being looked up to by others; teaching

         Personal Gains
                Belief that they could achieve their goals; increased their family's belief in them;
                 made them better at teamwork; made them more accepting of human differences;

t "The Prescott Circus Theatre: What Difference Does it Make?". report on research findings in
conjunction with the Cross-Cultural Studies Department of the Graduate School of Education of Alliant
University, 2002.
Prescott Circus Theatre           Team-Up for Youth Proposal Narrative                    page 5 of9

                 gave them more energy; made them more interested in activities; increased their
                 understanding of community work

Proposal Objectives and Major Activities


         •   Expand the quantity of Leadership Team meetings to 2x per month.

         •   Expand the quality and scope of Leadership Team activities.
                ~ Major Activities: Team Building Activities (Cooperative Sports and Games
                   Book and New Games curriculum); field trips to performing arts events;
                   Leadership Team roles defined and role-played; opportunities to serve as
                   Assistant Director on some performing trips (group project to write job
                   description); Tips on leading new students / peer coaching; and preparation
                   for public presentations in support of grant applications.

         •   Improve the quality of Leadership Training for performing company members at
                 ~ Major Activities: Direct instruction, practice and feedback regarding making
                     public appearances and leading workshops for younger students and peers.
                      Students will appear in 50+ events (on a rotating basis). Students will lead
                     workshops at host schools (20 workshops total).

         •   Implement Leadership Training at Two Satellite Sites
                ~ Major Activities: Training of Site Directors to implement leadership
                   curriculum; students at Lockwood and Piedmont Avenue School will receive
                   direct instruction, practice and feedback to lead classroom workshops for
                   younger students at their school; students will present these workshops to
                   students in grades K -3.

       We keep regular attendance logs for all activities including classes, trainings, field trips,
       performances, appearances, shows, audiences, and special events. Site schedules are
       created to insure that all major activities fit into proposed timeline.

       Prescott performing company training occurs October - June. Summer program is
       adjunct and occurs for 4 weeks in June-July. Appearances occur throughout the entire
       year. School shows and classroom workshops occur from mid-May through July.

         Leadership Team will meet twice monthly from November through June.

         Satellite site programs will run from October through May. Timing of classroom
         workshops to be determined. Culminating performance will occur in May.

       The greatest challenges will be those things that cannot be predicted. We will cope as we
       go. These may include school site personnel changes, last-minute emergencies, and the
       chemistry of the groups of children that participate. We have a 20-year history of
       success, so we expect to meet each challenge as needed.
Prescott Circus Theatre           Team-Up for Youth Proposal Narrative                     page 6 of9

Success for our program is viewed as our effectiveness in providing meaningful opportunities for
students to become passionately engaged in activities that demonstrate excellence in physical,
performance, leadership, and cooperation skills.
We use 2 evaluation tools (in addition to ongoing informal evaluation):
         1) Oakland Fund for Children and Youth Performance Logic Model Evaluation System.
            The "effort" component summarizes funds spent, staff experience, customers served,
            units of service, cost effectiveness, etc.

            The" effect" component utilizes written surveys from students, parents, and staff (2x
            per year) to measure customer satisfaction, productivity outcomes (skills, assets,
            knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors), and service quality. We will add leadership
            skills to our agency-specific questions on this survey for 04-05.

         2) We use "Clown Report Cards" to evaluate student engagement/excellence        in physical,
            performance, leadership, and cooperation skills.

Staff. Volunteers. Board. and Advisory Committees

Staff and Volunteers
Currently, we have one full-time paid staff, our Director. Our Director is technically an
employee of the Oakland Unified School District although this position is fully funded by
Prescott Circus Theatre resources (through the Marcus A. Foster Educational Institute, our fiscal
We employ 2 Site Directors per site (currently 8 total) as employees of the Marcus A. Foster
Educational Institute. These are Oakland teachers who have committed to these positions in
order to provide after-school opportunities for students at their schools.
We have numerous Artists who work as Independent Contractors. During 2003-2004, this
included a total of 15 artists. This represents 1-2 Resident Artists per site plus guest artists. For
2004-2005, we expect to have 2 Resident Artists per site.

Although we have no formal program for volunteers, we manage to attract some volunteers each
year. For our tutoring program, we have had 5 high school volunteers earning community
service credit and 3 former Prescott Circus participants as tutors receiving stipends this year.
Some Prescott parents and teachers participate as volunteers in various capacities. One of these
parents has participated in the stilt training in order to be eligible to serve as (volunteer)
chaperone for community events as needed. One teacher gave swimming lessons at our annual
summer swim night.
We have a few guest artists who are volunteers each year. In the past year, we received 2 gratis
workshops from Cirque du Soleil clown performers (Mookie and John Gilkey) and a visit plus an
on site tour from aerialist Veronica Blair of the UniverSoul Circus.
Prescott Circus Theatre          Team-Up for Youth Proposal Narrative                     page 7 of9

We were fortunate to have several sessions with Judi Finelli this year who provided instruction
and feedback for our work with object balancing, toss juggling, and acrobatics, Ms. Finelli is a
former Pickle Circus performer (and co-founder of what is now the SF Circus Center), She has
multiple sclerosis and is confined to a wheelchair, however she is able to give us coaching while
providing an opportunity for students to experience working with a disabled person, She is
currently writing a book about circus arts skills and has expressed appreciation for the
opportunity to review student learning through this mutually beneficial arrangement. She used
to be one of the top female jugglers in the country, so she has much expertise to share,

Key People Involved

The primary trainer for the Leadership Component of our program is the program's founder and
Director, Aileen Moffitt. Aileen has been an Oakland teacher since 1973 and was a classroom
teacher at Prescott from 1982 through 2001. In the fall of2001, she was released from the
classroom for the purpose of expanding the Circus Arts program to other schools, Although
financial support from the District was withdrawn in the current year due to the School District's
fiscal crisis, the program continues to receive in-kind District support including facilities, use of
van, and insurance,

Aileen has developed all aspects of the curriculum in conjunction with the many artists with
whom the group has worked over the years since its inception in 1984. For the past several
years, a primary collaboration has occurred with performing artist I clown I body percussionist
Derique Mcflee. Derique is well known in the Bay Area and has performed throughout the
world, He brings his expertise in numerous areas including physical clowning, acrobatics,
juggling, and unicycling, He is perhaps best known for his groundbreaking work in bringing the
art of "Hambone" -- African American body drumming -- to the younger generation, Derique
has incorporated this culturally relevant art form into our Circus work and consistently teaches
the students about its history and about other African-based body rhythms (such as the South
African gumboot dancing),

Aileen is a white woman who has worked extensively with the Afro-Centric curriculum that is
the core of Prescott's successful and acclaimed academic program, This background has guided
all decisions in creating a culturally conscious program, We have developed curriculum
connections for the African roots of stilting, Egyptian hieroglyphics as the first recorded juggling
on the planet; and the use of a Rwandan proverb to guide a clown skit. Our students at Prescott
learn to play African drums also. Cultural guidance is provided by Prescott teacher Carrie Secret
and Yoruba priestess Luisah Teish,

Derique is an African American male who also embraces the value of culture in teaching, As
mentioned above, his particular interest has been in the preservation of Hambone body
percussion. Toward this end, he has developed a solo show depicting the history of the loss of
the drum by enslaved Africans and the subsequent development of body percussion, He has also
included us in several Afrocentric events through his community connections,

Aileen and Derique work with all staff members to raise awareness of the culturally conscious
principles and influence into the program. Those with more experience in this area provide
expertise and guidance at our meetings and trainings, For example, our second Resident Artist
at Prescott is Tyehimba Kokayi, head of Lion's Den Entertainment, an Afrocentric community
circus training and performing program, He has choregraphed West African dance moves for
our stiltdancers.
Prescott Circus Theatre          Team-Up for Youth Proposal Narrative                    page 8 of9


We are particularly interested in increasing the training sessions for our satellite staff members in
the coming year. This was an area that was partially sacrificed in the current year due to the
impact of the financial crisis of the Oakland Unified School District. We plan to increase staff
trainings to 5 sessions for new staff and 3-4 sessions for returning staff. The additional sessions
will be specifically for the purpose of presenting leadership curriculum and cultural connections.

This project is intended to give our Director time to formalize the Leadership curriculum that has
been informally developed during the past 20 years. Although we have not been familiar with
Team-Up for Youth's "Building Blocks for Quality Youth Sports" until recently, we can see the
obvious connections between this model and the work that we have emphasized within the
Prescott Circus Theatre programs throughout our history. We are particularly aware of existing
similarities of elements as listed in Building Blocks "Safe, Engaging, and Constructive
Experiences" and "Physical Activity" and "Positive Relationships with Adults."

This project is intended to more formally work with the Building Block component called
"Meaningful Roles", giving youth leadership opportunities as well as increased opportunities to
give feedback and participate in decision-making. Students will continue to develop their
expertise within their opportunities to "give back" through the workshops that they teach to
younger students and peers.

This project will also enhance "Positive Relationship with Peers" using suggested Team-Up
building block activities such as team-building activities, time for informal socializing, and field

We are interested in possible collaboration with Ed Center of Team-Up for Technical Assistance
for our staff with those activities that have been cited from the Building Blocks for growth.

Leadership or Advisorv Roles for Young People

As described earlier in this proposal, the Leadership Team students have numerous opportunities
for leadership. Specific activities include defining roles, opportunities to serve as Assistant
Directors on some performing trips; opportunity to create job description for Assistant Directors;
peer coaching opportunities; public presentations in support of grant applications.

Performing company members at Prescott will have the opportunity to make public appearances
representing the Prescott Circus Theatre as well as their school, their community, their families,
and themselves. They will also have the opportunity to teach workshops for younger students
and peers.

Participants at Lockwood and Piedmont Avenue will have the opportunity to teach workshops
for younger students. They will also have the opportunity to appear in public.

All students in all of our programs have some opportunity to serve as advisors to the adults
because we hold regular "feelings" meetings in which groups express appreciations and
resentments. They make recommendations for the group's success and challenges. They discuss
minute details of the performances and make changes by mutual agreements.
Prescott Circus Theatre          Team-Up for Youth Proposal Narrative                 page 9 of9

Financial and Resource Development

Strategy for Sustainability

Because we have consistently raised the funds necessary to keep our program alive, we are
confident that we can continue to do so. We have never operated at a deficit. Our annual budget
has grown thoughtfully and carefully from $15,600 in 1995-96 to $219,000 in the current year.
Most of our grants have been renewed annually and many have grown exponentially. We expect
to continue to receive support as needed because of our excellent reputation. We eam
approximately $12,000 per year in performance fees, giving us discretionary funds. This allows
us to hold some money over to start each new fiscal year so that we have not experienced any
serious cash flow problems. The Marcus A. Foster Educational Institute (our fiscal agent) has
also agreed to assist us if grant funding delays should threaten our cash flow situation.

Changes ifFundraising     Goals are Not Met

We just had a year of experience in preparing for this type of challenge. We have been able to
reduce costs in several ways this year as we did not know until recently if current year goals
would be met. We sought more donations of snacks; we found more volunteer tutors; we
reduced the number of youth stipends offered; the Director took on extra load of responsibilities;
we worked with a more challenging adult/student ratio; we delayed purchase of equipment and
deferred some equipment repair. We eliminated some activities, although these are expected to
be restored later by a youth initiated grant from Force of Change. Each challenge took its toll on
our staff or in some cases on our services, although we never sacrificed safety nor quantity of

Rationale for Any Large or Unusual Expenses


Fiscal Deficits

Proposal Objectives and Major Activities

A total of 67 students will receive leadership training at the following levels:

Satellite Site LeadershiP Training

       Twenty students from Lockwood School and 20 students from Piedmont A venue School
       will participate in 8 hours of leadership training followed by opportunities to perform for
       families, friends, and school-wide audiences plus opportunities to teach workshops to
       younger children from their school. Training session objectives are:

                1) Development of necessary skills to lead beginning circus workshops for
                   primary grade students (through direct instruction, practice, and feedback)

               2) Development of necessary skills to interact with public in costume (through
                  direct instruction, practice, and feedback.

 Performing Company LeadershiP Trainjng

        Fifteen students from Prescott School (first-year performing company members) will
        receive 16 hours of leadership training plus opportunities to perform 8 major assemblies,
        present 16+ workshops (in teams of 3-4 students), and appear at 50+ community events
        (on a rotating basis, average 7 students per event). Training objectives are:

                1) Development of necessary skills to lead beginning circus workshops for
                   primary grade students (through direct instruction, extensive practice, and

                 2) Development of interaction skills to appear in public in costume (through
                    direct instruction, extensive practice, and feedback)

Leadership Team Program

        Twelve students from Prescott School (second-year performing company members and
        graduates) will receive 36 hours of leadership training. They will use this time to:
                • participate in team building activities
                • attend performing arts events to observe role models
                • define and role-play leadership team functions
                • develop a job description for youth Assistant Directors
                • serve as Assistant Directors
                • develop and practice peer coaching of physical and performance skills
                • prepare for public speaking presentations in support of grant applications.

Adult Training

         Program Director will spend 5 days (40 hours) formalizing curriculum for programs
         described above, including development of staff training. This effort will put in writing
         much of what has been developed over the years and contribute to sustainability of the
         leadership techniques specific to the Circus Arts programs that we offer.
Four Site Directors will receive six hours of training for Satellite Sites. Training
sessions will prepare Site Directors to provide direct instruction and feedback for their
                                                   Prescott Circus Theatre
                                               Income and Expense Statement

                                   Revenue Sources for 2003-04 Current & 2004-05 Projected

Anticioated Income Source                 03-04      Status                        04-05
Oakland Fund for Children and Youth       75,000     confirmed                     75,000    Pendina
Community Development Block Grant         11,000     confirmed                     52,000    Recommended
Oakland Cultural Arts Proiect Support     27,500     confirmed I received          25,000    Pendina
Oakland Cultural Arts: Art in Education              N/A                            8,000    Pendina
East Bay Comm Fndn - Brickvard Fund        5,000     confirmed I received           5,000    intent to reaooiv
East Bay Comm Fndn - Ruth Arnhold         10,000     confirmed I received          10,000    intent to reapply
West Davis & Beraard Foundation            2,500     confirmed I received          N/A       N/A
Anonymous Donor (new)                      5,000     confirmed I received          N/A       N/A
Dreyer's Foundation                          100     confirmed I received          N/A       N/A
Receivables due                            5,890     final payments 02-03 awards   N/A       N/A
BrouQht forward alo 6130103                8,500     FlY 02-03 end balance         N/A       N/A
RinQlinQ Brothers & Barnum & Bailey       10,000     received                      N/A       N/A
Community Health Academy                   6,000     verbal (3'd vean              N/A       N/A
Oakland Fund for the Arts                  5,000     received                        5,000   intent to reaoolv
Ciraue du Soleil                           1,000     annual I received               1,000   annual
Oakland FirefiQhters                          500    annual I received                 500   annual
Oakland Police Officers Assn                  500    annual I received                 500   annual
Performance Fees                          12,000     based on previous             12,000    based on orevious
Donations from individuals                 3,010     received                       3,000    based on orevious
East Bay Comm Fndn - Amy Ensign-           5,000     received                       5,000    intent to reapply
Barstow Memorial Fund
Clorox Company Foundation                   5,000    received                       5,000    intent to reaoolv
Walter & Elise Haas Fund                   15,000    received                      10,000    intent to reaoolv
Oakland Fire Dept. Sports Assn.                500   received                      N/A       N/A
S.F. Foundation West Oakland Initiative      3,000   LOI oendino                   N/A       N/A
Team-Uo For Youth                          NlA.                                    12,000    Current Reauest
Total:                                     217,000                                 229,000
                                                                    Prescott Circus Theatre
                                                                Income and Expense Statement

                                         Exoenses-     2002-03 F"ma an e        aoos-o 4 C urrent
                                                                                    -               &2004-05    P rolecte d
Category                                              2002-2003                            2003-2004                     2004-2005
                                                     ActuaVFinal                            Current                       Proiected
Artist's Fees                                  $52,510                               $50,000                          54,010
Director                                       $38,639                               $77,441'                         77,441
Director Frinae                                    N/A                               $18,2682                         18,268
Program Staff                                   $8,353                                $8,459                           8,000
Satellite Staff                                 16,404                               $18,482                          25,0003
Sub-Total: Personnel                          $115,906                              $172,650                        $182,719

Eauipment                                        $7,359                                $3,300                           4,000
Travel                                           $1,081                                $2,2004                          1,200
Consumable                                       $2,748                                $2,750                           2,500
Honoraria                                        $2,214                                $2,300                           2,500
Tickets                                            $896                                  $900                           1,3315
Documentation                                      $938                                  $800                             900
Office                                             $800                                  $900                           1,200
Publicitv                                        $2,492                                $2,500                           2,700
Research orolect                                 $2,500                                   N/N                             N/A
Production                                       $6,906                                $7,000                           7,050
Sub-Total: Direct Costs                          27,934                               $22,650                          23,381

Fiscal Aqent Fee                               $16,340                               $21,700                          22,900
Total                                         $160,180                              $217,000                        $229,000

1   Salary was 50% provided in kind by Oakland Unified School District in 2002-2003.
2   Salary fringe for Director was provided in kind by Oakland Unified School District in 2002-2003.
3   Increased number of sessions
4   Generally covers van gas and parking fees. Increase for 03-04 due to travel cost for American Youth Circus Organization   Festival in Minnesota in August 2003.
5   Adds some purchase of tickets for Satellite Sites
6   Prescott Clown Troupe: Whaf Difference Does     it Make research project completed.
                       Proposed Project Expenses Template - Attachment C

     Total project budget (includes current    and proposed budget) $,__       ~$:::23::.,..:58~l!o-..       _

                Item                   %     Team-Up for Youth       In-Kind              Other             Project
                                                 Reouest                                 Fundino            Budoet
Director                               20%                  8,100                                7,388           15,488
Director Fringe                        20%                  2,700                                  953            3,653
Site Directors Training Time                                                                        800               800

Personnel subtotal                                         10,800                                9,141           19,941

Tickets to related events                                                      300                  600               600
Supplies for classroom workshops                                                                    600               600

Program subtotal                                                 0             300               1,200              1,200

INDIRECT EXPENSES                    @12%                   1,200                                1,240              2,440

GRAND TOTAL                                                12,0001                             11,581            23,581

                                   Proposed Project Income Template

         Fundinz Source (suecifv source)                 Committed             Likely                     Pending
 CDBG                                                                                       5,000
 OFCY                                                                                       5,000
 FOUNDATION (e.g., ABC Foundation)
 East Bay Community Foundation                                                             2,000

 CORPORATION (e.g., Community Bank)


 REVENUE GENERATING (e.g., membership dues)


                         Funding Sources Form - Attachment D
                                 Current Fiscal Year

ORGANIZATIONAL           BUDGET FOR CURRENT FISCAL YEAR                    s     $217,000

Fiscal Year beginning        July 1, 2003


Please fill in percentages based on the organization's annual income or revenue.

-.11.-%   from foundations

_9_%    from corporations

~%        from govermnent

~      % from individual donors

~%        from revenue generating activities

--     % from in-kind

__     % from other sources (explain:                                                       ---J)

List of 5 largest funders for the organization that are committed for the current fiscal year, for

FunderName                                     Amount         Purpose
Oakland Fund for Children & Youth              $75,000        general support
Oakland Cultural Arts Project Support          $27,548        general support / Prescott
CDBG                                           $11,000        project support / Lockwood
East Bay Community Foundation                  $20,000        general support
       (donor identified funds)
Walter & Elise Haas Fund                       $15,000         general support

                                    Project Demographics

County served by this proposal (check all that apply):

~     Alameda County           __     San Francisco __    Other (specify):            _

Neighborhood(s) served by this proposal and percentage of youth from each neighborhood

West Oakland/South Prescott 42%: East OaklandILockwood 29%: North Oakland/Piedmont
Avenue 29%

1. Number of youth in current program        215

2. Estimated number of new, unduplicated youth served by this proposal _~O   __
                                                             (40 will be new to Leader-
a) # elementary school-age (5-11) 205                                ship Component)

b) # middle school-age (11-14) _---'7~              _

c) # high school-age (14-19) _......:3::.-          _

d) % girls           51%

e) % boys           49%

f)   % low-income 75.2%

       Estimated percentages of youth participants' ethnicity

       ...1l...- African American
       _3 _ Asian American
       .-lL. Latino
                 Native American
                 Pacific Islander

3. Total number of youth served (add #s 1 and 2) __        ....:2~1"""5      _

4. Estimated cost per participant            --'l$~1~.0~0:.:;9 _

                Checklist of Required Attachments - Attachment A

Please include the following items with your proposal:

_x_     Line-item project expenses and income for the proposed grant year. See Attachment C.

N/ A     Line-item project income, in-kind and expense statement from last year. Not required if
        this is a new project.

_x_    Line-item agency income and expense statement for last and current fiscal year, if fiscal
       year begins between January I and June 1. If fiscal year begins between July 1 and
       December 1, statements for last, current and next fiscal year are required.

_x_    Most recent audited or unaudited financial statement for the agency.

_x_    Funding Sources Form. See Attachment D.

_x_    Names and affiliations of governing board members and relevant advisory committee

_x_    Signed Team-Up for Youth Non-Discrimination        Policy Statement (Attachment E).

_x_    Nonprofit Status: Copy of letter from IRS certifying your federal tax exempt status under
       501 (c) and foundation status under 509 (a) of the Internal Revenue Code. If you have a
       fiscal sponsor, also include a letter from them authorizing the application.

_x_Insurance    verification:   Copy of general liability insurance.

Optional Attachments:

__     Agency brochure, newsletters or annual report

__     Letters of support only if they demonstrate a tangible commitment or collaboration (e.g,
       in-kind donations, school partnership, etc.)


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